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Avatar: The Adventure of Thoyrn


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Chapter 3: The Dancing Dragon

The previous day, Thoyrn had just told the entire world he was the Avatar. There had been a big celebration in Republic City that night, but now things had to get back to normal. Thoyrn was just about to take his airbending test to prove he had attained mastery in the art. Jun asked Thoyrn if he wanted help practicing, but Thoyrn just said,

"I don't need luck. I've got skill, talent, and my best friends on my side."

As Thoyrn, Jun, Chang, Fang, and Celina were on the ferry that took them from the heart of Republic City to Air Temple Island, Celina asked Thoyrn a question.

"Why didn't you tell anybody you were the Avatar?" Thoyrn just said, "I guess I just wanted to have a normal life until I was ready." Celina said,

"Well, I guess that makes sense. You didn't want everybody to know."

Thoyrn and his friends arrived on Air Temple Island where Master Jinora was waiting and she said,

"Thoyrn, today is the day. I hope you're ready for your airbending test. I assure it won't be nearly as easy as your earthbending test, so why don't you get ready first and tell me when you're ready and we will duel in the arena." Thoyrn said,

"With no disrespect, Master, could I possibly go up against somebody else who is a bit more my size and younger? Once again no offense, Master, it's just I don't want to exert you too much." With that, Master Jinora just said,

"Are you sure you would like to fight Una? It would be honorable to lose to your master, but to completely ensure passing your test by defeating my great-grand child who is still far from mastery and still seeing years of training ahead of her just to win sounds a bit like cheating, don't you think?" Thoyrn just said,

"I'm only thinking of you, Master. I know you aren't as nimble as you used to be."

Master Jinora just said, "Just because one is old, does not mean they have lost their strength. If one is old, they can be wise and not weak." Thoyrn said, "Are you sure you want to do this? I've been practicing and I think that I'm a master airbender now." Master Jinora just said, "If you are sure, you will prove it on the battle field."

They were interrupted, however, by a teenage girl in an orange and yellow school girl outfit on a glider, who yelled,

"Everybody look out!!! Aaahhhhh." The girl almost crashed, but Thoyrn saved her by creating an air shield and Master Jinora said,

"Una, where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. Your mother is worried sick. You know she doesn't like it when you run off without telling her first." Una just said, "Sorry, great-gran-gran, but I was just out with some of my friends and I almost crashed because I'm still getting used to my new glider. I was texting and gliding even though I'm not supposed to. Sorry. Oh, and while I'm ahead of the game, I need a replacement phone. By the way, can you tell mom that?"

Master Jinora just slapped her forehead and said, "That's your eighth replacement this month. Your mother should've gotten you the replacement plan and anyway, go and run along. I need to test the Avatar to see if he's mastered airbending."

Una said, "Can I be the one who tests him? I think that I'm ready!"

Master Jinora saw no sense in arguing and said,

"Fine. I can see you will not take no for an answer."

Una just had to squeal, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thank you, Gran-gran! You won't be disappointed, I promise!" and with that Master Jinora had a doubt that she made a mistake.

With that the match began. On one end of the ring stood Thoyrn; on the other stood Una. The gong sounded and Thoyrn formed a funnel of air and hurled it at Una, who quickly made an air scooter to escape the blow of air calling her name. Thoyrn watched as Una created an air dragon to engulf him and knock him in the water, which he redirected with an air shield. Thoyrn was able to knock Una over with an air swipe.

But Una just got up and said, "You can't knock me down!" Thoyrn said, "Yes I can!"

With that, Thoyrn shot out a large powerful air blast that knocked Una over. He then created several air balls and threw them at Una, who fell down and began to throw multiple air swipes at Thoyrn. He used several air gusts to bring himself unto a higher branch and went down with the swiped branches as Una kept blasting him. Thoyrn began to create a high tornado that nearly knocked Una out of the ring but she kept fighting.

Thoyrn decided that he was going to end it with a very powerful move by encasing Una in an air sphere. He then began to hit Una with multiple air blades and then started blasting her. Thoyrn didn't want to hurt her, but he wanted to win the match. Una cried out in pain as she was being hit with the air blades and blasts and when Una wanted to get out of his grip, she was in too much pain to do anything more than just deliver an air punch as Thoyrn let her go and she lied on the ground because she was in pain.

Thoyrn knew that Una was in pain so he came up to her with a bucket of water and said, "I'm sorry I got aggressive with you, I just wanted to be declared an airbending master. I want to help you because you look like you're in pain."

