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The Life of an Orphan
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Child of the War



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December 11, 2011

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"The Life of an Orphan" is the 2nd chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


It took Jenju a full ten minutes to comprehend his situation. He had cried minimally, knowing that he had to do something other than grieve. He walked to the site of what used to be his home. In his mind he remembered the days his family had built the home; but that seemed like an eternity ago, even a few mere hours seemed like an eternity to Jenju. He sifted through the ash and rubble of his home. In the entire settlement Jenju found only two hard to recognize corpses. He finally decided that one of them was his father's old friend, Ying. The other body was unrecognizable to him, as it was essentially the burnt remains of a brave soul who tried to defend the peaceful clearing.

The next thing Jenju did was carefully examine the plot where his house had been. He looked everywhere for what could be the remains of his parents. He had searched for a good hour, and the sun began to fall into a stage of late afternoon. He stood up and had another look around. After he had thought to have finished his survey, he saw something. It was about twenty feet from his family's house. He walked over slowly to determine what it was.

He looked down, and saw his mother, lying on the ground as if she was asleep. He looked down, and saw that her feet were burned horribly. He saw blood smeared on her side, and Jenju turned her over, and saw an enormous gash on her upper back. He ran away from the awful reality, unwilling to accept. "She's not dead. This attack didn't happen." He repeated to himself quietly.

He tried to snap out of it, and he offered a proper burial for the three bodies he had found. He buried each of them deep into the ground where Armadillo wolves and other predators could not get to them. He sat down in the spot he once called home. He gathered a few logs from what was left of his father's log pile. A thought passed through his mind.

He shouted aloud, "My father!" He received a howl in return. He conspired in his head, "Maybe my father is still alive! Could he have escaped, or was he taken prisoner?" Jenju thought of these possibilities as he walked over to the Turkey Duck that he dropped when he fell awestruck on account of the even that changed his life. He wondered how he could make a fire, and he had no means to do so. He searched the rubble of the homes for a single ember, and he found one in the far end of the settlement. He grabbed some kindling and got a larger fire going.

He cooked his meal quickly. As he ate, he knew he had to go collect some intelligence, and find out who it was that waged the attack. He went for the flag and examined it. It certainly was unique, so he expected it belonged to a specific warrior group. He planned out a scheme to follow that group and find his father. Jenju didn't allow himself to think of the possibility that his father didn't survive.

He found an area guarded by a bush that would serve as a windbreaker for the night. As he began to sleep, he thought, "I sure wish I would have been kinder to my father earlier..."

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