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January 2, 2017

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This is Chapter 2 of the series The Avatar's Apprentice, titled "Kyon's Test". Any reviews/comments on the chapter are appreciated, as well as any requests for one - shots or eventual series.

Author's Note

Welcome everyone to the first story of the new year! Happy New Year from me, the same lazy bum who published no stories for nearly the entire month of December. Just to make up for it, this is the first chapter in 5 that I am uploading this week, and I'm giving it an official name: AvatarAero's 5 Days of Fanon! It's a bad title; I'm kind of known for bad titles. 

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Avatar's Apprentice. Tomorrow, you guys will get to read the newest chapter in The Desire for Honor. God, I haven't updated that thing in a while.

Chapter 2: Kyon's Test

Kyon dug his feet into the slimy weeds of the ground. With difficulty, he slowly moved his weight backwards, until his body was centered over his back leg. Korra performed the same, albeit much quicker. Kyon could feel the calluses on his feet grip the vines below his soles.

The air between them seemed to solidify into tension. Both of them were shaking on the balls of their feet when Korra finally had enough and lunged forward, her fists blazing with fire. Caught of guard, Kyon tried to move his rubbery legs, to little effect, other than him falling flat onto his face and scrambling away as Korra punched the vines.

Quickly getting to his feet, Kyon put his arms up in a cross just as a blast of fire ejected from Korra's fist. Surprisingly, it didn't burn any of Kyon's clothes, nor his skin. Korra stumbled as she got to her feet, bending her knee slightly away from Kyon. It was the time for Kyon to fight back, and he did so with a barrage of attacks directed at her feet.

Korra lost her balance even more, stumbling backwards and tripping over the vines on the ground. Kyon kicked twice, sending large fireballs at her. With two arms outstretched, Kun let out a roar and jettisoned blue flame at Korra. She was so surprised that she fell back, stunned.

Kyon looked at his hands in amazement. "I didn't even know I could do that. I guess if I concentrate hard enough..." Korra tilted her head. "I've never heard of something like this. The last person who had blue fire was Zuko's younger sister, Princess Azula. I guess you're chosen, just like her."

Kun smiled, his tousled hair lying in his face. "Does this mean I've passed?"

Korra rubbed his head with her knuckles, saying, "Sure, why not?" They both gathered their supplies and started walking back to Republic City.

Korra draped her arm around Kyon, playfully knocking him on the side of his head. "Hey!" he protested, but weakly enough that Korra continued. As knuckles dug into his head, Kyon tried to take her mind off of his abuse. "I hear you have a tournament, somewhere?" he awkwardly shoehorned into the conversation.

Either Korra lost her ability to detect a lack of subtlety over her vacation, or she just didn't care, because she answered without any change in her tone. "Yeah. It's over near the Avatar Korra park arena. Really weird that they haven't figured it out yet. I haven't done much but cut my hair."

Kyon took some jabs at Korra this time around. "I certainly wouldn't want to see you with hair. When is it?" he hastily added, lest she decide that he was worth the energy to abuse him. Korra gestured lazily in the air. "Oh, sometime next week. I have to check the details later."

Kyon pried himself from Korra's hands and started to jog down the street. "Let's get you training, then!" Smiling wryly, Korra chased after Kyon down the block, until they got to their apartment, breathing heavily. It was going to be a good week.


It was not going to be a good week, for Korra or for Kyon.

The only good thing that came out of the first match was Korra's victory. Aside from that, she very nearly broke her leg, bruised her shoulder and took a beating in the match. Had it not been for her knockout blow with some fancy earthbending, she would have been out of the tournament.

Nevertheless, she was in serious pain. From her infinite wealth of knowledge about the swamp, Korra knew that she could heal herself just by staying in the swamp for long enough, but there was no way that Kyon could tend to her for multiple days at a time. So they just spent a few hours each day trying to help Korra out.

Unfortunately, a few days into their makeshift hospital scenario, they ran out of supplies, meaning that Kyon would have to go into the city for some food. The money was not the issue: Since Korra met Kyon, her own bending had gotten better from constant practice, and her prize winnings were enough for her and Kyon to live happily. But the numerous gangs that Korra was worried Kyon couldn't be able to defeat.

On the morning of the seventh day after Korra fought her first match, she had had enough. "All right, look here Kyon," Korra yelled. Although her body was banged up, her vocal cords worked just fine. Unfortunately for Kyon, that is.

"I've been eating the same bland stuff for the past 4 days. Now, I've trained with you for the past 3 months. Now, if I say that you can get out there and get me some food, then you can. So get your butt out there!"

Groaning, Kyon stumbled to the door. Even bruised, he knew Korra could still beat the crap out of him, and he wasn't ready to tangle with her yet.

At this point, Kyon was very scared. It was getting dark, and he needed to move very quickly to buy what he wanted before it got too dark to see and all the gangs began to drift out into the empty streets like a bunch of nocturnal animals.

