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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 24, 2013

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Chapter 19 - Moving

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Now that everyone has moved in, Katara decides to make a huge meal for the whole family, and some old memories come up

It's sunrise. Katara wakes up to the most beautiful view of the sunrise she's ever seen in her life. She continues to smile as she looks at Aang who is still sleeping. She gets out of bed goes downstairs to the kitchen trying not to wake anyone up. She starts to get out kitchen items to prepare a meal, but not just any meal. A meal that everyone will love. Aang starts walking down the stairs and enters the kitchen. He sees Katara.

Aang: I thought I heard noises down here. 

Katara: Aang, normally I like having you in the kitchen with me, but I'm making a surprise meal for everyone.

Aang: Oh I get it, I'll just leave then.

Katara: Thank you sweetie. 

Katara continues to get out cooking supplies and starts getting boxes and bags of food. As an hour and a half goes by, Katara paces from table to stove to oven until she finally finishes with all the food waiting on the dining table. Sokka walks into the dining room impatiently.

Sokka: I can't take it anymore! I'm starv--

Sokka notices all the food on the table. He looks at the food in awe and a huge smile is on his face.

Sokka: D-did you make all that food?

Katara: Yup. Lets just call it a celebration breakfast meal for you along with Toph and her daughter moving into this new home. 

Sokka: You made meat?

Katara: Just for you.

Sokka, with tears of joy in his eyes, wraps his arms around Katara and hugs her tightly

Sokka: I love you so much.

Aang, Toph and the kids walk into the dining room. Aang looks at the table in shock

Aang: You made fruit pies? Katara, you shou--

Katara: I wanted to. Plus it's a nice addition to have airbending food in an airbending home.

Toph: It smells like dumplings in here. 

Katara: You guessed correct. There's also some rice, I know the Earth Kingdom favors rice.

Sokka: No way, you made sea prunes? And squid soup? Where did you buy all of this stuff?

Katara: I don't remember the name, but I bought the stuff when Aang was doing some measurements. I had a feeling that all the food would come in handy to have around for an event.

Kya: Thank you mom! *gasp* Is this ginseng tea?

Katara: Yes.

Kya: My favorite!

Katara: *sigh* You're just like Iroh.

Kya: Who?

Katara: You were too young to remember Iroh. He was Firelord Zuko's uncle and like a real father to him. He died when you were very young Kya, and Zuko took his death very hard. 

Aang: I remember Iroh's funeral. Zuko couldn't even finish his speech without crying. It was the first time I've ever seen him cry about something that wasn't frustrating. 

Katara: Yeah, but when his daughter was born, it gave him hope again. Even though the death of Iroh changed Zuko, he got past his death better than I expected, I just hope I can get past your death better than what I'm expecting.

Aang: You will. The new Avatar will give you hope. I promise.

Aang smiles at Katara. A few hours go by and it's evening. Everyone is sitting in the the dining room stuffed from the meal. Katara is washing the dishes and walks into the dining room.

Katara: Is anyone hungry for--

Everyone (except Katara) : NO!

Sokka: Katara, it's not that we don't like your cooking, we've just had too much of it today.  

Katara: Well I guess they'll be leftovers for tomorrow then.

Aang: Yeah, but on an honest note, we really appreciated the work you put into the meal. Those fruit pies, plus the last fruit pie you made were the best fruit pies I've had since Gyatso made some for us. It was the last time I had a good time with him. Then the other monks told Gyatso we had to be separated, and well, you know the rest. 

Aang's smile turns into a frown and looks down at the ground sadly. Tenzin notices his father's change in mood and walks up to Aang.

Tenzin: Daddy, who was this Gyatso guy?

Aang looks at Tenzin, with a faint smile on his face and lightens up

Aang: Only the greatest airbender, mentor, monk, and man that ever lived. He taught me everything I know. One day, you'll know everything Gyatso taught me because I'll pass everything on to you through airbending and spirituality. I believe that no one will ever be as great as he once was. 

Tenzin: I believe you're better than him.

Aang: That's really sweet of you, but you don't know Gyatso. If you did, you'd learn lots from him. I wouldn't even blame you if you liked him more than me, he was that great a man.

Tenzin: You must miss him a lot.

Aang: He didn't deserve the way he died. Not too long after your mother and uncle freed me from the iceberg, we visited the Southern Air Temple. There I discovered that Gyatso along with all the other airbenders were killed by firebenders. I was feeling so much rage and pain it triggered my Avatar State. 

Katara: I still remember everything about that trip. We found the statues of you're past lives, we found Momo, and we we had a little fun with the games.

Sokka: I didn't have fun. I was starving the whole time and Aang beat my seven times at Air Ball.

Aang gives a smug smile to Sokka

Aang: *slight arrogance in his tone* Yeah, and how many times did you beat me?

Sokka: I don't want to talk about it! You have an advantage! I can't airbend or bend anything at all. Besides I only played to make you feel better after seeing how much the temple had changed.

Aang: I appreciate that.

Aang smiles at Sokka

Sokka: Anything for a friend.

Sokka smiles back at Aang

Aang: Well since its been a long day, I guess its best to go to bed early as part of the celebration. What do you thi--

Before Aang finishes his sentence, Sokka is already asleep on the ground snoring.

Aang: Well that answers my question.

Toph: Come on Lin, lets go the bed.


Toph: Lets go Lin.

Toph starts walking out of the dining room with Lin following behind her. Kya stands up and starts walking out too

Kya: Good night mom. Good night dad.

Bumi is laying down next to Sokka and is snoring too. Aang and Katara exchange looks

Aang & Katara: He's just like his Uncle Sokka.

Aang and Katara smile at each other. They walk upstairs to their bedroom and start getting ready for bed. They get in bed and starts talking

Aang: It's been so crazy. I know its been a few weeks since Yakone's trial, but it feels like it was just yesterday when it happened. 

Katara: The only good thing about his trial is that he's in a prison now and is powerless.

Aang: Who knows what our next journey is going to be.

Katara: I think the world will be in an almost perfect balance until your death.

Aang: What are you talking about? 

Katara: Well you're a great leader. Without you, the world may fall out of balance. Not completely, but it will.

Aang: The new Avatar will find a way to bring the world back to peace. She'll have too.

Katara leans in and gives Aang a quick kiss on the lips. She looks at Aang and smiles

Katara: Good night Aang.

Aang: Good night.

It's the middle of the night and everyone is sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, Aang wakes up. He sits up for a second to look around. He lays back down, but can't fall back asleep. Aang grabs a candle on his nightstand and lights it. He grabs a pencil and a piece of paper and starts to write. When the page is full of words on the side, he folds it in half and places it under his nightstand. He blows out the candle, lays back down, and falls asleep instantly.


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