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August 22, 2016

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Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

A hundred and twenty years have passed since Avatar Korra defeated Kuvira and crushed the Earth Empire, and the Avatar Cycle keeps going on its course. The new Avatar, has just been found.

Soon afterwards the three friends rode on a big armadillo lion quickly towards the city; Hikar was controlling the animal, Bultina was sitting behind Hikar and Tao was going on the skateboard holding the armadillo lion's tail, being propelled at a great speed. A while later they reached the Republic City Police Department. Tao letted go the tail for a moment and by the inertia he almost kept going down the street to the docks, fortunately he stopped before he missed the RCPD. On the door a Water Tribe guy and a Fire Nation girl came right in front of the three friends and the armadillo lion.

–I got your message. Hikar firebent?– said the guy, totally amazed.

–Yes Kensi, I did.– answered a surprised and nervous Hikar.

–No...freaking...way. That's impossible!– said the fire girl not believing her ears.

–Yes Shaila we're not kidding, we saw the burnt bushes.– said Bultina

–Come on, Nikumi, let's enter.– Said Tao to the armadillo lion, and the six friends entered the old building. Bultina, still shocked about the truth about Hikar, held Nikumi, the armadillo lion. Hikar went to the reception office to tell the discovery; he went rushed towards the officer.

–Excuse me sir, I know it's going to sound crazy, you might have heard it lots of time from many other teenagers like me and stuff, but, I swear it's true, I...– Said Hikar, accelerated and half panting.

–OK, okay, calm down kiddo, just get to the point right now.– Said the bald officer.

–Alright here it comes,...– Hikar took a deep breath. –I think I might be the Avatar, I might be the new reincarnation of Avatar Korra.– Dropped Hikar. The officer looked at him like saying, "Do you think I'm stupid?". –I swear, all my life I've been earthbending, and now suddenly this afternoon I blasted a fireball to the river.–

–You think I'm going to believe that story without evidence? Really?– Said the officer.

–I swear I was firebending. Tao tell him.– Said Hikar, getting nervous.

–Um Hikar, we didn't really saw you firebending, we only found an amount of burnt bushes.– Said Tao.

–I spoke to him about something.– she looked to Hikar with a kind saddened face, knowing what she referred. –I left for a moment with my friend Tao, the two heard a blast or something like that from the place of Hikar, and when we arrived, we saw Hikar laid on the floor looking a couple burnt bushes. I believe it was him.– Related Bultina with detail.

–Well that's right. But you see! Nobody can bend two elements at the time but the Avatar itself!– Said Hikar already getting impatient.

–So, Miss Redhead told you something, she left you alone to go with her boyfriend, you blast a fireball, they hear it, run to you, and see what you've supposedly burnt. –Hey! It's Bultina! It should said it there in your data-base thing!– Said Bultina, indignant.

–Well, Bultina, that's a nice story of the five of you...– Said the officer

–Hey, count Nikumi as one, he was with us.– Said Hikar, patting Nikumi's nose. The officer rolled his eyes.

–Alright, the SIX of you, trying to convince me this kid is the new Earth Avatar. But we need more solid evidence.– Answered the officer, serious. Hikar was getting angry, until an elder voice sounded from behind the group.

–The Order of the White Lotus can assure you he's the Avatar, officer Kuno.– Everybody got shocked and turned, even officer Kuno turned surprised. They saw an elder Air Nomad sitting on a wheelchair, guarded by two White Lotus Knights behind by the sides. –One of my knights saw him firebending, the Order and I give our word this is true.–

–Master Rohan!– Said Kuno, surprised –Are you telling all this kids have said it's true?–

–I am the Avatar?– Said Hikar.

–Yes, yes you are.– Answered Rohan.
Old Rohan

"Yes, yes you are."

–He's the new Avatar?! Holy sh..!– Kensi was even more surprised than Hikar itself, and was smothered by Shaila.

–No swear words, I already told you a thousand times.– She said annoyed.

