Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
Invasion at the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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December 14th, 2012

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Chapter 19: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier

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Chapter 1: Royal Allies


Rong Yan along with the Air Nomads defend the Southern Air Temple.

Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 2: The Invasion

Book 1: Air

Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 2: The Invasion

Rong Yan, is sitting in the Council of Elders meeting room, as they're speaking to him. An Air Nomad walks into the room and says, "High Monk Geetsan, someone is here."

"Is it the resistance?" Geetsan asked.

"No, its a Fire Nation man. He came riding on a red dragon." the nomad replied.

"Bring him in." Geetsan ordered.

Rong Yan had turned around to look towards the curtains as the nomad had announced that someone from the Fire Nation had arrived. Opening the curtains walked in a tall Fire Nation man, in a dark red vest, with a large built, he was tan skinned, he wore black trousers, and black boots with a yellow exterior. He looked older as well but still in his middle ages. The man that had walked into the room was no other than Takumi himself.

"Sifu Takumi!" Rong Yan shouted, as he sprang up from where he was sitting and hugged his firebending teacher.

"Rong Yan, look at you. You've grown into a great young man." Takumi replied, hugging Rong Yan back.

"What brings you to the Southern Air Temple?" Rong Yan asked.

"I came to bring you your dragon. You do not own a sky bison, so the dragon will be your new companion, you will ride on its back to wherever you need to go. I also came because Fire Lord Yeh Lu, wanted to know how you were progressing." Takumi replied.

"A dragon? Great! You know I was just thinking about how we would travel around. But how will you get back?" Rong Yan asked.

"This young man will take me back to the Fire Nation." Takumi said, pointing at the Air Nomad.

"What should we do now?" Rong Yan asked.

"We should train!" Aloi suggested.

"We should but we do not want injure ourselves or even tire ourselves, that will render us in the fight." Takumi replied.

"Why don't we plan something out?" Takumi added.

"Like?" Rong Yan asked.

"Like a plan, for when the general and his forces arrive." Takumi replied.

"I suppose that is fair." Rong Yan said.

Yong Ten pulls out a map of the Southern Air Temple, and its surroundings. Opening the scroll he places it on the floor for everyone to see.

"What's the plan?" Rong Yan asked.

"I suppose we should keep the children hidden. Who knows, what this general and his men can do to the children." Yong Ten said.

"The air temple sanctuary." Rong Yan said.

"No, only Avatars and the Council of Elders may enter the sanctuary." Ji retorted.

"I suggest we place the children all here in the meeting room. High Monk Li Shen shall keep the youngens safe." Geetsan said.

"Master Takumi, and Avatar Rong Yan shall defend the temple. We will try peaceful actions first to stop these men. If they refuse, we will have no other reason to defend our home." Geetsan added.

"High Monk Geetsan, I will join the fight with the Avatar and his firebending teacher." Aloi said.

"Very well then, Aloi." Geetsan replied.

"As well do I." Yong Ten said.

"Avatar Rong Yan, have you spoken to your past lives?" Shaohao asked.

"Yes, Avatar Ku Tei said that I should await to battle General Senlin. He is too powerful for me, that I should avoid him at all costs for now. But I will fight off the rebels." Rong Yan replied.

"Best not question your past life's wisdom. We will try our best to defend you, Avatar. If anything goes for the worse..take your female friend, and flee on the dragon." Shaohao said.

"No, I can't leave you all here. Like that. I want to ensure that all of you will be safe and that Senlin meets his end." Rong Yan argued.

"Please Avatar, just do as you're told." Shaohao said.

"...I also spoke to Kwan Chun" Rong Yan quietly said.

Shang Xi shocked asked, "You spoke to Avatar Kwan Chun?"

"Yes, he as well told me the same thing that Ku Tei had told me. He also told me, that he was always with me. I don't know what he meant by that though." Rong Yan replied.

"I have no clue, of what Kwan Chun had told you. But keep your mind open. The Sacrificial One, was one for surprises, young bender of four." Shang Xi said.

