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A ray of sun blasted onto his face. His hair was brown, but the eyes differed from it, they where blue and deep like the seas. He slept but it wasn't on his bed.

"Kano, could you please tell me why Earth King Feng decided to undo his reforms in the Southern Earth Kingdom?" the teacher almost woke him from his deep sleep. He didn't like Miss Jeng, she was always too strict and annoying. She didn't like him and he didn't like her but as always Ming was her favourite. The polite Ming as students call him he was always mean to others. But because of an unknown reason every teacher like him and preferred him over other students.

"What, sorry I didn't hear you?" He awoke alongside the laugh of his fellow students. The teacher wasn't paticuluarly pleased by his behavior.

"I didn't hear you, miss!" She stated strictly correcting his sentence like a serpent quickly eating his prey. "And if you could answer this question without asking me what did I say few seconds ago you could avoid detention" She added in a frightening mode obviously showing her dislike of Kano.

He wondered trying to remember her question. He tought his brains out before stating "You asked me why does the Firelord have relations to airbenders?" the class fell in manic laughter and Kano's funny friend Han facepalmed himself because of Kano's stupidity.

"Detention! I will tell a messenger to call your parent's for a conversation with your class mistress!" she yelled in anger but still Kano could see a trace of happiness in her eyes as he slowly fell in the hell of detention.

"But,......" He started before being interrupted by Miss Jeng

"There is no but Kano, you are a person that deserves to go to places where faliures go, IN DETENTION!" she yelled scaring the whole class out of their butts.

The class ended and students slowly exited the class room. Everyone was laughing and looking at Kano. Soon the whole school will know of his embarrassment and after that the whole town. Mira and Han slowly walked to Kano "Well that was some performance in there Mister Sleepyhead" Han yelled in laughter and he choked in it. Kano looked at Mira who was also laughing, he blushed.

"You guys know that I will miss the match do you?!?" He asked in fear of missing it because it was his big day. His father was so proud of him fighting in the big arena, but his mother not that much.

"That's why it's funny, your dad even planned ..........." Mira hit him in the head "Ouchhh that hurt!" he yelled at her

"Well you should shut up then!!!"

Kano wondered what could be that important for it to be covered from him. "Guys, what are you planning!?!?" He asked in wonder to find out what are they hiding from him.

Han didn't answer but Mira did "Nothing, none of you business. Shouldn't you be at detention right now??" She asked him as he laughed

"Yes Mira but you see I'm not going to detention. I'm going to fight in the match!!!"

They slowly exited the school while hiding from the professors. The sun set as every student from the school entered the town's fighting arena. "Kano you can't do this, Miss Jeng is going to notice you are not there!!!!" Han stated as Kano approached the arena door. The entrance was big and the doors were full of writings and signs.

"I can Han, just live with it" He turned around to the concerned Han and walked backwards. He opened the door and the huge arena appeared. The lights on the ceiling shined and reflected on Mira's fire red eyes as Kano looked at her he knew.

"Guys go to your seats it's about to begin" He ran away from them to the stairs. He knew they would be cheering for him. He knew he would win. The intro drums started playing and he cilmbed the stairs. The announcer yelled

"Presenting you the challanger ........KANOOOOOOOOOOOOO........" He screamed as Kano climbed on the fighting floor. He hoped his opponent would be someone easily beaten so he could go back to school. He didn't want to get ever more grounded by skipping detention.

"Anddddddd the defenderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ............................ The Mountainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!" The huge man came instantly as the announcers words echoed in Kano's ears. The earth trembled beneath the Mountain's feet. Kano knew he would undoubtedly lose this one.


"Students, welcome to detention. I hope you all know why are you here?" Miss Jeng enters the classroom as every student jumps in fear. The teacher quickly goes through everyone who should be at detention. Then she understands. "Where is Kano!!!!!!" she yells making all students tremble.

A quiet knocks interrupts her next sentence. A woman with blonde hair enters the classroom. Miss Jeng turns around "Yes, who are you'" she asks.

The blonde woman answers "I am Kano's mom. I believe you called me for a conversation??" she asks the teacher who quickly exits the classroom and the mother follows her.

