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Chapter 2: Meeting Song

I absolutely hated living life as a fugitive. It was hard finding food today and just now, Uncle had made some tea from a rare flower. Or so he thought. It turned out to be poisonous so we had to take the risk and go into the Earth Kingdom to find a cure.

We arrived at a village hospital where a girl began to take care of Uncle.

"You two must not be from around here. We know much better than to touch the White Jade, much less make it into tea and drink it," the girl said. "So where are you from?" she asked.

"Yes we're travelers. My name is Lee and this is my Uncle, Mushi," I said. Uncle glared at me.

"Yes, my nephew was named after his father so we call him Junior," Uncle said to get back.

"Mushi and Junior. My name is Song. You too look like you could use a good dinner. Why don't you stay for dinner?" Song offered. I turned away.

"Sorry, but we have to be moving on," I said politely.

"That's too bad. My mom always makes too much roast duck," Song said.

"Where do you live?" Uncle asked excitedly. She HAD to say roast duck.

That night, we were invited to Song's house and offered dinner. We gratefully ate dinner. I learned that Song and her mother were refugees and their entire village burned down. She never saw her father again. When they asked about my dad, I lied by saying that he was fighting in the War.

I went outside to sit on the porch. Song came outside too.

"Can I join you? I know what you've been through. We've all been through it. The Fire Nation hurt you didn't they?" she asked. Song reached out to touch my scar. I gently pushed it away.

"It's okay. They've hurt me too," Song reassured me. She rolled up her pant leg and revealed a scar on her ankle. I was surprised. Song was really sweet. I slowly began to open up to her. She and I had a lot in common. Like me, she was scarred.

After Uncle finished his duck, we left. Uncle was reluctant but I wanted to move on. I felt bad about my choice later on though. I will never forget Song.

Author's Note

So sorry for the delay.

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