A New Mind
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March 3, 2014

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Chapter 1: Expedition and Perils

The energy within Aegus begins to surge through his body before it completely disappears. Aegus gasps for breath and unwrapped the cloth from his right hand. He was surprised that his hand was completely healed not even a scar could be found; almost as if it didn't happen at all. The once uninhabited town is now a scorched wasteland. The ground beneath him was dark and powdered with ash. Aegus struggles on his two feet as if it were his first time walking and he walks across the barren land and into the shore.

The shore was also layered with ash. The ocean turned thick and dark. Aegus looked toward the distance but could not find his ship; it must have been destroyed and sunk into the ocean floor.

"Great now I'm stuck here by myself," Aegus mumbled under his breath.

"No you're not," a voice said to him. Alarmed, Aegus unsheathed his knife and was ready to attack.

"Woah, woah you want to kill me. I assure you that would be a mistake. Besides who do you think healed your hand. I can help you Aegus."

"Help me! With what, you're the same person who made me kill someone!" Aegus yelled remembering what he had done to the monk in the palace.

"I can help you get what you desire most; what all humans desire most," the voice coaxed.

"And what is that?" Aegus asked.

"Power, power unlike any other. You're a nonbender. I can give you bending. Bending that only spirits posses," the voice replied.

"I don't need your power not after what you made me do," Aegus said stiffly.

"I see, then at least let me repay you for my misdeed," the voice suggested.

"How so?" Aegus asked.

"I will take you back to your home and family in the Earth Kingdom." Aegus took a moment to think whether or not he should listen to this voice.

"Very well, you can take me home but once you do so you must leave my body forever. Swear on Ra the spirit of good that you will leave my body as soon as I reach home." Aegus commanded.

"I swear," the voice said and Aegus nodded still unsure. But before Aegus could change his mind the voice revealed himself but only for a second before consuming Aegus's body instantly possessing him.

"That's only if I return you to the Earth Kingdom," the voice said laughing coldly, darkly.

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