–You're Rohan? Descendant from Avatar Aang?– Said Bultina amazed to see who was he.

–Holy s.. Molly!– Kensi was amazed and Shaila almost smothered him by mistake.

–Yes I am, and sadly I'm the last pure airbender, the new airbenders are ethnically earth, fire or water, and my sibling's descendants are half air half something. And unfortunately, I'm also the only from my siblings that is not gone.– Explained Rohan sadly –Oh, sure this 120 years are heavy on me, please follow me, now that you already know who you are.–

As they walked outside Shaila asked Rohan:

–Hey, why were you spying on him?–

–We already knew he was the Avatar since he was five, we were making sure of his security until we had told him he was the Avatar next year.– Answered Rohan in the way to the limousine –But apparently he knew one year before. Come on in m'lady.– Shaila, was surprised he knew she was from the Fire Nation Royalty, she remembered it was the White Lotus and shut up. The whole team entered the limousine, Hikar was about to enter with Nikumi, but a knight stopped him.

–I'm sorry but the armadillo lion can't enter, he's to big, I'll take care of him.– Said the knight.

–What? Well I'm not leaving my friend here. Nikumi and I will ride behind, we'll follow you.– Answered Hikar in a serious tone, stating obviously that he wouldn't leave his friend to an unknown person. The knight thought for a moment.

Nikumi Ride Downtown


–Alright then, but follow us carefully.– Said the knight before closing the door and giving the signal to the driver to go. Hikar Mounted on Nikumi, pointed the limousine and yelled:

–GO NIKUMI! FOLLOW THAT LIMOUSINE!– The armadillo lion roared and then he and the young earthbender runned behind the limousine.

Soon afterwards the limousine and Nikumi stopped in front of Future Industries Tower, who still had the 135th anniversary sign hanging in front on the building. Hikar unmounted Nikumi and let it to Bultina. The five friends and Rohan were about to enter the incredible building.

–I can't believe this is happening! I'm going to see no one else but Asami Sato!– Kensi was really excited until.

–I'm sorry Kensi, but only Hikar will enter, this is only Avatar stuff.– Said Rohan to the now slouched waterbender.

–Oh.– He said saddened, while his fire girlfriend comforted him.

–I'll tell her about you Kensi, don't worry.– Said Hikar right before he entered the building. Once there, the two knights, Hikar and Rohan entered the elevator and Rohan pressed the top floor button. It was an uncomfortable silence for 4 floors. Until Hikar asked:

–Um. Does my mom know I'm the Avatar already?–

–Yes, I called her by telephone. I think she winced for a moment and then she started to tell me that wasn't possible, I told her about you firebending and she went crazy telling stories about you earthbending and your father... well she lost it.– Answered Rohan, estranged by Vona's manners, Hikar had a little laugh.

–Hahaha, don't worry, it's my mother I know her, I think she'll get use to the fact that her son just turned out to be the Avatar.– He answered.

–Tell me, do you have any siblings?– Asked Rohan, smiling.

–Me? Well not really, my only family are my two parents, and Kensi and Nikumi are like a pair of brothers to me. And I have an aunt and a cousin in the Mining village, in the Earth Republic of Omashu. And you?– Hikar asked. Rohan watched to the front, serious.

–Jinora died of depression right after the death of her husband Kai thirty years ago, Ikki did it ten years later and Meelo never got to meet you twelve years ago.– Rohan was letting a tear come out of his eyesight, and Hikar knew he shouldn't have ask it.

–Oh...I'm sorry I thought they were still alive like you or Asami.– Hikar answered

–Here we are.– Said Rohan, clearing his tears and smiling as the elevator doors opened, and Hikar saw a very luxurious apartment. The lobby was huge, lighted, left overlooked a dining area overlooking the entire south of Ciudad Republic. To the right was a huge room with classic objects of the past century, overlooking west of Ciudad Republic, illuminated by the sunset and the spiritual portal of the city. In front there were three doors, the left one was red with flames painted around, on the right was a blue door with water drawn around, and the central door was double and larger the other, and it had the symbol of the Sato family carved, mixed with some Raava motives. In front of the gates there were two people, a fire woman with brown hair and down half with a greyish tone, and on the right was a man dressed Water Tribe, with a long goatee.

