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Antibending Dilemma
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Chapter 3: The Antibending Rally

Pema's daughter Ikki had gotten the flu and was lying sick in bed, so she had to stay home and take care of her daughter that day. Due to this, Pema was having trouble finding the time to leave Air Temple Island and perform some more work for the Equalists in the main city. Tao was stationed at the main headquarters of the Equalists. He was in charge while Pema was gone. If anybody asked Tao where Amon was, he would tell them that Amon was off on his own secret mission for the Equalists that only he was allowed to know about. Pema felt guilty for lying to the her fellow revolutionaries, but it was necessary to keep her double life.

"Mom, I'm hungry," said Ikki. "I'm starving. I want more food. Bring me more food."

"Fine, Ikki," said Pema. "I'll bring you more soup."

"I don't want soup," said Ikki. "I want bigger food. I want real food. Bring me real food."

"Okay sweetie, I'll bring you some food," said Pema. And she did.

"This is soup," said Ikki. "I don't want more soup. I want something better."

"I'll tell you what," said Pema. "Eat that soup and I'll go cook you something else while you have one more bowl of soup."

"Aw okay," said Ikki. Ikki threw the spoon aside and drank the soup. Then she immediately closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Pema smiled cleverly. Little did you know that I slept some sleeping pills into that bowl before I gave it to you. You're knocked out for several hours. Now I can leave this island and go to Republic City to be with the Equalists for a while. Pema rushed off to Republic City and changed into her Amon costume. She found Lieutenant Tao waiting for her at the Equalist hideout.

"Where have you been?" asked Tao. He was angry with Pema for keeping him waiting.

"Sorry about that," said Pema. Even though she was apologizing, she used her deeper voice because she had to be Amon. "My daughter Ikki was sick and I had to look after her. Poor thing..."

"What do you mean Poor thing?" asked Tao. He was even more angry now. "She's a bender and is only getting what she deserves!"

"She may be a bender, but she's also my daughter," said Amon. "I love her even if she is part of the problem."

"You can say that now," said Tao. "What about later?"

"What do you mean?" asked Pema.

"Our revolution is against ALL benders," said Tao. "Our goal is to eliminate them all. Your two personas are on a collision course with one another. Eventually, if the revolution succeeds, your bending children must die."

"I can't allow that to happen," said Amon. "There must be a way to win the revolution without killing every single bender."

"There might be," said Tao. "I heard of some spirits who can give someone the power to take other people's bending away. If you find to them, you can take away everyone's bending instead of killing them."

"That could work," said Pema. "Tomorrow is the solstice and its also Avatar Korra's first day of Airbending training. While everyone else is busy I'll sneak into the Spirit World and find this ability." I'll do whatever I must for Jinora, Ikki and Meelo's sake.

Pema returned to Air Temple Island some time later. The next day Tenzin had a private lunch with Korra while Pema made sure that her three kids were ready for their Airbending day. She gave them breakfast and told them not to come ask her for anything for a few hours. Alright, it's solstice time!

Pema went to her private room and began meditating. She had stolen a scarf from Tenzin's desk that used to belong to Avatar Aang. Since she had something that belonged to an Avatar in a past life, she could use that to make contact with the Spirit World.

Pema succeeded and entered the Spirit World. "Oh, Great Spirits, I come before thee!" said Pema.

"What is it you want, daughter-in-law of Avatar Aang and leader of the Equalist Revolution?" asked a loud, booming voice.

"I know there is a way to take away a person's bending permanently," said Pema. "I want that power. Let me have it!"

"Why?" asked a loud, booming voice.

"I must save the world by ridding it of bending," said Pema.

"So be it," said the loud, booming voice. "The Avatar has failed the world. You are the savior now!"

"Thank you," said Pema. Yes! This is the beginning of the end for all benders!

Pema came out of meditation. She was satisfied with herself and went to put the scarf back on Tenzin's desk so he wouldn't know she took it. That night, she made dinner for her family. They have no idea...

"Okay! Everyone here?" asked Pema. She had brought dinner into the dining room but noticed someone was missing. "Wait. Where's Korra?"

"Honestly, Pema, I am at my wit's end with that girl," said Tenzin. "I don't know how to get through to her!"

"Dear, the best thing you can do right now is to give Korra some space," said Pema. If you give her enough space, she won't be able to learn from you and I won't have to deal with a fully-realized Avatar. Wouldn't that be nice?

"You must promise me that your teenage years won't be like this," said Tenzin. Pema was annoyed that he was not satisfied by what she told him.

"I will make no such promises," said Jinora. She was reading a book as usual.

"How was your day Jinora?" asked Pema.

"I learned a new Airbending move," said Jinora.

"That's wonderful," said Pema. "I'm proud of you." Don't get too attached to that move, kiddo. One day, mommy's gonna take your bending away. Don't feel bad about it though. I'm only doing what I do to make things fair between us.

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