Una said, "nooo really?" and Thoyrn just said, "Do you want me to heal you or not?" and then Una said, "Please do. Thanks." And Thoyrn proceeded to heal Una with waterbending and after a minute Una said, "Thanks. It helped, you're pretty cool, ya know." Master Jinora walked up to Thoyrn and Una and said, "that duel was one of the most amazing duels I have ever seen in all my years! I believe that both of you seem to have finally blossomed into master airbenders. Avatar Thoyrn, you can now move on to your firebending training."

Thoyrn was confused and said, "But what about the other White Lotus members? Where are they? And where are they giving me their opinions on whether I can move on in my training?"

But to reassure him, Master Jinora said, "Don't worry about them. I asked them if I could oversee your exam alone and they said yes, so I was the one person who decides if you are now a master or not and you are. Una, if you want, you can receive your tattoos after I arrange the Avatar's and his new firebending teacher."

With that, Master Jinora made the phone call to some of the other White Lotus and told Thoyrn that he would meet his master in eight days. Because of Thoyrn's schedule with school, the master was coming to Thoyrn rather than Thoyrn going to his new master. Thoyrn was filled with a sense of relief. He knew that within the eight days he had to wait, he could try to develop some sort of firebending ability other than lightning generation.

Thoyrn was always naturally good at earthbending and airbending and he was able to do a little waterbending, not much but enough to put up a fight, but for some reason, every time Thoyrn tried to firebend, all that came out was a little black smoke. He felt lucky that he did not live in a cartoon where he would also have a fart sound released. Thoyrn was just glad that his firebending efforts weren't nearly as bad as his efforts to freeze water to create ice. Whenever Thoyrn tried to freeze water to create ice, all the water that should freeze exploded in somebody's face, which was not amusing when it happened to anybody except maybe Chang or somebody Thoyrn didn't know, although it was besides the point.

The following morning

The next morning before homeroom, Thoyrn waited outside his locker for Celina with Jun, Chang, and Fang. Thoyrn already knew that Jun, Chang, and Fang knew that he had some sort of strange firebending block, but Thoyrn decided he would talk to them about it. Thoyrn decided to start the conversation after receiving a text message from Celina which said, "Coming 2 skool c u soon <3 <3 :)"

Thoyrn noticed the hearts and smiley face in Celina's text and askedn "Guys, I know this is going to sound really off topic, but has Celina ever texted any of you with hearts in her texts?" Thoyrn was perplexed because Celina's text sounded very unlike her.

Chang and Fang decided that now was a perfect time to tease Thoyrn, because they knew they were in love and in unison said, "oooooooooooooo looks like Thoyrn and Celina are in looovvveee!!!"

Thoyrn knew he was distracting himself thinking of Celina having a crush on him. All Thoyrn thought was, "No, that's ridiculous. She can't possibly be IN love with me."

Ever since Thoyrn revealed he was the Avatar, he was getting asked out on dates by more girls than he usually did. Even before Thoyrn revealed he was the Avatar, he was still asked out on dates by a number of girls, but most of them were girls he knew, typically from playcrafters (members of the school drama club.)

Even with a question he thought was ridiculous, Jun still said, "No. Celina's never texted me with hearts."

"Me neither," Fang said.

Chang said, "She doesn't even text me AND she likes youuuuuuuuuu."

Chang was cutoff by Thoyrn who said, "THAT ISN'T THE POINT!"

With Thoyrn's outburst all his friends looked at him oddly. Jun was the only one of them with a little suspicious look on his face and said, "Thoyrn, I know you're hiding something. Out with it."

Thoyrn knew there was no denying it and reluctantly said, "You had better promise you won't make fun of me for it."

All his friends nodded and Thoyrn spilled the beans. "You guy's know how I passed my airbending exam, right? And how I will move on to firebending now?"

His friends all subsequently nodded. Thoyrn really didn't want to tell his friends that he couldn't firebend, but he knew that they would understand.

Thoyrn decided to tell them and said, "Look, I didn't want to tell you guys and you especially can't tell Celina or I will go into the Avatar State when you're sleeping and kill you all, understand?"

They all nodded and Thoyrn continued. "Theproblemisthatican'tfirebend!"

Thoyrn hoped that his friends wouldn't hear and dismiss it, but Chang screamed, "You can't firebend?"

With Chang's outburst, some of the other students looked at Chang, but quickly dismissed the idea as within one week of school the whole student body already knew who this years class clown was going to be: Chang and his brother Fang (even though Fang had a more level head).

Thoyrn felt relieved that nobody was really paying attention to what Chang had just said, but nevertheless he wanted to make sure that his friends wouldn't tell Celina.

