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Master of Avatar State


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Chapter 1: The New Beginning

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Chapter 3: The Sozin's Curse

This is the second chapter of Avatarbender's fanon Master of Avatar State

A bit of information

Every chapter in my fanon is told by a character. The second one is Zuko's and Azula's.

Previously on Master of Avatar State

Toph sees a dream, where she was no more blind. Katara worries about her. And the Team Avatar is now heading to the Fire Nation to visit Zuko and Mai.



"I looked up and saw something. It was Appa. And where is Appa, there is Team Avatar, my former friends who helped me get my honour back. Now I am trying to make plans to destroy them. Shortly after my wonderful thoughts, they landed.

"Hey, Zuko!" I heard Aang shouting. What a disgusting voice. I turned around, just to see them. Then I got a great idea. "What do you want?" I asked. Why do they have to be so playful and joyful and something more "full?" I like serious people like me, Mai and... Okay, Iroh is semi-serious, so he doesn't count.

"Mai invited us. She is a great wife for you!" Said Katara. Oh, Katara! My love for her is supreme. Even if I tried, I couldn't stop loving her. Katara, she's some kind of semi-serious, like Iroh, but she's playful and joyful and something more "full," not like Mai, who is like "poker face." "We are not married!" I shouted angrily. Mai is not going to be my wife. In my big plans, she is going to die.

"Zuko, don't be so killjoy, they came here to have fun like Fire Nation has," said Mai behind me. I took fright. Mai just looked at me, when I turned around. "Don't ever do that again. And you, Avatar dudes, get out." I said furiously. "Go away and never come back!"

"Zuko! They are here and now, they are going nowhere!" Mai shouted. She took the ninja stars, or whatever they are, out. I decided to agree with her. I had a new idea.


After some more arguing, we decided to go inside for a teadrinking. "I'm going out! I have some things to do!" I said. Then I stood up and walked to the door. I opened it and stepped outside. Now I will complete my superior plan number 2. Destroy Appa, the flying bison.

I walked to the "Appaholder" and opened the door. The bison was sleeping. Good for me... I took a little vial from my pocket. It's animal poison. I took it some days ago from my dad's secret weapons warehouse.

Appa snored a little... Okay, I'm kidding. He snored a bit too loud. I opened the vial. With that came a terrible smell. I struggled to open big bison's mouth and pour it into his throat. And then, teh awful smell was gone. And Appa was gone. And... Do you think it was too much "and"s? Okay, but now, the Avatar Dudes' Team can't fly away. And my perfect plan is going to be superior.

I left the "Appaholder" and went back to my palace. Avatar Dudes' Team was still drinking with Mai. What a great opportunity. "Someone wants more tea?" I asked. Everybody wanted. So I took the jug and went to the kitchen. It's there. The left cabinet. There was another poison. I opened the poison vial and poured it into the jug. Then I made a new tea. It took some time, but it was complete. I poured it to the same jug. The jug, where is now the poison.

After opening the door, I walked to Mai and Team Avatar with "bad poker face." I've never been good at making "poker face." So I can only hope for their stupidness. I opened the next door and then I was in same room with them. I walked carefully to them and placed the jug on the table. Everyone poured themselves some tea. I almost laughed, when everyone raised their cups. But just moment before they drank, someone knocked on the door.

I stood up, but that someone came to the palace. I sat down and waited for it. Everyone else put their teacups on the table. And there... she is. Azula. "Hello, brother!" She said and she came to the table.

"I... thought you were at the mental hospital!" I said. It's really big surprise, that she is here. But it's a bad surprise.

She walked something like 3 steps. "Yes, I thought it too, but now... Here I am!" She said slyly, like always. After some walk around the table, she sat next to Aang. She took his cup and raised it to her mouth. "Yuk, you are trying to give us fire dandelions! You are trying to poison us!" She said and threw it on the floor.

"Zuko!" Shouted Mai. "What is your problem?" Okay, I was busted. I didn't even have a backup-plan. So I had to improvise. I thought a little. What if I would said, it's Iroh's fault? So, the I tried that. "It's... Iroh gave that herb thing to me. I... I didn't know, it is poisonous."

"Iroh wouldn't give you poisonous tea material. YOU tried to kill us!" Shouted Aang. "Team Avatar, we are heading back to the Ba Sing Se!" So, they left. Azula and Mai still sat on their places. And they were probably thinking about something.

"You, brother! You tried to kill me!" Azula said after standing up. She created a lightning and directed it to me. The lightning came quickly and I had to react fast. I put my hands to the redirecting position and when the lightning came, it changed the direction. I didn't even look, where I directed it. But then, I heard Mai shouting. She got hit. And my plans changed. Azula must die for that. "



Um... So Zuko has a plan? And he writes a diary? I have to stop him from making that plan work. I was supposed to be the Fire Lord. I am the ruler. I, Azula the Great, will rule the Fire Nation, even if it costs someone's life.


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