The Fire In The North is the second chapter of Book 1 and the second of the whole series.

Zuko's firebending training
Fire In The North
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30 August 2011

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We have been walking since we left the village...

Mizu is very weak because she used all of her power to save the village...

In one moment when we were walking up to the mountain she fell on her knees and used her hands to stand on.

She was very weak, she had sweat all over her body...

"Mizu, wait," Kurai whispered.

"I promised I won't slow you down," she said, looking up to Kurai.

Kurai helped her to lie on a rock.

"Rest a little. I will scout ahead."

"Thank you." Mizu gave him a smile before he left to scout up to the mountain.

He went up to the top and show the mountain they must head at...

He went back to Mizu and show she is sleeping.

He sat in a rock and heard her whispering 'Father' in her sleep to him.

"I am lucky I am not your father," he said even if she couldn't hear him.

"Sleep, after all nothing will happen," Kurai whispered.

But how wrong was I. I didn't know what will happen.

The sun was moving and Mizu was still asleep.

But with the snow also came smoke.

Kurai knew that the Fire Nation was near.

He saw the ship on the coast near the mountain.

He tried to wake up Mizu but she still was sleeping.

He carried her on his shoulders and run as fast as he could to the top of the mountain.

He run and he didn't stop. From the top he saw that the ship still was far.

He then run down from the other side of the mountain watching not to fall.

He went as fast as he could.

Down the mountain watching the rocks with snow on feet with cold wind blowing on his face carrying a girl wasn't an easy path.

He run and he run without stop.

Finally at some point he arrived at the end of the mountain.

He saw that the ship was not very far and in a mean of time it would arrive at the coast.

He let Mizu in a cave near.

"This is for your safety," he said and left the cave.

He run through the fields... Snow had covered the ground and every part of grass.

He stood before the ship before it stopped.

The front part of the ship opened and fell to the ground to be used as stairs.

From inside the ship came men of the Fire Nation. Soldiers with spears.

In the front was a woman with amber eyes and long black hair.

She wore black armor and black clothes. Her boots covered half of her feet.

She stopped meters of him and her men pointed their spears at him.

"What do you want?" Kurai asked.

"Your girlfriend froze our ship and made it flow in the sea."

"So you hunt Mizu..."

"Where is she?" She asked with a boring look.

"Like I will tell you..." Kurai said and drew his sword.

"Catch him," she said and her warriors attacked Kurai.

He was too fast for them and dodged their spears cutting them in half in the process.

"Leave him to me," she said and the spearmen drew their spears and went few steps back.

"And you think you can defeat me?" Kurai asked her and she game him a grin.

"No, but at least I will look at the mountain." She went running toward the mountain.

Kurai shout her to stop and everyone froze.

"If I surrendered and be your servant will you go there?" Kurai asked.

"No of course." She answered and put her hand on her chin looking him with a look that was saying ' I win.'

"Then I am your servant. Do anything you want with me," he said and put his sword back.

"Lead him to my room and tie him on a chair," she said with a grin.

Time passed and Mizu finally awoke.

"Ah, I think I fell asleep. Did he left me alone?" Mizu looked around but Kurai was nowhere.

But she saw the Fire Nation's ship and knew something was going on.

"He must be inside there. He can't left me behind. But I don't have my powers..." Mizu said and looked at her hands really confused.

Inside the ship at a small dark cabin Kurai is tied with a rope at a chair.

He waits and looks around the cabin until the leader walks in.

"So... my servant. Where is the girl?" She asked him with a voice that meant that she was sure for everything.

"Why shall I tell you?" He asked with sarcasm.

"Because you are my servant," she said calm.

"Well I am not," he said and she turned to him face to face.

"Then I will kill you, no wait... I have a better idea. What if I find the girl," she said and Firebender small flames in the air.

"You will never find her." He shout as the guards left and their leader was leaving.

"You bet? I will kill her with my own hands. And your sword is not with you." She show him his sword and she moved it somewhere unknown to him.

Kurai stood silent for short time bu then he grabbed with great effort a knife attached on his back behind the cloak.

He cut the ropes as fast as he could and when he was free he walked quietly out of the cabin.

' I must help Mizu but without my sword I won't do much.'

He thought and searched at each room in the ship.

On the last room he opened the door he found it but together he found troubles.

Firebenders soldiers where in the room and threw fire at him.

He dodged the first attacks and hide behind the door.

When the first two got out he hit them at the stomach and jumper in the room throwing on the floor some others.

He got his sword and run out dodging the flames from his enemies.

He ran to get out of the ship and he succeeded.

On the board of the ship were mean looking to every direction probably for Mizu.

Kurai charged them silently but of course it wouldn't take long to draw attention.

He cut their spears with his blade and hit them on the head with the hold of his sword.

He hit all of them and some he threw at the sea like the Firebenders that followed him.

He saw their leader getting on the ship.

She was surprised to see her men on the ground.

"Well, well. Now let's see if you can beat me." They both took their fighting stances and stood silent.

Their leader had her hands in the front while Kurai had one of his hand in the front and his other behind his back on the air with his sword lying on his cloak.

The enemy attacked first jumping and swirling and landing she threw fire in a glance around her.

Kurai jumped in time but then she threw fire at him.

He dodged this attack too and fell to the ground rolling towards her.

She threw fire before her to hit him but he jumped to her side and got up.

He put his sword on her neck and said 'Don't move.'

He kicked the sword in the air and threw fire at him.

He dodged the attack again by jumping to the right.

He made her fall with his feet and so she fell...into the sea.

Kurai sat on the ground to rest.

He heard someone walking very slow to get on the ship.

He turned and show Mizu.

"Kurai , what happened." Mizu asked and Kurai laughed a little.

"You missed a lot. I will tell you later. Should we leave?"

Mizu nodded and the got up but then fire was thrown and Kurai grabbed Mizu and dragged her with him.

"You can't escape," said the leader and along her came two Firebenders.

They circled Kurai and Mizu who stood back to back.

The girl threw fire at them but someone got in the way and stopped the fire by throwing it around.

"Sister, why are you helping them?" The leader.

The girl who saved them looked very much like the leader of the ship. She wore different clothes and had smaller hair.

"I am not helping them, I am blocking you Gloomietta," she said and the Firebenders threw fire at her but she dodged them.

"Now run." Kurai pushed Mizu to the way out while then he hit the girl that saved them on the ground because she was ready to hit them.

Mizu arrived first on the ground with Kurai following.

They heard both girls shouting 'together.'

They made fire together on their hands and made it one fire ball.

When they threw it the fire hit some meters behind Kurai and Mizu.

It exploded throwing snow everywhere and very high on the air.

Mizu and Kurai fell down and the snow covered them like it was an avalanche.

The sister of Gloomietta escaped with her smaller ship.

It is unknown how long they were covered in the snow but Kurai finally awoke.

The sun was ready to set. He took Mizu on his hands and carried her.

Both they had black sings on their bodies from the explosion.

It was a hard day.

Production notes

Character revelations

  • It is revealed that Gloomietta and Arietta are sisters.


  • This is the only chapter not to have an overview.
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