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Chapter 1: The Introduction

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Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed

When Dan woke up to the sound of a flare, Dan quickly got up out of his desk to check what was with all this commotion. He later went to the entrance of the village, when he saw the entire village gather, and just outside the entrance stood Katara and Aang.

As Dan was approaching, Sokka shouted at Aang, "I knew it, you are a Fire Nation spy! You sent the flare to warn the Fire Nation of our village."

But Katara retaliated, "It isn't his fault, it was an accident."

Aang then added, "Yea, there was this booby trap, and well ... We kinda boobied right into it."

But Sokka didn't take take any of it, "Ha! The traitor confesses. Aang, you have caused enough trouble, I hereby banish you from this village."

But Katara shouted back, "No, this is not fair! Aang has done nothing wrong!"

Just before Sokka could argue back, Dan finally spoke up, "From what I'm getting, Aang accidentally tripped on a trap and didn't get Katara or himself killed, but triggered a flare, and you're banishing him for doing so?"

"I think it is best to do so," said Sokka and Katara's Gram-Gram, "and Katara, I thought you knew better to go in there, now that any nearby Fire Navy ships will come this way. I best think the airbender should go." Then with a heavy heart, Katara said goodbye to Aang and he left.

While all of this was happening, Sokka was getting the children into positions to defend their home.

"Aren't you going to help defend the village, or are you going back to your little library read, Dan?" Sokka said.

"Of course I am," Dan replied, "I'm as old as you, and you know that I am a better fighter than you. Plus, I don't think these kids are going to do any damage against trained Fire Nation soldiers."

"Don't you forget that I'm the chief's son and the leader of this village? Now go, get your weapons and defend the village, I'll stand guard at the wall." Sokka commanded.

"Aye Aye, Captain!" Dan said sarcastically. As Sokka got ready, Dan went to his house and grabbed his weapons, which consist of: a metal rod, a switch blade, nunchucks, and a short sword. He later put on some armor made of black leather, which has gauntlets, a breastplate with pauldrons, helmet, and greaves. Dan put a belt that holds his knife and nunchucks, and strapped a sheath to hold the sword and metal rod. Finally, Dan was ready.

Dan later went outside and met Sokka. "What's with the make up, Sokka," Dan said, "you're not going to scare anybody with that."

"It's a warrior's face paint, but where the heck do you get your stuff, I don't think that is from any nation." Sokka replied. "It's from my father."

Dan said quickly, "Now let's get into positions."

Meanwhile, Sokka stands guard at the wall, Katara and Dan were getting everyone into their homes, there suddenly came a massive Fire Navy ship looming over and shadowing the village. "Sokka, get out of the way!" Katara said then, suddenly, the ship crashed into and plowed through the snow built wall. Luckily, Sokka just slid down with the snow.

Then suddenly, the bow of the ship opened and laid right in front of Sokka, leaving a walkway to the ground. Then when Dan saw who came out, he gasped. It was Zuko, for Dan recognized him by the scar. He knows this because it was the same day that Zuko gotten that scar that Dan left the Fire Nation.

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