"Everything is settled then?" Takumi asked.

"Yes, let us ready ourselves for what is to come." Geetsan said.

Everyone ran in different directions. Rong Yan, and Takumi ran to the northern courtyard, it was facing towards where General Senlin will mostly arrived to. Li Shen, had knocked on all the doors of the children's dormitories, and had a line of children leading upwards towards the Council of Elders meeting room.

Aloi and Yong Ten began to gather all the monks, and place some as guards to the Council of Elders' meeting room. Most the monks including Chuandan, Jangju, Senge, and Jampo were all meeting at the courtyard. Geetsan, and the other three elders had gotten in the middle of the crowd and began to speak.

"There is no response from the Earth Kingdom troops led by Captain Wei. We will defend our home from the General and his forces. Until help arrives, if not then we will continue to fight until we defeat the invaders. The Avatar and his firebending master will defend the temple along with us. First we will use peaceful methods to try and end this feud. If they refuse we will have no other choice than to defend our home. Am I making myself clear?" Geetsan announced.

"Yes, High Monk Geetsan." All of them shouted.

Meanwhile, Senlin and his forces are riding on their mounts, towards the mountains, Admiral Palartok stops his ostrich horse and looks out in the distance. Pulling out the map, he has his finger on, on the map there is what looks to be a mountain pass.

"There it is, the Southern Air Temple, out in the distance." Palartok said.

"We're on the Patolla Mountain Range, right here where my finger is at is the Patolla Mountain Pass. If we --" Palartok paused. Moving his finger downwards from where the mountain pass is at, to the temple drawing on the parchment.

"--cross through this mountain pass, it'll take us directly to the bottom of the valley, we'll be underneath the Southern Air Temple." Palartok finished.

Senlin, grinned wickedly and then replied, "Perfect."

They continued to ride on their mounts towards the mountain pass. Two hours had passed as General Senlin, Admiral Palartok and the Water Tribe rebels had arrived at the valley right underneath of the air temple.

The archer who killed the courier, had gotten off his ostrich horse, then glanced over at Senlin and said, "General, there is no way up this mountaintop, without a flying bison."

"Don't worry yourself, soldier. You forgot that you have a master earthbender here.." General Senlin replied.

With that, all of the men had gotten off their mounts, and had gathered around Senlin, closing his eyes, he focused on his surroundings, taking a deep breath Senlin stomped on the ground with his left foot, and the earth cut around the men.

With the lift of his arms they levitated above the air just by five feet, turning around to face the mountain side Senlin, swung his arms backward and forward as if he was riding on an earth tremor. The large earth platform had slid up the mountain with everyone on it.

Rong Yan, Aloi, Takumi, Senge, Jampo, and Yong Ten had heard something, like a rockslide occurring, they had no idea what it was. The elders rose as they heard the rumbling noise as well.

Everyone, had readied their stances, that's when General Senlin, and his men had been launched into the air by General Senlin, landing safely on the courtyard, the stone ground of the courtyard had been cracked slightly. The Water Tribe rebels have gotten off the platforms and readied their weapons, and couple waterbenders had opened their waterskins.

General Senlin, and Admiral Palartok, had gotten off the platform, and began to look around. Everyone except Takumi was wearing Air Nomad attires. Palartok points and shouts, "There he is, there's the Avatar!"

"That is not him, Palartok. The Avatar is a young man. He's just a child." Senlin replied.

Senlin looked then eyed Rong Yan, and grinned. Geetsan and the elders had stepped in front of the General and the Admiral.

"Please we do not want any trouble, just leave us alone. We want nothing to do with you." Geetsan said.

"Leave? I'll leave once the Avatar is dead. Then I'll leave. There he is." Senlin replied.

"I'm sorry, I cannot let you harm the Avatar. He is under our defense." Geetsan said.

"Haha, you think I find you a threat old man?! You're feeble and ancient, now step aside before you get yourself hurt." Senlin laughed, and threatened Geetsan.

