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Beginning of the End is the second chapter of The Return series.


The bell sounded, and we walked to our homeroom and I put my backbag on my desk. We were going to the period I most fear, lunch. Why do I hate it? Well, Hal and his group of douchebags were there. I didn't mean any harm, as I just sit in another table with Yan, but they always come and insult me, or in a more extreme case, flip my food. After what happened this morning, the latter is the most likely.

I picked up my Noodle Soup and went to my usual table. Ai was sitting at least 2 or 3 tables from me. She felt sad for me, because she would know what would happen with me and Hal. I sat down with my best friend and with some other people I didn't really know about. Out of nowhere, HE showed up.

"Hey Dumbass! I really liked the little stunt that your sister made to me, I'm surprised she's still not dating me."

"Don't bring my sister in this, Hua. We can settle this like civilized people, there's no need to fight.". He then, as I suspected, flipped my bowl into the ground, with all of the noodles on my ground. I usually eat all of that soup, although the soup Mom makes is much better.

As I am a pacifist, I didn't react with my earthbending. But I was really mad at the attitude of Hal. He always acts like he's the perfect boy when around teachers, but when he sees me, he really is the devil incarnate. After spilling my bowl, he said, "You like it? You want your daddy to come? Oh right! He's dead". At that moment, It felt like a surge of memories passed into my body. My father died when I was only seven, on a plane while travelling to Republic City for commercial purposes.

Then, I did something... something strange. I levitated the soup and splashed it into Hal's face.

"I'm...... I'm a waterbender?"

At that moment, everyone was either shocked or laughing at Hua. "He's a waterbender?"

"Did he just waterbend? I thought he was an earthbender!" said most of my classmates. Yan was surprised, knowing that I was his friend for his entire life, and he didn't know I could waterbend.

"Yo-Your a freak! No one can bend two elements!" Hal said, he then ran away. I, most of all, was surprised as I could bend two elements. "Kuang... You're the Avatar!" said Yan. Again, everyone was shocked at this declaration. After all, how can a nerdy seventeen year-old boy be the most powerful bender in the planet?

"Come on Kuang! We got to get out of here!" said Ai. I brought Yan also, while Karrin was just staring at me, I couldn't tell if her face was surprised or normal. We then went into the distant crop fields, as no one would see us there. Ai said: "Kuang, if you can bend two elements, then you're the Avatar!" "No! It can't be, the Earth King spent years looking for him! If I was the Avatar, I would have been in a training camp by now!"

"Well, no one else on Earth can bend two elements! That would b-" We suddenly heard a crash noise. We quickly forgot about the issue and moved onto the crash site.

"Don't you back away from the SISTER of the Avatar!" said Ai. "Forget about it." I said and quickly dismissed her. The thing that crashed was a small object, despite leaving a crater about twice the size of my house.

"I wonder what is it?" said Yan. "Come on, we have to check it out." The object was shape like a disc and it was glowing in different colors, red, blue, green, all of the other colors of the rainbow. "Oh sure! We approach the eerily glowing object and NOT run away from it!" said Ai. I then touched the top part of it, and it sent a giant, glowing pillar into the sky. It looked like a signal, but it certainly wasn't something human. It was too advanced for our current state in technology.

"Woah! It's glowing eerily!". "Thanks for the obvious Yan." said Layla. I then felt a small surge of memories blast into me, it was a small vision. I saw what looked like a woman, with a man, talking about something. I didn't have the chance to hear it though. The woman was dressed in Water Tribe attire while the man had a red scarf. I was released from the surge and collapsed in the ground. "Kuang! Are you okay?" said Yan. "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. We should probably start going home, it's late anyway."

We went home and Mom welcomed us home and we ate dinner. Afterwards, I headed to the bathroom to take a bath. While I was going to bed, I was closing my shades and saw something big, gigantic in fact, heading the a nearby mountain.

I then realized that it was no asteroid. It was in fact, something in the shape of the strange disc I found earlier that day. After that, all I saw was darkness.

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