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Energybending Moves Part 1
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September 20, 2012

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The Dawn of Energybending

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Energybending Moves Part 2


Word Count: 251

Energybending Moves Part 1 is the second chapter in Bending Explained by TechFilmer.

Chapter 2 - Energybending Moves Part 1

Random Campsite - Day 2 - Morning

"Good morning kids," said Aang. "Ready to see some energybending moves?"

"Yes," said Gumeg.

"Okay, the first move is called The Bending Loser. First you place your hand on the forehead of your victim, then you place your other hand on their solar plexus. All benders have a 6th lobe in their brain rather than the normal 5 lobes. The solar plexus is where all the chi, or energy, is stored. By placing my hand on their forehead when I energybend them, they lose their 6th lobe. Then my other hand gets rid of all the stored chi."

"Sweet move," said Yue.

"Yeah, I'm sure it's really cool. But I am happy with my five lobes, your Avatarness," said Sokka while rolling his eyes.

"Okay, Sokka..." continued Aang. "This next move is called The Gift of Bending. Basically, I can use it to make Sokka a firebender, earthbender, waterbender, or airbender. Now for a demonstration."

Aang then placed his hands on Sokka's forehead and solar plexus, and then his eyes and tattoos glowed. Then Sokka opened his hand and in his hand was a flame.

"Whoa Sokka," said Suki, "I never knew that you were a firebender!"

"I wasn't," replied Sokka. "But now I am."

"Kids, you shall now see what The Bending Loser looks like," said Aang.

Aang then took away Sokka's newfound firebending and made Sokka very happy.

"Lunch time," called Katara.

"Kids, time to go eat. After lunch I can show you the Shuten Shoagi," said Aang.


  • Shuten Shogai is a tribute to Energy Saga which inspired me to write this Fan Fiction
  • This will be the shortest chapter in Book 1

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