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The Rise Of Haman


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Chapter 2 Recruits


7 decades ago Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and brought peace to the four nations. He lived a good and long life protecting that fragile peace. Six or seven decades after the Hundred Year War ended, he died and a new Avatar was born.

At 16 years of age Avatar Korra had to prevent that peace from shattering at the hands of the Anti-Benders, a group of activists that hated all benders, blaming them for the century of war that the world had just come out of.

Aang and Katara's son, Tenzin, trained Korra of the Water Tribe in the art of Airbending and she was able to master all four elements and defeat the Anti-benders. After she defeated them, they disappeared going underground. Now a new leader took over. His name was Haman. This is his rise.

= Chapter 1 Energy

Avatar Korra had dealt with Anti-Benders before but this was new. She was tracking Haman the head of a renegade Anti-bender group. It had been five years since she had taken down the original Anti-Benders. But small splinter groups still caused trouble sometimes. She suspected that these were going to attack the Earth Kingdom town nearby. She'd tracked him all day through the forest to the secret cave at the foot of a volcano, and now the sun was setting, casting long shadows on forest. Then Haman turned and attacked her. Either he just realized that she was following him, or this was a trap.

Korra ducked behind a boulder as a fireball flew over her head. 'I thought he was an Anti-Bender. Emphasis on ANTI, what's he doing Firebending!' She thought in surprise.

"Some Avatar you are," Haman taunted, "you go and hide after the first fire ball!"

'Is he calling me a coward?' Korra stood up facing off with Haman. "I wasn't hiding," she said as she stood up. She Earthbended and six boulders floated up in a ring around her. Three kicks sent three of them flying at Haman. He blocked them with fireballs and sent a jet of fire from his closed fist. Korra flipped over it and when she landed she sent a wave of rock at Haman. He leaped over it and struck at her with a firewhip. But she blocked it with a waterwhip drawing the water from the air.

'He's no Anti-Bender that's for sure. So what's he planning to accomplish by picking a fight with me?' Korra wondered. She smiled remembering the number of fights she'd had a hand in starting. Her friends said she was a bit head strong and combative. She brushed her thoughts away and focused on the fight.

Haman held a small intensely bright fireball in one hand and ran at her, but she raised a wall of rock in front of herself. And he just blasted through it sending shrapnel flying cutting Korra's face and arms.

"It's time to end this," she said getting said getting a bit annoyed with Haman.

"But were just getting started!" He said and sent a blast of fire from his foot with a kick. She blocked it with a wave of her hand, as if swatting away an insect, and a gust of wind sent the fire into the ceiling. Then she made a fist and a giant rock fist rose from the ground, and she sent it flying into Haman. She did this so fast he didn't have time to react, and went flying into the wall. She walked up to him and grabbed him by the throat, and slammed his head against the wall. He winced in pain.

"What's your problem?" she said her face inches away from his.

Haman had a dark complexion and a scar that wound up his right arm. Like as if he had wrapped a hot chain on it. He glared at Korra with dark confident eyes. He had the look of a man who was used to getting his way.

"You underestimate me, Avatar," he said the last word dripping with sarcasm. He opened his mouth and let out a blast of fire that Korra barely managed to duck away from. She rolled back and sprang to her feet .

"I've been training for years just to fight you, little girl," he said and sent a bolt of lightning right at her. She redirected it, letting the lightning course through her body. She closed her right hand except her index and middle finger sending the lightning right back at him. In response he simply raised his hand, palm out and it bounced off his hand and into the ceiling. With a yell he shot a stream of fire that was laced with lightning at her, and she blocked it with a wall of ice. It shattered from the lightning.

The Firebender made a ball of lightning and shot it at her. She ducked and it whizzed over her head, exploding on the cave wall behind her. She went flying forward from the force of the explosion. Haman blasted her back with a jet of fire and she flew out of the cave, landing on the forest floor with a thud.'Owch,'she thought, 'maybe I should have told the guys to come along.'

She looked up at the sky and saw the sun setting behind the volcano, sending an orange and red glow into the sky. Like as if the volcano was on fire.

