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Chapter 1: Yangchen's Death

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This is the second chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of Hope, and it is told from her perspective.

Chapter Two

Fire sage Chan entered wearing his usual, bright-red robe. The other sages followed him in the traditional triangle pattern. When all the Fire Sages were standing in their correct order – under the ancient tree just before the Royal Palace – Chan began speaking about the only public words in the last month.

"Bow down for the beautiful Fire Mistress!"

I could feel his imitation of emotion, but I could not truly pity him. Anyone, forced or not, to work for that monster was not a person I felt compassion for.

As I bowed down very much to my dislike, I gave a half-look to the palanquin. Even though the curtain covered her face, the Fire Mistress never trusted her security enough, so she wore a mask. Of course the mask itself had never been seen without a covering of any type on it. These factors contributed to the fact that she was completely heartless and made her invincible. After all even I could not image more of a perfect image – a faceless woman with an unknown mask, hiding behind a curtain and brining horror and pain to the world.

Then, quite to my surprise, Fire Sage Chan spoke again.

"You!" he said. His finger was pointing right at a woman's face. She was truly poor, in both meanings of the word. "What did you bring to the Mistress?"

The woman looked up nervously. She started twisting her fingers and smiled nervously.

"Well... sir... It has been a bad business month. I had to feed my child and all the money just vanished."

She gave out another nervous laugh. Unfortunately, it was not found as amusing by anyone.

"Seize her!" Chan yelled.

I had said that earth and skies would rather meet than for the Mistress to reveal her mask. But I was wrong. She slowly went out of the palanquin and raised her hand. Everyone got their share of looking at the terrifying mask – it was grey-red; it had no pattern, but was rather depressive and scary; the only place where air could reach the Mistress's head were the eye holes and the mouth hole. Part of her hair extended above and formed a place to put to headpiece on. The other part extended downward. All these elements completed the facial outfit.

The Mistress walked down the steps and stopped at the courtyard. The sages half-bowed.

"Mistress," Chan began. "Uh... is—"

He was cut off by another raised hand. The Mistress was very feared by even the sages, for the cold fire was unknown to them. The Mistress had kept the secret to herself, just as she had done with all the other conquered technology.

"Please, forgive me Mistress!" the woman said and bowed deeply.

But she had just done a huge mistake. No one ever interrupted the Mistress, and it was never even though of asking for mercy. That was taken as a personal insult.

"You are forgiven," said the Mistress.

It was a day for miracles, it seemed. First the Mistress had revealed herself, then she had actually talked on an official call to the citizenry, and with those three words she had forgiven someone. I thought about what I had consumed – just some salad and water; no alcohol at all; nothing that could create a hallucination. Maybe it was the sun. It had been quite hot since six thirty in the morning. Then my theories were proven wrong when the real world came back.

"Sages!" the Mistress yelled. "Seize her child and bring it to me!"

Everything was making such perfect sense now – she was planning to end the child and punish the sages by having them do servants' work for interrupting her.

The sages brought the little boy to her. He was crying quietly, something that displeased the Mistress very much.

"Stop that noise, child!" she screamed. But the boy could not contain himself. The Mistres stuck her face in the child's. "Stop--I--tell--you!"

"Mistress, please! Take my life instead," the woman yelled and fell on her knees. That was another bad decision. The tears on her face slowly slithered down her cheeks and hit the ground.

The Mistress turned around, "I wish I could, dear, but... only the weak feel compassion and mercy." Her voice showed a sense of complete inhumanity – it was cold and untouched, yet completely serious and had lost all of its anger sound.

The woman was breathing hard; too hard. She was dying inside, and it was obvious. That was what pleased the Mistress. And to fully feed herself, she needed to take it as far as it could go. And so she took her pointer and middle finger and placed them on the child's chest. The boy started trying to escape, but the two sages were holding him far too tight. The woman yelled in agony and started running toward the Mistress, but she was too late. As the Fire Mistress took her next breath, she unleashed to the cold, the ultimate fire – lightning!

The child fell to his knees, his heart melted with nothing left to tell his story but the whole in his chest.

The woman shot to fireballs at the sages, and they fell, for they were unprepared.

Then the woman continued towards the Fire Mistress. The Mistress made no attempt to escape, attack, dodge, nothing whatsoever. She just stood there, not even regarding the now incoming the fireball, for as soon as it touched her mask it was redirected to the sides. Now it was her turn to move and I knew she was going to make the most of it.

As the jet of cold lightning pierced the chest of the woman, the Mistress made another sign with her hand. It was unknown to me, but the reaction explained it quite clearly – the Fire Sages headed for the bodies and took them away.

"Now, let us continue," the Mistress said, but even after all the efforts, she still sounded irritated – she was angry. "You!" her voice rushed.

I looked up to see who was going to be next, but for some reason everyone was looking, even staring, at me. And then it struck me! It was my turn to show her what I had wanted all my life. And it was the perfect day for her downfall – the day she lost it all.

"I brought you something, ma'am." I said as I stood up.

"And it is..." she replied impatiently.

"It comes with some words of praise," I continued.

"Resume," she said. I could sense her interest. It was time I showed her that not everyone was a coward around here!

"Are you happy with what you are doing? You are a witch, you know that?! You deserve to rot in your own filth. And when you die, I shall burn every memory of you just with the pleasure that you burned my father!"

She laughed; I did not. I just had my gift to present now. I hoped it would finally put an end to her tyranny and all the pain she had created in the world. And it was best that she died the very way she ended all the others.

"Time for you to end, isn't it?" the Mistress said, still quite amused.

But I knew that under that mask was a monster, so I did not plan to hesitate. Her hands started moving in circular shapes, and so did mine, as I closely followed every move of hers. Then it was finally show time! Both of our bolts of lightning headed at each other, but I was more than ready – I pulled up a fire barrier to shield me from the explosion. And boy, was it a big one – the earth shook, even cracked. And in that very moment everyone was making sure the Mistress was fine, I slipped away.

As I jumped from roof after roof, I thought about where I was going next. I had hidden an old navy ship that once belonged to my grandfather. Now that the whole navy was returning from the Invasion of the Northern Water Tribe, there was no way that I could be followed overseas.

The sages and the guards were after me, but they were quite easy to dodge, because they did not dare to attack with more than a simple fireball. I would have guessed that the Fire Mistress would had had them all killed if they damaged the city. Unfortunately, if they didn't catch me, they wouldn't have a much better time. "I've got you now, foolish girl," screamed the Mistress. I could hear the thundery noise of the lightning. There was nothing more I could do except to oppose it with more lightning. But the very moment the two lightning bolts met, another explosion occurred. This time I fully experienced it.

I landed on another roof, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by at least ten guards. I was caught!

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