"Anger, Part 2"
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Forces of Nature


Anger (愤怒)


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November 23, 2016

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Chapter 1: Anger, Part 1

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Chapter 3: One By One

After seeing Katara, Bagguk spent the rest of the day with his parents, visiting a few restaurants, and even came across a store that sold charms. Looking around the shop, Bagguk noticed collection of bracelets, each with carvings of spirits on them. Bagguk recognized some of these spirits. They watched over the young and protected their dreams. But Bagguk was willing to try anything, even though he believed in Katara's abilities. His father purchased one for him. As he looked up towards the sky, he could still see flickers of light remaining from Harmonic Convergence. He looked down and in the distance, he saw a small fleet leaving their harbor.
  • Bagguk: "What's going on dad?"
  • Bagguk's father: "Avatar Korra, son. She's brought independence to the south. Now she's heading back to Republic City"

Bagguk noticed a flicker of discontent when he mentioned Korra. Bagguk had to remember that neither of his parents were born in the Southern Tribe. While his mother was from the United Republic, his father was loyal to the North. Bagguk still couldn't believe his father had been so easy on him today, having gone out past curfew that night and disobeying him. But he didn't want to dwindle on the past. A small fleet followed after the main ship leaving the harbor; the Avatar was leaving, and the South could enjoy unity it hadn't had since before the Hundred Year War.

On their way to the harbor, Bagguk noticed that several men were staring at him. He recognized one of the men, Tonnu, who was a friend of Massak's parents. As Bagguk and his parents walked past, he heard Tonno's conversation.

  • Tonnu: From what Oloruk said, there were six spirits with those kids that night. Six kids, six spirits. Makes you wonder.

The following night

When they got home, Bagguk headed to bed straight away, looking forward to having a good night's rest after all the mayhem. He thought of his friends, who were probably long asleep by now, and he looked forward to seeing them in the morning. He crawled into best, resting his head down on a pillow, and stared up at his ceiling, looking at each carving, the symbols of each spirit that used to watch over the southern tribe, and perhaps they did again. Bagguk only hoped, the bracelet he had on would protect him.

In no time at all, Bagguk fell asleep, but then it all changed, like he had the previous night, he felt like he had been dragged into the dream. Several memories appeared before him, each one a worse memory than before; his father ordering him to obey the cerfew, northerners always catching up to them as they headed into the tundra, becoming lost in the snow and finally them looking up and seeing dark spirits coming after them from above. Bagguk couldn't explain it, perhaps his mind was finding a way to come to peace with what happened that night. And then, it happened, a dark figure grabbed him tightly, and dragged him into his vision. He didn't feel the cold, but he heard feel the spirits hold on his clear as day. He heard loud screams in the distance, his friends no doubt.

  • "It's time for me to take hold"
  • Bagguk: Fann? No, you......Katara got rid of you."

Fann let out an evil laugh, and for a second, Bagguk could see Cannaq running for his life, fighting the dark spirits as best he could. The spirit portal was bombarding the surrounding area with sparks of light. The spirit grabbed him by the leg and through him into the open crevice, slamming him against the ice. In a flash, Bagguk's anger came out. Bagguk felt a sharp ringing in his ears, and fell to the ground in pain.

  • Fann: "You think Katara could keep me out? You have much to learn about me. And as I have told you human, anger will be your teacher. Now let us begin".

Fann brought Bagguk to his knees, forcing him to watch. He was brought into the crevice, where he saw Cannaq, Massak and himself laying in the snow. He heard a shriek above him. It was the same dark, foggy spirit that had attacked Hallaq and Urrana. Behind him was the second spirit that attacked them. It was dark grey, with yellow eyes and the same foggy limbs that seemed to creep off it's body instead of falling off like mist. Bagguk saw a smile creep over both of their faces, and the ascended down towards him and his friends. Bagguk watched, as the dark grey spirit headed straight into Cannaq, and in a flash he was gone. What remained appeared to be an aura of greying light surrounding his friends body

  • Fann: "You're friend has merged with Shah. While I hold power over anger, he holds it over sadness"
  • Bagguk: "What did you do to me and my friends!?"
  • Fann: "Harmonic Convergence. It created the Avatar, and were it not for her, Vaatu would now rule the world in darkness. What better way to defeat the Avatar, then with three of us"
  • Bagguk: "Three? You mean my other friends are....."
  • Fann: "your other friends will be dealt with soon enough. But for now, three will be enough."

