Chapter 2: Ocean Voyage
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Avatar: A Forgotten Enemy


Book 1: The awakening

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Chapter 1: Kess of the Water Tribe

Kess awoke in the Northern Water Tribes infirmary on a small sealskin cot. He sat up and noticed Chief Korlan staring at him. Then Kess pushed himself into an upright position so it would be easier to talk to the grizzled old Water Tribe chief.

"Chief Korlan how long have I been out?" Kess asked politely.

"Not very long Avatar, only around an hour or two." The chief replied as he took the few steps needed to reach the cot.

"Sir that didn't seem like a regular tsunami, it-it almost seemed to be connected to the Spirit World somehow." Kess stated.

"Well we don't know if the tsunami was connected to the Spirit World, but the things controlling it definitely were." Chief Korlan said.

Kess looked puzzled "Wait wait wait... there were things controlling that tsunami?"

"Yes, we aren't sure what they are but all we know is they definitely don't want to be friends."

Kess opened his mouth to reply but just as he was about to a Water Tribe warrior barged in. "Chief Korlan." He panted."Tho-those things they broke through the main wall and they're coming through the city." "We've already lost half of our main defensive unit!"

"Begin the evacuation and round up any remaining soldiers, we have to abandon the city!" Chief Korlan ordered.

"Yes sir" The young warrior replied as he rushed out of the room.

"Chief Korlan let me help with the evacuation I can hold those things off until everyone is safe." Kess asked.

With a stern look on his face the Water Tribe chief replied. "No I have a more important task for you Avatar." Looking out over the ravaged city he continued. "Kess I need you to travel to the Earth Kingdom and contact King Pewi, tell him about our situation, and ask for his help."

"Okay I'll do it, but I need to say goodbye to Keira first." Kess replied.

"Just be quick." Chief Korlan ordered.

The chief extended a hand toward the Avatar which Kess gladly accepted. With one pull the Avatar was back on his feet.

"Take care chief" Kess said as he turned to leave the icy infirmary.

"Oh Kess one more thing, if you go into my chambers there is a secret passage behind my desk, if you follow it to the exit you will find a small boat filled with supplies." Chief Korlan added in.

"Thank you chief." Kess replied.

It didn't take long for Kess to find Keira's room. He peeked his head in through the curtains to see Keira arguing with one of the many healers.

Keira motioned Kess over. "Kess tell this woman that I can fight I mean I'm perfectly fine."

"Listen Keira if she says you can't then you can't, but listen I have to leave for a while."

"You're leaving... leaving where?" She asked.

"The Earth Kingdom to get help from King Pewi." Kess answered.

"Let me come with you I can help." Kiera pleaded.

"No its not safe for you out there, just go with the rest city to the evacuation point." Kess said

"Fine." She sighed. "Goodbye Kess."

"Goodbye Keira."

Kess managed jog halfway to the Chiefs chambers when he saw one of the creatures the chief told him about. They looked like something from a child's nightmare, they were massively tall- one of the tallest creatures he had ever seen in fact. Its skin was the color of coal, but the most Horrific part its appearance was its eyes. They were a dark red, the color of blood. The beast turned towards him and began running at full speed.

Kess knew he didn't have much time to react so he raised his arms and shot a strong gust of wind towards the creature. Upon contact it flew backwards crashing down a flight of stairs. It roared a cry of pain but was soon back on its feet. Kess shot a few more gusts towards the beast but it ducked and weaved around every shot. Soon it was right in front of him and before Kess had time to move it smacked him straight in the chest with its clawed hands. He landed on the icy floor with a thud and as he looked up the creature had its arms ready to strike. Kess raised his hands waiting for the blow but it never came. After lowering his hands he saw the creatures head completely frozen in a block of ice.

Looking around for his savior he found no one. "Thanks for the help." Kess said to who ever saved him. Then he continued to his destination.

Once inside he walked behind the chiefs desk and used waterbending to move the small patch of ice covering the secret stairwell. The passage was unlit and damp but it didn't take Kess long to reach the small dock containing the boat. He went to the opposite side of the and untied it from the dock.Then he thought he felt the boat move as if something had fallen on it, but he just dismissed it as his imagination. Stepping up to the steering wheel he prepped the small boat to go out to sea.

After hours of sailing Kess walked below deck and saw Keira sitting on a small barrel eating seal jerky smiling at him.

"Keira what are you doing here!" Kess shouted.

"I came to make sure you didn't get yourself killed." She replied still grinning. "You wouldn't even be on this boat if it weren't for me, that thing would've torn your head off."

"That was you!" Kess asked still obviously angry.

"Yeah I convinced the healer to let me go and I followed you onto the ship." She replied. "Anyways you can't take me back to the Water Tribe."

"Yeah I guess you're right." Kess sighed. "At least I'll have company."

"Listen you have something to eat while I go above deck." Keira playfully ordered.

Around ten minutes later Keira screamed. "Kess you're gonna to wanna see this."

He came rushing up to the top deck and his eyes couldn't believe it. There was a giant evil looking battleship not even twenty feet away from them... To be continued

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