"I am sorry, General. Then we have no choice." Geetsan replied. All the elders had taken stances, and as well as everyone.

"As you wish, old man." General Senlin said.

With that he punched the ground sending an earth tremor in Rong Yan's direction. Everyone commenced fighting, Rong Yan had placed his palms downwards and shot air out his palms to lift him into the air.

"You little piece of trash, you mastered airbending didn't you?" Senlin shouted.

"Yeah, and you're going down, general." Rong Yan shouting back.

Waterbenders had bended the water out of their sacks and began to water whip the monks, monks began to retaliate by blasting air out of their palms at the rebels. Yong Ten facing two men with large machetes, began to parry the men's attacks with his staff. Jampo had created an air funnel, and Senge dropped rocks into the funnel.

The rocks had shot at high speeds, and they pierced through a few rebels like bullets, the men had fallen to their knees covering their wounds with their hands, as blood poured out of their newly made wounds, they each fall dead.

An Air Nomad, was striking air at a rebel, the rebel dodges the air blasts, and lunges at the Air Nomad, stabbing him in the stomach and then shaking the dead monk off his blade. Senlin stomps on the ground sending boulders at Rong Yan, who with the use of evasive maneuvers dodges the boulders with ease.

Rong Yan, spins around and throws out an air slice at Senlin, who dodges it just in time, though the slice cuts a tiny piece of his beard. Rong Yan, had continued to throw air slices as Senlin. Senlin rose an earth wall in defense, the air slice cut through the top of the wall, Senlin grins at Rong Yan, and kicks the wall of earth at Rong Yan.

Aloi, begins to spin her arms around and form an air dome, while two waterbenders shot ice shards at her. The shards were deflected off the dome, and shatter like glass, she uses the same dome to make an air current to carry the shards of ice, and she shoots it at one of the waterbenders, who dissolves the ice, but still gets hit by the strong current, the man flies off the edge of the courtyard, as his screams are heard as he falls to his death.

Rong Yan, jump kicks into the air blasting air out of his feet towards Senlin, who raises an earth wall to block the air current. Senlin cracks the wall but makes sure that it is still intact with itself. Punching the cracked wall objects one by one at Rong Yan.

Another Air Nomad comes to Rong Yan's rescue as one of the wall pieces hits Rong Yan in his torso knocking him down. The Air Nomad blasts air at Senlin, Senlin gets hit by the blast of air, then he stomps and slides his foot on the ground, making the ground like sand, trapping the Air Nomad.

Then turning it into hard rock, Rong Yan, gets back up, as the Air Nomad struggles for his life, Senlin lifts a large boulder above the trapped Air Nomad. Rong Yan, then dodges a flying spear, and kicks fire at a Water Tribe rebel.

Looking back over to the Air Nomad, Senlin drops the boulder, as Yong Ten blasts it with air, with the use of his staff, fighting melee against Senlin. Yong Ten hits Senlin in the shoulder with his staff, and spins his hands close to him and creates a small air vortex, and shoots it at Senlin. The vortex captures Senlin, and spins him around and spits him out before it disappears. Senlin falls on his back, with an injured left shoulder.

"Ack!" Senlin cries out.

Yong Ten, trips two rebels with his staff, and spins around to dodge a machete. An Air Nomad is circled by four rebels, one of the rebels was wielding two swords, and slices the nomad in half.

Takumi jumps in the circle where the dead newly dead monk is in, and spits fire out of his mouth spinning around in a circle once. The men drop their weapons only to cover their face from the flames.

Takumi, shoots fire at all of the rebels who had killed the monk. One of the rebels fights with Takumi, hitting Takumi in the chest, Takumi looks at the man, giving off the body language "you wish you hadn't just done that." Takumi, punches the man in the diaphragm and then the throat.

Opening his palm he produces a sparking small flame, then directs it for the rebel's head. Throwing it at the rebel, the maneuver was fatal, and burned the man's head with a fatal degree, burning past his skin, and revealing his skull.