"Hey guys!" said Celina and Thoyrn only hoped that none of his friends would tell Celina that he couldn't firebend. His only though on the subject at the time was, "Oh crap, I hope big-mouth Chang doesn't tell Celina that I can't firebend or I'll be in deep monkey feathers."

Celina looked at Thoyrn awkwardly and said, "Thoyrn. Didn't you hear me?"

Thoyrn came back to earth as Celina was staring at him and she said again, "Didn't you hear me; Thoyrn?"

Thoyrn did hear her and said, "Yeah, I hear you."

Celina was happy Thoyrn was listening to her and not ignoring her due to the text she had sent him. Celina had a crush on Thoyrn that she wanted to keep secret. Celina had two reasons to keep her crush on Thoyrn a secret. Her first reason was if people knew that she had a crush on Thoyrn, they would think that she didn't want to help the kid who was being bullied and that she was selfish. The second reason was that she was afraid that Thoyrn didn't like her back (even though he did).

Celina then decided to ask Thoyrn if she knew what she said. "Well, if you heard me, then I guess you're ready for the pro-bending try-outs for the school tournament."

Thoyrn had no idea that Celina signed up himself, herself and Jun as a pro-bending team; he had always been good at pro-bending and normally went to matches at the arena with his friends or watch them on TV, which he only did when he and his friends couldn't afford seats (even though he and his friends usually snuck in because Chang thought he was too good for watching a match on TV).

Thoyrn never thought that HE would be in the ring instead of the audience this time! Even if it was just for the high school and not a major league match (in order to participate a major league match you needed to reach the age of sixteen, a requirement that Thoyrn and his friends have yet to fill).

Thoyrn decided to thank Celina for the opportunity, so he did: "Thanks for the opportunity, it means a lot to me and Dola will be pretty happy too."

Celina had never met Dola and wanted to know who she was. "Um, Thoyrn, who's Dola?"

Dola was Thoyrn's winged mountain liger and his spirit animal whom Thoyrn had ever since he was little and she was always with them, except for Thoyrn's airbending exam because his father had to take her to the vet. Dola was always a great pet and Thoyrn wanted Celina to meet her.

Thoyrn decided to take out his cell phone where his lock screen was a picture of him, Jun, Chang, Fang and Dola and said, "Dola is my pet winged mountain liger. I've had her since she was a cub." And Thoyrn showed Celina another picture.

Celina thought that Dola was one of the most adorable pets she had ever seen and couldn't help but ask. "Awwwwwwwww she's SO CUTE!! When can I see her?"

Thoyrn knew that they would have to meet eventually and said, "You can meet her at my place after school if that works for you."

Celina liked that very much and grinned, but didn't say anything. She was happy that the thought of meeting Dola would get her closer to getting in good with Thoyrn's family.

Celina decided to just play it cool and said, "Yeah that works."

Thoyrn couldn't help but smile. Celina may just be going to his house to meet his spirit animal, but afterward he could still ask her out and maybe he could ask Celina to the Harmony Day Fair. But Thoyrn had no idea that Celina had planned to become his girlfriend (as if the text message wasn't enough evidence that she was in love with Thoyrn). Celina even had a fantasy in one of her classes of her and Thoyrn on a romantic date in a meadow watching the sunset and kissing and later going to her bedroom take off their clothes and make a little love.

All throughout the day, Thoyrn was happy about Celina coming over, but that still didn't distract him from his firebending problem. Thoyrn's history teacher noticed he wasn't paying attention (without the knowledge of his problem). His teacher thought that since he was the Avatar he thought he could get away with not paying attention and said, "Thoyrn! Now that you came back to Earth from the Spirit World on an 'Avatar mission', I'm sure you can tell me who it was that established the first Dai Li agents and why they were established?"

Thoyrn knew the question and answered, "That would be Avatar Kyoshi, and the Dai Li was established because of the peasant rebellion of Ba Sing Se which led to the Earth Kingdom becoming the first constitutional monarchy of the world."

Thoyrn's teacher was stunned that Thoyrn was paying so little attention but he still knew the answer, so he just responded, "very good Thoyrn, I guess we will just move on." And that was fine with Thoyrn, and while his teacher went back to his lesson, Thoyrn received a text message from Jun and a note from Chang.

Jun's text said, "So ur going on a date wth Celina aftr she mts Dola? R u sure u want 2 go through this?"

Thoyrn had never said anything about asking Celina out and saw her smile at him from across the room as he responded from Jun's text which said, "I nevr said anythng about askng Celina out all that we're doing is hanging out at my house."