She got to her feet and Earthbended two pillars of rock up out of the ground. One on each side of Haman. She smashed them together but he rolled forward just in time.

' Man this guy's good' Korra thought and then made a pillar of rock shoot up right under him sending him flying into the air. He shot flames down on Korra while he was in the air and landed with a roll. When he came out of the roll Korra was right in front of him, 'but not that good.' And she simply kicked him, her foot connected with his jaw and he fell back down. He tried to trip her but she jumped up and grabbed a low branch above her, swinging like a gymnast she flipped into the air and sent an air-wake down at Haman. But a wall of earth shot up blocking it. Haman rose up on a pillar of rock as she stared.

'Only I can bend more than one element. How did he Earthbend?' she thought completely confused now.

"Surprised?" Haman asked," don't be. Even with all my training I know that I can't beat you. Not without help!" He jumped up and a boulder flew right under him and smashed into Korra and she flew back landing flat on her back. She got up and saw an Earthbending girl standing a good distance away, ready for anything she threw at her.

Korra sent a wave of rock at her and then kicked a boulder straight to her. She leaped over the wave and landed on top of the boulder just long enough to launch herself at Korra.

Korra shot water tentacles at her, but she blocked them with rocks, and landed in front of her. Then Korra sent a hail of rocks down on her driving her back and she blocked them with a wall of rock that bent over her to protect her. But the Avatar blasted the wall down with a jet of intense fire and the girl turned and ran to the volcano. She made a pillar of rock shoot her high into the air, and then another shot up, and he landed on that one. Each one was taller than the last, she ran up the pillars like as if they were stairs, right up to the volcano rim.

Korra flew after her, fire shooting from her closed fists. 'I've had enough of this game,' she thought. And she landed right behind the Earthbender, on the rim of the volcano. The Earthbender turned and Korra saw that she was girl about her age.

"Aimi," Haman said to the girl,"leave her we have work to do."

Lava bubbled in the volcano, and cast an eerie shadow on Haman's face. In the fading light he looked like a madman.

'What's he planning?,' Korra wondered.

With a yell he Firebended and balls of fire shot at Korra. She blocked them with a wall of earth. Then a third bender walked up to the rim and the three of them worked together. Moving in unison, in a skillful practiced dance. They made the volcano erupt.

Lava blasted at Korra, and she quickly covered herself in a ball of ice. The force of the blast sent her flying down to the town below. The ball shattered on impact with the ground. Korra lied there for a second dazed. Then she realized that people were running all around her in a panic. And she saw the lava headed to the town.

The forest between the town and the volcano turned into a blazing inferno. People streamed to the docs, in hopes of getting out to sea and escaping on their boats. Korra raced to the docs with them to make sure everyone got out safely. But there was no sea. The boats were all beached on what was once a seabed. 'I've got to stop that volcano. NOW,' she thought and Airbended to the towns gates. The forest in front of her was blazing and lava seeped through the trees towards the town.

Korra Earthbended a wall of rock that rose taller than the towns gate, and was 8 feet thick. It protected the whole side of the town that was facing the volcano, and guided the lava away towards the now dry seabed.

"Good for-" she was cut off by a distant rumble. "Not another eruption," she groaned. Then she turned around and saw a massive tidal wave headed towards the town.

On top of a nearby cliff, a group of Waterbenders worked together under a rising full moon. Calling the sea back to its place.

"Well at least the sea's returning," she said and shot to the seashore. People ran back into the town away from the tidal wave. And Korra simply made another wall of earth, but this time it was huge. So much so that it was practically a small mountain.

Up on the volcano Haman was surprised. "A volcano and a tidal wave, and she still isn't in the Avatar State?" he said.

"Well to activate it she must be under great stress, maybe we should simply toss the man down there," the water bender suggested.

"Yes perfect" Haman said," let's let Korra try to save him."

Down in the town a girl had climbed up on top of a roof to try to get a better view of everything, especially since there was nowhere to run. To her surprise she saw an airship coming towards the town. It stopped a good distance away and landed on the seabed. Someone was pushed off of it and the airship took off, leaving the person right in the path of both the lava and the tidal wave.