Fire bomb

The sparking fire, that Takumi used to kill a rebel.

Senlin again brings the boulder over the Air Nomad, with his good arm and smashes the victim. Aloi, angered at what Senlin has done begins to run in a circle, faster and faster as she continues on for the next ten seconds.

With the swipe of her staff she sends off a large tornado at Senlin. Who still holding his injured left shoulder, looking up at the tornado coming towards him picking up several rebels. He looks at it frightened and sinks into the earth.

Several rebels were carried off the temple ground and had fallen to their deaths. Palartok, using his waterbending, he freezes two airbenders, freezing icicles he throws the icicles through the airbenders, and kills both of them.

Another Air Nomad jumps surprisingly at Palartok, who pulls out his out his club, and blocks the Air Nomad's attack. Hitting the Air Nomad in the ribs, the monk drops his staff and places his hand his ribs. Palartok swings his club at the monk's head, the monk dodges it and blows air out of his mouth. Sending Palartok into a tree. Senge creates another air funnel, and Jampo throws large rocks into it.

A rebel comes at Senge with his machete, but gets hit by one of the large rocks that Jampo throws into the air funnel. Jampo is then throwing air slices at the rebels, and feels a sharp pain within his chest. Stumbling to the ground, everything begins to blur away for Jampo. Senge runs over to Jampo, and tries to keep him awake.

"JAMPO!" Senge cries out. Aloi, hears Senge's cry for Jampo's name, and sees Jampo on the ground. Palartok wakes up, and begins to use the waterbending in his waterskin, and kills another Air Nomad with a water slice. Senlin emerges from the earth, only to find Palartok next to him rubbing his head.

Aloi begins to cry, and Rong Yan looks over to see Yong Ten running over to Jampo. Blasting fire and killing another rebel, Rong Yan sprints over to Jampo who's laying on the floor.

"Don't worry guys,...I'll...b-be..fine.." Jampo let out.

"No, don't leave us, buddy." Senge cried out.

Everyone began to cry as Rong Yan had went over to Jampo, then Jampo says, "R-rong Y-yan, I-i want-t get General Senlin..for..m-me.."

Jampo releases his last breath, and dies. Yong Ten closes Jampo's eyes. Rong Yan, closes his eyes and lets out a small tear. Then his face shows an expression of anger and sorrow at the same time, as he reopens his eyes. Only for everyone to see that the Avatar State had been activated.

Floating in air sphere

Rong Yan in the air sphere, while in the Avatar State.

Rong Yan, jumps into the air creating an air spout, as sphere of dusty air circles around him. The winds from the air spout begin to impact with everyone, as they block their eyes from any dirt.

"Jampo's death triggered the Avatar State..we should leave before he blows off the mountain!" Yong Ten shouted.

As the sphere disperses, instead of seeing Rong Yan, everyone saw what looked like Avatar Kwan Chun, the Air Avatar before him. Kwan Chun had possessed Rong Yan's body. The air spout got smaller, to a certain length. Then he looks over at Admiral Palartok and General Senlin, who look up in fright and shock.

Adult Aang in the Avatar State

Avatar Kwan Chun, as he appears in from the air sphere.

"Gah! Its Avatar Kwan Chun!" Geetsan shouted, doing so he and the elders bowed to the Air Avatar. Palartok and Senlin looked around to see their men who stopped fighting, and the Air Nomads going onto their knees and bowing down.

In hundreds of voices, Avatar Kwan Chun spoke to Senlin and Palartok, "You, like many others during my time have defiled my home. You, have killed off my people who have done NOTHING to you! How dare YOU! Now you MUST pay the PRICE!!"

Kwan Chun shows an expression of anger on his face, before dropping from the air spout making an air bomb, the strong currents of air surpass the Air Nomads, and Takumi. Knocking all of the rebels, including General Senlin and Admiral Palartok off the mountain.