Before Bagguk could respond, the second spirit descended, heading straight into Massak.

  • Fann: "Ogon. The spirit of fear. Yes, he will help me greatly this night"
  • Bagguk: "NO! I won't let you control me! Or my friends!"
  • Fann: "I don't need to control your friends. They'll do it for me. As for you..."

Another sharp ringing filled Bagguk's ears, and then, he heard nothing. As blackness enveloped him, he thought back to what Tonnu had said at the harbor, "six kids, six spirits", for Bagguk, it finally made sense. And now, he had lost control.

Bagguk's eyes opened, but it was not his blue eyes that appeared. Dark red glowed in his eyes, and a dark smile appeared on his face; this was not Bagguk. Fann was now in control of Bagguk's body.

Fann headed out into the snow, limping his way down towards the harbor. With every step he took, Fann winced. But it was Bagguk's voice.

  • Fann: "It's not just your body I have taken Bagguk. All of your memories, all of your knowledge, is now mine"

Fann headed into the town, guards every twenty feet. By that point, he was wincing less and less, until he was running. Fann recognized a house down a small path to his right. It was Massak's home. Before he could head into the street, he felt something stop him in his tracks, and then his body fell to the floor. Fann tried getting up. The dark reddish glow began to fade as Bagguk's blue eyes appeared again.

  • Fann: "What is this?"

He tried getting up again, but this time, he fell to the floor again, and only his arms were able to move.

  • Bagguk: "This is my body"
  • Fann: "Yes, it is. But how long will you wan't it back?"

Fann staggered to his knees, and all at once, three houses in front of him began to sink into the ice. He headed out into the street as several watchmen came into view. They collected a

  • Watchmen: "What do you think your doing"
  • Fann: "teaching him a lesson"

Several of the watchmen began waterbending at him, sending a barrage of ice spears from above. Fann blocked their attacks with ice walls on both sides. As Bagguk's eyes began to glow dark red again, he created a water spout. The ice and snow underneath the watchmen's feet began dragging them towards Fann. By this point, more and more watchmen appeared. Fann then created tendrils from the ice, grabbing his attackers one by one and throwing them into the oncoming guards and waterbenders.

  • Bagguk: STOP!

Fann began to lose his power, the spout around him began losing water by the second. As soon as Fann hit the ground, one of the watchmen was able to knock him to the ground. Bagguk's eyes were now neither glowing dark red or it's normal blue. They appeared to be a reddish purple. His head was facing down towards the ground with a blank stare. As he looked up, he saw waterbenders approach him on both sides.

  • Watchmen: "Stay down. This is your only warning, kid"

All of a sudden, his eyes began glowing again, but his red eyes was much brighter than before. Fann also realized a slight dark haze surrounded his body.


Fann motioned his arms, and a large body of water emerged from the harbor. The watchmen saw the water form into a thousand long and sharp ice spears, heading straight for them.


Massak's father and mother were both woken up a strange noise outside. They went to their bedroom window, and saw a storm happening outside. But that wasn't the only thing they could hear. They heard something coming from the next room; Cannaq's room. Loud thuds and groans could be heard, as if he was punching the walls all around him. They entered the room, which was almost pitch black with the window being covered with something big.

  • Massak's mother: "Massak? Are you okay?"
  • "Yes, that's right. That's what he called himself. Massak"

Massak's eyes began glowing dark yellow, and they saw Massak's face turn into a grotesque smile, a faint glow seeping out of it. The house began to shake.

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