Kyon started slowly jogging in the general direction of the center of the city. He knew from living in Republic City for 3 years where the best food was, for the cheapest price. Eventually, he slowed down to a walk, and was slightly puzzled by the lack of activity in the streets.

Kyon was walking down the main street of Republic City, so he expected someone to be walking, exercising on their patio or driving the newest Satomobile. But there was absolutely nothing. Barely a sound, no movement other than the wind rustling some trash on the side of the road, not so much as a whisper could be heard as night approached.

As Kyon reached the center of the city, he could see why. A gigantic stage had been set up in front of City Hall, and on the stage was an announcer with a gigantic map of the Earth Kingdom behind him. Each state was split up into different pieces, and while a large portion of the Earth Kingdom in the North and West were not filled in, the Southern portion was practically done with.

"People of Republic City! What you see behind me is our best assumption at where Kuvira is right now. As you can see, she has become a monster, completely obliterating any resistance in her path. Those states that haven't chosen willingly to be a part of her empire...."

The announcer let the sentence hang in the air. He tugged at his collar and drew in a sharp breath, as if he was truly appalled at what was happening in the Earth Kingdom. His green and gold suit had Earth Kingdom pins tacked all over it, and he brushed some of them as his hand moved around his torso, grabbing at handkerchiefs, tugging at his collars and adjusting the microphone in front of him.

"No survivors!" he bellowed. "That is what Kuvira wants for the Earth Kingdom. Either you join or you die. Well, no longer! Now, she has a worthy rival to contend with: Our very own Jian! He has gathered support in the surviving states to defend against Kuvira's army, but he'll need your help! Spread the word to whomever you can, and let's stop the tyranny that may one day be knocking at our doorsteps!"

The crowd began to cheer, and Kyon saw that they were almost exclusively earthbenders or from the Earth Kingdom. Their green and gold clothing made a wave in the crowd as they portrayed their enthusiasm for the survival of their nation in the wildest of manners.

Kyon was so enthralled with the announcer and the scene before him that he didn't even notice the falling of the sun and the gang members who crept up behind him. It took a gust of air against his neck for him to whirl around and face them head on. The trio of tall and muscular men wielding weapons seemed way too cocky, even for normal triad standards.

"I see you liked the show," the largest one rumbled, stepping forward as the leader of the squad. "If you want, we got more ... information in the back. Just follow us." The one on the right reached out for Kyon's bicep. Just before he touched Kyon's clothes, the boy heated up his skin as if he would firebend, but nothing happened. Then, just as the man's hand grazed the sleeves of Kyon's jacket, he screamed, pulling his hand away as if he'd been burnt, which he had, in a sense.

Both of the other men drew their weapons, afraid of what Kyon could possibly do without even touching the wailing man. Taking advantage of their confusion, Kyon jumped on top of one guard, hitting him repeatedly in the face with his glowing fists. Not a single fireball erupted from his hands, but the muscle man was clearly in pain, repeatedly screaming until his voice went hoarse.

The last man, the one who had tried to get Kyon to go backstage, was now clearly frightened, despite the fact that he held a spiked mace in his hand. Looking between his weapon and Kyon's fiery outline, he decided to take his chances and swung his considerable weapon with considerable strength at Kyon's less than considerable frame.

It was to no avail. All the man saw was blue fire, melting through the mace like butter as the boy in front of him held it. The blue fire started creeping up the handle, licking at the man's fingers, scarring them. Without a moment's thought, the man recovered enough of his senses to barrel straight into an alleyway, no doubt to tell some of his friends about the scary blue firebending boy who could have been no older than 13.

Kyon looked at the two unconscious men around him, and began to sprint away from them, hoping to the gods above that this horrible evening would not end with him being beaten for not getting any food.


Over an hour after he first left, Kyon stumbled into Korra's dingier apartment with a plastic bag full of snacks and some vegetables. Korra took one look at the bag and tossed out the vegetables immediately, before she noticed how haggard Kyon's breath had become. "What's wrong? Can't run a little bit with some more weight on your legs?" she teased.

Kun slumped down into the only other chair in the room, and between heavy breaths, tried to narrate the story of how he was caught in some sort of protest rally, was jumped by three members of some obscure gang and developed the ability to heat up his skin just by concentrating, all in one go.

Korra tapped her chin thoughtfully. "So what you're saying is, you set a stadium on fire just by concentrating because it was filled with gang members?" Kyon threw his head back and groaned. "I'm just kidding," Korra quickly said. "I got the story, I'm just amazed at what you did. Guess I'm a better teacher than I thought."

Kyon smiled. "I guess you are."


Author's Note

Make sure to be ready tomorrow for the next chapter of The Desire for Honor. Luckily for me (and you guys), I can't write action scenes, but I can write dramatic and intense scenes, and there's going to be a lot of that tomorrow. See you for now!

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