And Jun responded. "Wutevr u say Thoyrn wutevr u say :p"

And even though Thoyrn said he wasn't asking Celina out, he sure was think about it, although he was never going to admit it.

At the end of the school day, Thoyrn decided to skip his after school activities and go to his family's apartment.

Celina walked up to him and said, "so after we go to your place I guess we can smoke some weed?"

Thoyrn just looked at her and Celina laughed and said, "I was only kidding, where would I get weed, and if anybody looks like a drug dealer it's you."

Thoyrn knew she was messing a little but he still thought that he didn't look like a drug dealer; he thought he looked like everybody else, and what Avatar would deal weed and cactus juice to people?

"How do I look like a drug dealer?" Thoyrn just couldn't help from asking.

"It's just how you dress with your V-neck and fingerless gloves not to mention how the sneakers you're wearing haven't come out yet. how did you get them?"

Thoyrn didn't think that there was anything wrong with how he dressed and his father got him his sneakers as a gift from a man after a construction job, but he wouldn't tell Celina how he got them just yet so he said, "I like how I look and my dad has connections with Air Roku."

Celina just said, "whatever you say drug dealer."

Thoyrn knew she was messing with him because she was crushing on him so decided to text his dad saying:

"Dad I'm gonna walk home wth mi friends c u soon."

Thoyrn then told Celina.

"I thought it would be fun if we walked home."

Celina was okay with it as long as there weren't too many vines there so she asked Thoyrn:

"There aren't too many spirit vines in the roads right?"

Thoyrn wanted to laugh a little considering how a businessman named Varrick had moved all the spirit vines from many different parts of the city mostly the roads to use as a clean power source and eventually a bomb for a warlord named Kuvira.

"All of the vines in the city are away from the street and only cover the outside and inside of buildings."

Celina felt a little better because ever since she moved to Republic City she was afraid she would be attacked by the spirit vines, being strangled until her lungs would no longer pumped like what happened when she was eight years old and wandered into in the swamp when she was attacked by a plantbending tribesman who assaulted her because she wasn't supposed to be there. He would've killed her if her mother hadn't intervened. Ever since, Celina has feared any form of wild plants.

As Thoyrn and Celina were walking, Celina's earring got caught in a hanging vine and she tried to break free, but she got even more tangled and the vine continued to loop around her, leaving Celina hung and terrified and screamed.

"Thoyrn HELP ME!! I'm stuck and I can't escape!!!!!!!!!!"

Thoyrn went to help her and told her as a warning first.

"Celina, I'm coming! But don't struggle, it'll only grip on you tighter if you do. I need you to stay calm."

Celina tried to do as Thoyrn said, but she was utterly terrified, so Thoyrn said,

"Try to breathe in and out slowly and easily."

Celina obliged as Thoyrn held his hand on the vine and tried to focus on its energy despite how he wanted to just blast the vines away or chop them down with a rock, but he didn't want to harm Celina any more than she was emotionally. Focusing on the vines' energy didn't work, but Thoyrn had an idea: he would go into the Avatar State, which would be intensely difficult because he has never gone into the Avatar State at will; he has only gone into the Avatar State randomly, but it was worth a shot so he told Celina.

"Celina, I'm going to try to go into the Avatar State in order to get rid of the vines."

Thoyrn thought of what would bring him into the Avatar State normally; it just happened or it came through anger. He tried to be angry; just the thought of losing Celina to a bunch of stupid vines just pissed him off and he was the Avatar and he wasn't about to let that happen. His eyes glowed the eerie white they do when he entered the Avatar State as he bended water out of the nearby river and swiped it by the thick vine which wasn't enough to do it. So he also used an air swipe continuously as and earth spike at the root of the vine was shot, but not by Thoyrn, but by Secretary Hiro as he pulled up in his Satomobile.

He confronted Thoyrn and said, "Avatar Thoyrn it is a pleasure to see you."

Thoyrn came out of the Avatar State seeing that Celina was now free, although he still had the same disdain for the secretary and tried to mask it when he spoke to him especially with what he wanted to say.

"Secretary Hiro, what an unpleasant surprise. Thanks for saving my friend; you can leave us alone and possibly drive your car into the bay and drown now."

Secretary Hiro overlooked the insult that the Avatar just gave him and decided to act casual.

"I'm afraid I didn't get the extended warranty on my car. Anyhow, what are you doing on this side of town?

Thoyrn knew that he wanted something, although he was probably letting his major dislike for the secretary get the better of him.

"I live on this side of town. More importantly, what are you doing here? what do you want? I know you want something."

The secretary ignored Thoyrn's others comment about him why he is here and decided to tell him.