–Hikar, at least we meet each other.– Said the woman.

Amala Sato

"Hikar, at least we meet each other."

–Hey cousin, what about me?– Said the man, with a smirk. The woman nodded down, disappointed of having such a cousin.

–Iruka, not the moment.– Told her to him. –Well we are Iruka and Amala Sato, grandchildren of Avatar Korra and Asami Sato.– Hikar thought in that moment Kensi would have fainted hearing that. –And grandma is waiting for you.– Finished Amala as they opened the big door to a bedroom. In the middle there was a matrimonial bed with an elder woman in the middle, and next to the bed there were to White Lotus knights, behind who there were windows to the city.

–Oh Hikar, we see again.– Said the woman in the bed.

Old Asami

"Oh Hikar, we see again"

–Who...Asami?!– As he said that the two knights went out and left them alone. Hikar came near the woman laying in bed. –I can feel our connection we had years ago.– He said smiling with the beautiful memories of Korra: Asami's proposal, their wedding, when they adopted Alena from the Fire Nation and Keric from the Southern Water Tribe, when Alena died giving birth to Amala and Keric raising Iruka with his mother's, when he passed away twenty years ago, and then the moment Korra was in bed, surrounded by her grandchildren and a crying Asami, placing her hand on her cheek, and then the view faded white to a hospital in the Earth Republic territories and being in his father's arms, and looking at his mother in white laying on a bed with a little Kensi and Nikumi. –All her memories are coming to me, even my own birth.–

–I'm glad to hear it. I guess you still remember when you chose the ring and the necklace.– Asami said as Hikar realised.

A sweet transition

"That was nice."

–Of course! You were that woman.–

–Yes and when I touched your hand, I felt Korra in you, like she was here.– Asami tended her hand to Hikar, and in that moment, his eyes started to shine, and all his body did too, and Hikar became a forty year old Water Tribe woman.

–Of course, it's me Asami.– She said –I've missed you so much.– She kissed her in the forehead.

–Thank you for coming back honey.– Said Asami as the two embraced, as Korra's light faded to stop shining and it turned again into Hikar. The two separated from their embrace.

–That was nice.– Said Hikar, Asami was clearing her tears of joy.

–Yeah it was.– Then she turned more serious. –Now Hikar, the reason why I brought you here wasn't this personal, but was also to give you some advice. In your journey as the new Avatar you're going to confront lots of enemies and you'll master lots of power than ever. I can see Korra's power within you, but it's a little part compared to the whole strength within you. You knew you were the Avatar one year before we told you and your family. I just wish you a good training and life as Avatar.– Advised Asami.

–Thanks a lot Asami.– Said Hikar happily. Then he came out to the lobby to Amala, Iruka and Rohan.

–Did everything went alright?– Said Amala.

–Yes. Great. Your grandmothers loved each other a lot.– He answered.

–Well, enough talk. You have to go start your training to turn into a fully realised Avatar in two days.– Said Rohan. Hikar was terribly astonished.

–What?! But that's the End of Year Dance! I won't come back to the High School after the training and might be the last time I see my friends!–

–I'm sorry, but as the Avatar you need to follow the duties, you have to start your training as soon as possible.– Explained Rohan.

–Um, Rohan. I think we should let the kid have his final days with his friends, and make them more joyful.– Explained Iruka. –Think about it, he had it all planed and now it all changed in a sudden.–

–Yes Rohan, let him, my children didn't had that luck, and went to train with my ex-husband to his traditions.– She said sadly. –I don't want to hear about that man ever again.–

–Hmmm...– Rohan thought for a moment –Alright, one week before the training. I hope you enjoy your last days with your friends.– He said.

