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The New Firebender



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"Well then, I think I just stumbled onto another's property, and hes trying to kill me, or I'm just seeing AND hearing things." Zeon said to himself with his eyes wide open. "Hellbenders?" he thought. He got up and started stomping on the place were the Hellbender had went. He started to FFirebend, but it wasn't enough. "Hellbenders! That's it, they can bend Hell! They just went to Hell!" Zeon screamed, as he started to walk back. He hit the wall and sat down "This is all happening so fast." Zeon said holding his head. He ran out of the cave and noticed a woman. "I'm Aire. An Airbender, Avatar Zeon." she said as she bent the air. "How the hell do you know I'm the Avatar! I demand the answer!" Zeon shouted, getting in a stance to fight. "I was suppose to find you and train you." Aire said, still bending the air slowly. "I trust her for some reason." Zeon thought. "What do you have to offer me if I train or something like that with you."

"You have the training of Air."

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