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Chapter 2: Downtrodden
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Nuclear Spirits



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December 11, 2015

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"Chapter 1: Quantum Solace"

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"Chapter 3: Ignition"

Westfield spent the night at the Farm, he learnt the names of the family quickly and was soon considered their friend. The night was uneventful, Andrew fell asleep from sheer boredom only to awake to yelling outside early in the morning. He grabbed his S&W Model 29 and ran outside without his armor on. Three soldiers mounted on Rhinos appeared, harassing the owner of farm. The first one was clad head to toe in plate armor, a menacing visor staring overhead. The second was outfitted with a bow and arrow, he also wore a light brown tunic covering most of his body. The third one, presumably the leader bore no special attire, and simply trodden on his Rhino over to the Crop field. With a quick raise of his hand a jet of orange fire emerged from the palm of his hand, engulfing the crops in fire.

"That's my livelihood! Damn you! Damn you and your horrid nation!" The rural man shouted tears streaming from his eyes. The leader dismounted his mount, and quickly walked towards the old man. He raised his hand shot a jet of flame towards the Poor Farmer, engulfing him in a torrent of heat. The screams pierced even the Veteran Andrew's heart, it enraged him. He emerged from behind the support pole and aimed his gun, sighting the Archer first. He fired off a shot, the Hollow-Point .44 caliber bullet slamming into the Man's cranium, expelling gray matter and blood all over the plowed dirt.

The armored man reacted fast, throwing a handful of small cluster grenades towards Westfield who managed to dodge them just in time. He emerged from cover and fired off two more shots, both bouncing off the Marauder's armor.

"What the fuck?!" Andrew shouted puzzled as he dodged another torrent of bombs and fire.

"What kind of armor is that dude wearing?!" Westfield asked himself before emerging to fire off his remaining three shots. Two hit the Man again, harmlessly bouncing off, however the third one made contact with the Rhino, piercing its skull and killing it. This provided the momentary advantage the Lieutenant needed. He quickly dashed towards his armor on the porch and pulled the lever on the back opening it. He activated the jet pack, shooting up into the sky, firing his AX-99 Gatling laser below, hitting the commander with a bolt of superheated energy, incapacitating him.

The remaining Rough Rhino, the armored one threw his last salvo of explosives towards Westfield who had now landed. They went off with a massive explosion, smoke concealing his position. The armored soldier stood intrigued wondering if his bombs had worked. Suddenly behind him a hand grabbed him the neck, turning him to face the now 7'2 behemoth.

"Armor huh? Well I got some of my own asshole," Westfield taunted before punching the man in he face, knocking him out cold. Andrew turned towards the now severely injured Farmer. With third degree burns covering the majority of his body, all Westfield could do was hope that the burns hadn't damaged anything too significant. He checked the man's pulse. Nothing. He let out a sigh as he forced the man's eyes shut. He left behind a fully dug grave before he left, jet pack on full thrust at 200 mph. He had been told to seek out the Earth King in Ba Sing Se for more input on the matter regarding this mysterious world he had landed in. Because after all, he had a plethora of questions to ask this so-called "Earth King" about men spitting fire out of their palms and hybrid chicken-pigs. Three days later he saw a massive wall on the horizon, a wall encompassing what appeared to be at least a hundred miles long.

"Well she said it was a massive wall. Guess this might be it. I don't see a fucking gate anywhere though," Andrew annoyingly complained as he walked into the Valley below, AX-99 strapped to his back.

Evening fell upon him as he approached the sand colored wall. He was met by a hail of boulders and rocks thrown at him from above. He jet packed himself onto the massive wall, dropping his weapon and raising his hands.

"I'm not a threat trust me," he calmly tried to explain.

"I just need to see the Earth King," Andrew nonchalantly stated, lowering his arms. A man, clad in Earth Kingdom dark green royalty robes approached, his droopy mustache adding a sinister feature to his demeanor as he approached flanked by two guards wearing cone shaped hats. He reached out his hand for a handshake from Andrew who reluctantly obliged.

"And you are?" Westfield inquisitively asked.

"Long Feng, head of the Dai Li, General Secretary of Ba Sing Se. I surmise you want a audience with the king?" Long Feng said introducing himself as he eyed the two Dai Li guards behind him. Andrew saw his facial expression change quite fast. "You try anything buddy, and I'll put you and your whole guard down six feet under. Got it?" Andrew stated threateningly. Long Feng's eyes widened, it was everyday he saw an outsider with such bravado.

"I see... Right this way if you would please, " Long Feng said as he turned around a began to walk away clearly angry...

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