–YESSS!– Exclaimed Hikar, feeling everything was bright again. –And I guess you three will be my three elemental instructors.– He said pointing the three.

–Hahaha, it would be an honor thanks, but between the fact that I'm not a very professional firebender and I'm more into business than bending, I can't be it, sorry.– Explained Amala with a little bit sad smile.

–Do I look like I'm capable of teaching airbending? Do you see this wheelchair I'm on?– Said Rohan jokingly. –Yurei has been chosen to be your airbending teacher, and he's really good, he can bend cold air.– Amala did a small grunt when she heard that.

–I will be your waterbending teacher, don't worry. And I think you'll like waterbending after this.– Said Iruka, winking an eye.

–You got it.– Winked back Hikar.

Three days later there was a big party in the Republic West High School, a rocky ballad was being played by the school's rock band. Hikar was just standing there in the middle of everybody, without being too noticed with his formal greenish black shirt with an olive green tie around his neck, and all his hair slicked back. He was trying to find a person, and he finally saw her, Bultina. She was looking gorgeous with her green dress and silver stripes and laces around her body, her reddish hair was all in a big braid hanging at the left of her neck, her lips were painted red and her eyes made her look like she was a goddess, at least that was what Hikar thought, and seemed like she was looking for somebody. He came slowly towards her, trying not to disturb the other dancing couples, irradiating some joy, but it disappeared when he saw Bultina founded the person she was looking for, Tao, then he gave her a blue rose. Bultina was really grateful and she placed it in the ribbon she had under the shoulder; one she placed it she leaned to him and they passionately kissed in the lips. Hikar was devastated with that scene and he went back to the seats.

–What are you waiting for? Come out and do the Hik-Hak.– Said Kensi, seeing his friend sitting instead of dancing with a girl like him.

–Honey, let him be, he's resting.– Said Shaila, Kensi's couple, to him, knowing about Hikar and Bultina's uncomfortable talk three days ago.

–Okay Shasha.– As they left for a call they had, Kensi winked at Hikar, and he smiled. Hikar stayed for another while listening the music the school's rock band, "The Metallic Wolves," a group of five nonbenders like Tao:

So maybeeeeeeeee, you're gonna be the one that saves meeeeeee, and after aaaaaaaaaall...

–You like the music?– Said a feminine voice as the band kept singing along.–Yeah, I'm usually into more punk and metal, but it's okay.– Answered Hikar.

–Then why aren't you dancing?– She said

–'s complicated.–

–Don't tell me it's because Tao has taken your girl.–

–Yeah...I mean NO. Who?– Hikar looked upwards and saw a familiar face, it was a smaller version of Bultina only that with two braids and a hairband. She was looking at Hikar with a cheeky look, and her dress was darker than Bultina's:

–My sister told me. Do you wanna dance with me.– She said.

–Kosen? I thought you already had a partner.– Hikar answered to the girl, Kosen.

Hikar & Kosen

"Kosen? I thought you already had a partner."

–Are you kidding me? He's a jerk, I said yes because he was just being so annoying asking me constantly to the dance last week, but I already had someone in mind to go with.– She winked again at Hikar.

–Ummm...OK I'll dance with you, but promise me you won't tell anyone.– Said Hikar as he was pulled by the girl to the dance floor.

–Did you like that song?!– Said the main guitarist of "The Metallic Wolves". –Well the next one is "Nuclear Family," by the "Green Day," and we want to see you jumpiiiiiiing! ARE YOU REAAAADYYYYY?!?!?!– He screamed from the stage lke a Rock Star.

–YEESSSS!!– Shouted the crowd, including our friends.

–Okay then! 1...2...1, 2, 3, GO!– Tapped the drummer. And the band started playing the track, and when the bass and the drums kicked in the people started jumping everywhere to the beat.

"Gonna ride the world like a merry-go-round

Like a Ferris wheel like it's breaking down..."

–Boy I love this song!– Said Kosen.

–Yeah! Me too!– Said Hikar.