"Someone's out there!" the girl shouted. Korra looked out to the sea and saw the person running, but then he fell and didn't get back up. Korra jetted to the person fie shooting from her feet and hands. But the lava and the wave seemed just as eager as her to get to the person first as they raced forward. She poured on more speed. She knew now that this was all an elaborate plan. This Haman guy was trying to get rid of her, 'well it'll take more than this to get rid of me' she thought. Then she got close enough to recognize the person, it was her old airbending teacher, Tenzin.

"No!" she cried out, as she shot down the middle of the two closing waves. They rose on each side of her like walls towering over her. She snatched Tenzin up and saw that he was unconscious . She was about to shoot up and escape the colliding waves, when she realized that she wouldn't make it. The walls were closing too fast. So she put the man down and bent the water and the lava into a funnel around them. Steam rose into the air with an ear splitting hiss. And Korra and Tenzin were safe in the eye of a water/lava vortex.

Then Tenzin vanished. In his place was Aimi the Earthbending girl. She quickly got up and bent the earth beneath them into a column of rock, that stood twenty feet above the raging sea. Haman flew down and landed next to them. Korra let the vortex disappear and exclaimed " what the heck is going on here!"

"Simple. I made a volcano erupt. And these," he pointed to the group of Waterbenders on the cliff, "created the tidal wave."

"Oh it's ALL clear now," Korra said sarcastically. " Why. Are. You. Doing. This?" she repeated.

"To end all Avatars, to break the cycle and bring peace finally, and permanently to this world," Haman said.

"You're crazy," she replied, "keeping the peace is my JOB. Ending the cycle of Avatars will only -" she was cut off when Haman sent a jet of fire at her. She shot a blast if wind at it and it dissipated. 'It was a boring conversation anyway' she thought and sent a stream of lava at Haman. Steam billowed up around them as Haman leaped over the lava and shot a fireball from his fist. She easily sidestepped it and sent a dozen ice spikes at him. He blocked it with a wall of fire. But Korra leaped through it, without getting so much as a hair burnt. She had a whip of water in one hand, and one of fire in the other. She struck the whips at Haman but he leaped over them, and she turned to face him, stepping close to the edge of the pillar.

Aimi, seeing her chance, made the earth beneath Korra fall away taking Korra with it. They looked over the edge and didn't see Korra anywhere.

"You fool!" Haman shouted turning to face Aimi, "you weren't supposed to kill her!"

"I thought- I mean she's the Avatar. I didn't think something like that would-" she stopped talking and looked over Haman's shoulder.

"What?" he asked and turned around. Korra was floating behind him, her eyes glowing white. She raised her hand and pointed all five of her fingers at Haman.

"You are trying to upset the balance of things," she said her voice sounded like five of her were talking at once. All saying the same thing, "I cannot allow this to continue." She shot five bolts of lightning at them. Barely missing them as they dove to each side.

"Finally!" Haman said, "I was beginning to think you didn't have an Avatar State."

He ran at Korra and she flew to meet him. At the last second he dropped to his knees, sliding under her and grabbed her ankle, pulling her to the ground. She got up and he grabbed her head from behind. Just as she was about to send him flying with a gust of wind he bent her energy. He grabbed her right hand and light poured from their eyes and mouths. Haman's body turned as black as ink and Korra glowed blue.

The night sky was lit up as they battled for supremacy, and Korra was winning, Haman's body was turning blue.

' Haman's losing' Aimi realised as she saw what was happening. So she closed her fist except for her index and middle finger and struck Korra on her shoulder. Her fingers hit a nerve and blocked Korra's chi. The energy that they use to bend the elements. The power that was coursing through Korra sent Aimi flying back, and her body flashed white. She got up slowly her head aching, as Haman's body drove the blue out, and seeped into Korra turning her black as ink. Until only one eye glowed white. And finally that was extinguished.

Haman had bent Korra's energy.

The Rise Of Haman
Book 1: Light
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