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Chapter 1: Iruka

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Chapter 3: The Wolf and the Agent

Chapter 2: Iruka the Wolf


Iruka was a new kind of soldier, although the military used to made up of trained benders, they created a new force of militia. These soldiers were not benders, but they were trained to excel in extensive hand-to-hand combat, fire arms, fitness, endurance and leadership". They go through professional training, where they learn how to make explosives, use new models of hand held canons developed by Sato Engineers, they learn't how to put one together, how to jam the gun so it explodes, how to fix one so it just doesn't work. He was disciplined and strong, and the way he used his butchers knife earned him the title of wolf. He aimed for the neck, he never elongated a fight but made it as quick and efficient as possible. His social skills was a virtue, being able to disguise himself was a given and his knowledge of calculus was not premature.

He very well knew the consequences of his work, it was up to him to make sure he made the right decisions because blunders and foolish mistakes, plans prepared while influenced by fear meant people would die. He also knew that many of his missions meant putting himself on the line, so he preferred to escort his targets the most obvious way without attracting attention. His geography of the Kingdom was advanced so he knew his way around problems and was accustomed to dealing with them efficiently and without a trace.

His latest mission was to escort an ex member of the Dai Li federation. At the news of working with an elite earth bender he smiled, as he knew they were no fools. They too were efficient, sly and cunning, whereas most of the people he escorted were ignorant officials who made working with them extra hard. He looked again at his mission instructions. Like always he had memorized his task word for word and then burned the notice, leaving no trace of the transaction.

He was to meet the ex-Dai Li warrior and his wife, escort said warrior to the station. Make sure to have the money to purchase 3 tickets, this could be done before hand or with them at the station. For this, he was the agents brother in law. He should play the part well. Board the first train out of the city immediately. This an open shut case, in and out and then bring them to either of the following checkpoints:


Republic City

Iruka wondered why they did not give the location of the hut. He had know idea where to find them, or what time. What really put him off, is that due to the previous rebellion a few years ago, certain parts of Ba Sing Se were on curfew and were currently on lock-down. So he sat on a bench and waited. He observed his surrounding. He was in an average station. Wide spaces between pillars and masses of seats remained unused and cold. He began breathing harder...He didn't like how loud his breathing was. It echoed coldly along the blank, empty halls...not a single soul in sight. Not even guards patrolled the halls. He began humming to himself, but that only made things worst, he could hear it too clearly, ringing in his ear drums.

Yamato's hut

Asami looked up at Yamato, she tucked her hair into her ears and bit down on her pink lips. "Just one problem...we're on curfue, our streets on lock down."

Yamato put on a devious grin, "I only knew about the plan for a few hours, so naturally I worked on something else before he got here."

"Really? What is it?"

Yamato went over to the door and looked through the peep hole, as expected a cell of Two man squads were patrolling each street, Ba Sing Se being so big, the Legacy were spread out thinly. "Maybe if I just got them something to focus on..." he said to himself. But before his train of thought, his wife quickly opened the door and screamed "AHHHH AHHHHAHA, HELP ME HELP ME!"

The men quickly responded and closed in, she turned and winked. With only seconds to make a decision Yamato fired two rock gloves. With a satisfying crack and a rush of air they both fell limp to the cold stone floor, . There noses seemed to have several new groves in the main canal, each grove released a steady flow of blood.

"Thanks now they'll definitely know what's happening if they find the bodies..."

"I was trying to be helpful!, just hide them" She replied.

The sound of fast approaching foot steps caught his attention, a shallow march like the rumbles of a weak thunder storm, he quickly closed the door. After he surveyed the ground he was on, Yamato looked up at Asami.

"Remember every time you came home late and there would be a lot of dirt on the rug? You thought I was bringing somebody else in with me..."

"Yeahhh..." she replied.

"Well..." He lifted his foot and heavily planted it on the ground. A deafening screech could be heard as slit ran through the floor. He rotated his arms until he reached his shoulder, he turned his hands towards each other and pushed down, resulting in plumes of sand escaping the slit. Now he lifted his right foot and planted down, but then he quickly lifted up his leg in a form of high kick. Instantly two doors sprang open.

"You made a tunnel!" He tucked one hand around her hip, he then dropped down while he melded his fingers with the edge. He released the pressure on his fingers and they held onto the wall as his body began descending into the tunnel. His fingers kept him attached to the tunnel as it left creases, he was gliding like an animal on the surface. He reached the end of the tunnel. It led to a chamber floored with bright green crystals. The crystals protruded from the ground, a huddle of emerald colored quartz glistened, like stars they illuminated the path and banished the cloak of darkness. Long chains dangled from the roof. He used these chains to meld his gloves and pulled them to drop down. The chains rushed, falling faster as their stomachs cart wheeled.

"It's so beautiful," said Asami.

"Welcome to old Ba Sing Se."

Another tunnel lead to Miners district. As he walked of to the blocked opening, he smacked the wall with his hands, he slid his hands along and a slit appeared. He kicked one side of the circular entrance and more splits appeared to make a spiral. He then closed his hand and opened his hand the way a flower blossoms. The entranced spiraled open, revealing Miners station. As he popped his had through he was met by the odd look of Iruka's baffled face.


Iruka looked down at Yamato. He was astounded by the fact that this man had just burrowed a tunnel into the station. The dreary silence that receded before was vanquished by the rumbling of the tunnel. He began to tense, wondering how the man would recognize him...

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