Kwan Chun stood there standing, he then places his hands down in front of him folded and exhales, he closes his eyes as the wind currents circle around him, when they disperse, Rong Yan is standing there in the Avatar State. The Avatar State deactivates, and Rong Yan faints.

General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, are unconscious, when suddenly Senlin awakens, and quickly encases himself and Palartok into an earth tomb to protect themselves from the fall. All the other remaining rebels fall to their deaths. With no survivors.

The Air Nomads then cheer on Rong Yan and clap and group hug each other. "Thank you, Avatar Rong Yan. You have saved the Southern Air Temple." Geetsan thanked him.

"I understand now, what my past life Avatar Kwan Chun meant when he said he was always with me." Rong Yan said.

"He saw what the general and the rebels have done to his home, so he defended his home through me." Rong Yan added.

Geetsan looks up into the sky and then whispers to himself, "Thank you, Avatar Kwan Chun."

Two days later

Rong Yan, Senge, Aloi, and Yong Ten are mourning the loss over their beloved friend Jampo. He was set onto a table, there Geetsan and the elders stood, and Li Shen spoke, "Monks of all ages, we come here today to celebrate the loss of not only members of the Southern Air Temple, but brothers of us all. They will be deeply and greatly missed. Let the spirits guide these brave nomads into the Spirit World where they can live in peace and for eternity."

With that two Air Nomads, placed each body onto cots, and lowering them into holes. They began to use digging tools to bury the bodies of their fallen. Aloi, holds onto Rong Yan tight and begins to cry.

Later during the day, Takumi is seen packing and placing his things within an Air Nomad's sky bison. Rong Yan approaches him, and lends out his hand to Takumi. Takumi shakes his hand then says, "Well its time for me to go, Rong Yan. It was nice seeing you again."

"You too, Sifu Takumi." Rong Yan replied, bowing to his firebending master.

"You should walk to the bison dens, in one of the dens is your dragon. I'm sure he will be happy to meet his new companion." Takumi said.

Rong Yan, walks to Senge, "Are you sure you'll do fine?"

"Yeah, I'm going to stay here and train hard for both Jampo and I. Do you think we'll see each other soon?" Senge asked.

"General Senlin is dead. That's a relief at least, I can deal with my training in peace. Anything is possible hopefully we do cross paths again." Rong Yan replied.

"I would like that. Jampo, would've wanted you to become a great Avatar, and so do I. Thank you for being my friend, Avatar Rong Yan." Senge said, hugging Rong Yan with a goodbye hug.

Geetsan and the elders approached Rong Yan, "We are expecting great things from you, bender of four." Shang Xi said.

"Thanks, High Monk Shang Xi." Rong Yan replied, bowing to the Council of Elders.

"You're going to train waterbending next, where do you wish to go Avatar?" Ji asked.

"The Southern Water Tribe is close by. I think I'll go there." Rong Yan replied.

"Very well then, I will have a scribe write a scroll and have it sent to Chief Unirak, so that he is notified of your arrival." Ji replied.

"So how does it feel to wear your Fire Nation clothing, and hat again?" Yong Ten asked.

"I missed my hat. It feels great, but I enjoyed wearing the Air Nomad clothing." Rong Yan replied.

"I just wanted to let you know, since Aloi is traveling with you, I must stay and continue my duties here as a guardian monk." Yong Ten said.

Yong Ten opens his arms, and Rong Yan hugs him. Rong Yan and Aloi began to walk down the slope towards the bison pens. Walking down to it, he sees a large and long red dragon in one of the dens. Rong Yan smiles, as the dragon approaches him, and Rong Yan pets the red dragon.


Rong Yan's new dragon. AKA his riding companion. Like Appa is to Aang.

The dragon lays flat, as Rong Yan and Aloi climb onto the red dragon, Rong Yan snaps the reins on the dragon, and the dragon flies off further south towards the Southern Water Tribe. The Air Nomads are left behind waving goodbye.

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