Miss Jeng turns around to the mother and speaks in an deep voice "Your son has caused me much trouble today. And I put him in detention. But now he is not here. Do you know where could he be?" She asks the mother who slowly angers. She face-palms herself

"No, I do not know where he is. He could be anywhere?" She wonders as screams travel trought the city from the arena. It all became clear in the moment. Kano practicing, his father so proud.

"He is at the match!!!!" She answers as Miss Jeng opens the door of the classroom seeing that the students where listening to their conversation. ______________________________________________________________________________________

"KANOOOOOOOOOO!!! You can do this!!!!" Han yelled to him in laughter while Mira punched him. He knew he should have stayed at detention that way he might have live. The announcer stepped between him and the Mountain. He took the cards out of his pockets and screamed.

"Let the match begin!!!" as soon as he yelled the words people started cheering and the Mountain sent out a giant boulder at him.

Kano swiftly evaded it sending out earth fists at the attacker. The attacker blocked the attack with an earth wall and splitting it apart. He launched earth bullets at Kano who almost defended himself before and bullet hit him in the leg. He fell to the ground as te attacker approached. Kano sent out an earth fist which missed the incoming attacker. The Mountain made and earth wave and sent it towards Kano who managed to get up.

He blocked the attack and dug himself up in the ground surfacing again near the Mountain. The crowd cheered as Kano trapped the Mountain's left hand in the ground. Before Kano launched his next attack the Mountain sent his leg in the air bending several stones at Kano's head.

Kano fell down as the Mountain stood up and trapped Kano's legs into the earth. Kano quickly made a cave in that destroyed a big part of the fighting floor.

The Mountain threw himself on the end of the arena bending the walls around them and sending a huge attack at Kano who was catapulted at the stands where the audience was.

He looked at Mira who was cheering for him. But another look saw the boulder coming at him. He evaded it jumping at the attacker.

In several seconds Miss Jeng and the Town Security force were entering the arena. He took the time he had and elevated the floor in the air, making him and the Mountain unreachable from the Security Force. The Mountain destroyed the floor beneath him showing how high up in the air they are. Kano almost fell but launched himself in the air and came down on the Mountain. He made and earth shield and sent an underground attack towards the Mountain. The floor slowly came down as the Security Force lowered it with their combined earthbending. Kano looked down to see where Mira and Han are when a surprise attack hit him and destroyed the ground beneath him.

While he fell he could see Miss Jeng, Mira and Han, his mother and the surprised audience. As fast as he could he made and earth shelter beneath the ground. As he finally reached the hands of Miss Jeng and the Security force. The remains of the fighitng floor came down and hit the ground along with the Mountain who dug up to Kano's position.

Kano raised the himself and the Mountain to the air when suddenly he was catapulted at the wall beneath the stands. He was pierced through his fist by a dagger send out by the Mountain. Kano screamed out of pain as blood sprained all over his clothes and the floor.

He could hear screams of the audience and Mira crying. He knew how people ended up after fighting his opponent. Quickly the attacker dug him into the wall and choked him with earth. As soon he was completely covered in the earth his eyes glowed.

He jumped out of the wall and hit his opponent sending out the two of them at the other end of the arena. Kano created huge walls of flame blocking the attack the Security Force sent out in fear. He bended the nearby fountain and launched several ice boulders that devoured the attackers hands and feet making him unable to bend.

The fear could be seen in the attackers eyes as Kano spoke in a demonic voice "How dare you attack the Avatar!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed slowly covering the Mountain with earth. In a last chance attack the Mountain launched several bullets from the wall near him with his finger.

Kano didn't saw this attack coming and the bullets hit him in the shoulder only bouncing off of him but still injuring Kano. Kano replied to the attack and not in a pleasant way. He quickly sent out a storm of daggers towards the Mountain who freed himself from the prison. He jumped at Kano who raised the two of them in the air. He launched two fire blasts and four earth fists at the Mountain and took his hand.

"Please don't kill me!! Please!!!" The Mountain screamed before sending out a boulder. Kano knocked the boulder aside letting go of the Mountain's hand and making him fall to the ground.

Kano sends out several earth daggers at the Mountain piercing his lungs, stomach and neck. And letting him fall to the ground breaking mostly every bone in his body. The audience screamed as the deformed body of the Mountain fell at the centre of the arena.

Kano's eyes got back to normal again and he fell from the air not protected by airbending anyomore. Soon everything went black.

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