–Rock 'n Roll baby! WOOOH!– Screamed Kensi doing a crazy rocking pose, as Shaila tried not to laugh to such stupidity, eventually she lost it and laughed like she wasn't royal.

"Like a Chinese drama and conspiracy

It's the death of a nuclear family staring up at you"

–YEE-HAH!– Tao started to break dance on the floor.

"It's looking like another bad comedy

Just as long as it comes in hi-fidelity for me too"

Hikar saw Tao doing an amazing cyclone, impressing Bultina, Hikar thought for something.

"Can you hear the sound coming over the hill?"

–I'm going to do that too!– Said Hikar to Kosen

"Gotta move my feet, it's coming in for the kill"

–That? Are you sure?– Asked Kosen.

"Ba-baby, baby it's a blow out"

–Trust me.– And Hikar opened a small circle around him.

"Like a nuclear bomb and it won't be long 'til I detonate"

Once it started the chorus again Hikar started spinning over himself as he did a headstand at the same time. Suddenly smoke started to come out of Hikar's feet.

"Like a Chinese drama and conspiracy

It's the death of a nuclear family staring up at you"

Kosen noticed the smoke, that was starting to grow in flames on his shoes, and the people around started to retreat even more.


–What?! Is that what smells like burnt rubber!!– He screamed, smelling his shoes.

"It's looking like another bad comedy

Just as long as it comes in hi-fidelity for me too"

Suddenly Hikar stopped spinning, but his shoes kept burning, he tried to extinguish the fire placing the feet on the floor, but he was propelt upwards.

–WHOOOOAAAAA!!!!– He screamed, losing the control of his firebending.

Flying Hikar

–HIKAR!!– Kosen wore her hands to her face.


–BE CAREFUL!!– Said Bultina ducking before Hikar passed flying screaming above his classmates.

–Watch it dude!!– Said Tao


–WATCH OUT!– A guy with glasses started to run away as his couple fell aside



–AAAAAHHH!!!– Both guys screamed, and the dude of the glasses leaped down with his hands on his head as Hikar kept being propelled.


–GIRLS!! COMIN' THRU!– Hikar screamed to three girls who ducked to late and one of them got her hair slightly burnt.

–MY HAIR!! IT TOOK ME AN HOUR!!!– Screamed the girl.

–SORRY!!–Apologized Hikar



–I DON'T KNOW HOW TO!!– Answered Hikar high almost in the ceiling.



–OK! Um– Hikar bumped with the ceiling. –ARGH!– And dropped down spinning. –WOAAAAH!–



–WATER! BRING ME WATER!– Shouted Kensi preparing to extinguish the flames Hikar might do.


–AAAH!–And Hikar crashed with the pianist and the drummer, and brake the stage. The band saw the fire in his feet was gone. As Hikar got up with a sore in his head, he looked at the band's lead singer and said.

–Bildoe I'm so sorry I swear I didn't do it on purpose!– Everybody looked at him in silence, realizing what had just happened. Bildoe stared at him and made a smirk.

–Are you kidding me? THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!! WOOOOH!!!!– He waved at him in stage and everybody in the crowd was amazed and were cheering Hikar.

–Dude it was amazing! Since when can you firebend dude?! I thought you were an earthbender! Even in a party were bending is not allowed!! THAT'S AWESOME!!– The harmed drummer said, without caring about his sores.

–Um, well yeah I...– Hikar answered doubting.

–Ladies and gentleman!– Said Kensi from the microphone he got from another singer. –Allow me to introduce you: Avatar HIKAR!!!– And everybody broke into cheers and applause, and Hikar smiled looking at the cheerful crowd of teenagers, feeling now the most important person of the world.


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  • This is the first episode in which all Team Avatar appears.
  • This is the first time background music has an important role in the scene.
  • This is the first episode in which the characters show their formal clothing.
  • This is one of the only two episodes Aria does not appear.
  • Officer Kuno was inspired in the police officer of Big Hero 6.

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