"I need you to validate a new generator that will increase the power production in the city's downtown district. All that we have to do is take away the power and heat from the homes in the Dragon Flats Borough for the winter."

Thoyrn thought that it was a selfish and horrible idea cutting off the power and heat during the winter and letting the people there freeze and starve just to give the wealthy more efficient power, especially when the power they already have provided by lightningbenders is environmentally friendly and goes to everybody with no problems.

"I am not going to validate something that will starve and freeze millions of lower class citizens during the winter just so you can have a stronger power source and faster internet so you can just forget it! While you're at it, you can get your scrawny ass outta this side of town and try to sweet talk somebody gullible enough to believe you! Let's go Celina."

Celina knew he was a bad guy but still knew she had to thank him for saving her so she did.

"Thanks for saving me. I owe you one."

Secretary thought he should take advantage of what Celina just said and decided that he will.

"Oh you don't have to do that, but if you must, why don't you get in my car and we can talk at my office and I will drive you home, Avatar Thoyrn. Before you protest you don't have to worry about your girlfriend, she's in safe hands."

Thoyrn didn't believe Secretary Hiro and texted his dad to bring Dola over to the corner of Gan Jin and Zhang.

"First of all, she's not exactly my girlfriend and I don't think she's safe with you, and she was coming to my apartment to meet my family. So why don't you and your limo take a little drive into the bottomless shit pit you crawled out of when you were born!"

Even after what Thoyrn said to him Secretary Hiro just shook it off and went to his limo. Thoyrn could just express his distaste.

"Can you believe that guy?"

Celina had heard her mother call him a "sleazebag" and a "weasel-snake" before and that he was nothing but trouble and after what happened she knew how selfish he was.

"He seems pretty full of himself that's for sure. anyway which ways you house? I thought your apartment building isn't covered in vines"

The spirit vines were for the most part all over Republic City as they served as the home for city's spirits and almost every building that was around during Harmonic Convergence got covered in vines Thoyrn's apartment building however was built long after Harmonic Convergence and was vine-free.

"I live about a block over just follow me."

During the walk all Celina could think about was how she overheard him say he can't firebend and wanted to ask him so she did.

"Umm Thoyrn I kind of overheard you tell Jun you've been having trouble firebending why is that?"

Thoyrn was both upset and embarrassed that Celina knew but she was his friend maybe she could help. So reluctantly he gave a big sigh and told her.

"I don't know why no matter what I try I can't firebend. I mean I can generate lightning and I never had trouble earth and airbending in fact I was always able to airbend and last summer about a month ago I started to waterbend but no matter what I can't firebend I just don't know why especially if I can use lightning."

Celina thought it was weird if he could generate and probably redirect lightning but he couldn't firebend and decided to ask about it

"Kinda weird. You can generate lightning but you can't firebend? that's really weird lightning is a sub skill shouldn't you be able to firebend"

Thoyrn didn't want to answer and luckily they were at his apartment building and said so.

"Hey look at that we're here. heh heh come on you gotta meet my parents."

Celina walked into the excessively clean apartment and Thoyrn noticed that there was a man in Fire Nation clothes he never met watching TV in his den and wanted to protest but couldn't find the right words so instead just stared and began to say.

"Who are you and exactly why are you in my apartment? Celina do you know him because I have no idea who this guy is."

Before Thoyrn could say anything even more rude his mother walked in still in her clothes from work and took a look at Celina and went to say something embarrassing to her son.

"Thoyrn your father told me you were bringing home your girlfriend today. And she's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Come sweetie I want to show you my baby boy's baby pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thoyrn was now especially embarrassed and just screamed.


Thoyrn's mother didn't really think baby pictures would bring her son down that much being the Avatar she thought he could handle some embarrassment and then Dola came galloping in and Thoyrn's mother was on the floor being licked and Thoyrn though to stop her.

"Dola stop licking mom there's somebody who wants to meet you."

Thoyrn motioned his hand to Celina, who was surprised to see a winged mountain liger in an apartment in Republic City or at least not outside the zoo.

Celina was very astonished and just couldn't get around how big Dola was and Thoyrn's mother finally broke the ice.

"Thoyrn this is Master Fong Li, your new firebending teacher he's having dinner with us tonight and tomorrow he's taking you and your friends on a field trip."

Thoyrn's master came up to bow to Thoyrn and said.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Avatar Thoyrn, I know I will do great thing with you as you master the art of fire."

Thoyrn bowed again in respect of the master and said.

"That's great to hear, I can't wait to get started. I know I'm going to learn so much from you."

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