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Thick, black smoke was rising along the walls of the city, the smell of rotten flesh spread around the field covered in blood. Bodies were burning, unsung heroes turnd to ash and forgotten. Their screams where silenced by the sound of fire and only silence remained. None had survived the horrible slaughter that took place in the shadow of a giant city. One body was separated from the fiery pile.

The person was still alive but burning. "HAKIROOOOO"!!! The person screamed in pain. The pain must have been horrible. Tears ran down the person's burnt cheeks only to be vaporized by the heat of the fire."HAKIROOOOO !!!" The person screamed again, this time standing up and screaming in pain. The person fell down on the dusty ground yelling "KILLLLLL MEEEE !!!" and screamed but this time in the sound of true agony.

On the top of the wall the archer was ready to rid this person off pain. He aimed the head but before he shot his arrow a voice stopped him. "Wait soldier!" The gentle voice yelled, "do you really want me to tell the king how you ended the Avatar's suffering" she came closer to him this time.

"No my lady" the soldier replied to the woman who was wrapping her hands over his chest.

" When she goes quiet, shoot the arrow through her firey heart and bring it to me, is that clear?" She asks in voice of coldblood

"It will be done" the soldier replies.

The person burning has gotten quiet and the fire has grown stronger setting the body to ablaze in fireballs. An arrow flies towards the person hitting the heart and stopping it forever.

16 YEARS LATER Three teenagers were walking trought the town square. A blue haired boy with slightly darker skin, his brown haired friend in green clothes and one girl with red hair."So who do you think will win today's fight? The Rocky Inferno vs The Mountain, o yeahhhhh!!

The brown haired one asked his friends." I don't know Han, you know that fights are not my jam " the blue haired boy answeres. A very large building rose at the end of the street with the letters EDUCATING ESTABLISHMENT above the higest window's.

" Here we go school !!!! " the girl yelled happily seeing the wonderful sight of a school.

"Give us a break Mira, we all know that you have a big love for school but we don't so just chill " Han jokingly answeres to the girl. The doors of the school opened and the sight of total chaos was upon them. Dusty chairs,filthy classrooms,annoying classmates and the worst of all depressing teachers.

"Wish me luck, I got a History of Bending Logic test today. I am already grounded..." Han stated being interuppeted by his brow haired friend. "Grounded for numerous of other tests every month, well this time you are forbidden from going to the arena for eight months?" The brown haired boy asks.

"No Kano you got it all wrong, I was banned for the arena two months ago.Now I will be banned from going anywhere for I think ... mmmmmm... maybe five centuries" He jokes.

Suddenly the school bell rang across the school. The two friends looked at each other and ran towards their classrooms to get there before their teachers. Han entered the History of Bending Logic classroom with a face full of gear of being grounded.

The boy Kano ran towards the Spiritual studies classroom and slowly opened the door. What he saw was a sight that every student fears of.... getting in the classroom after the teacher.

"Explain yourself Kano,and explain to your classmates why will they have a test on Firelord Majaky's studies on the Spiritual world" the old teacher said and the whole classroom cryed in horror.

Standing up and walking towards Kano. She looked like a very ugly snake with hands and legs whose face has been eaten by an artic camel and spit out onto her head.

" You young man are going straight into the principle's office, and after you are finished I will try with all my power to expell you out of this school !!! " She screamed and slamed the doors shut into Kano's face.

It was done he was going to get grounded as soon as he gets home. He walked trought the empty hallway listening to a lesson in the neighbouring classroom. Probably Han's class, the Bending Logic teacher liked Kano it was the only lesson Kano enjoyed. But now after this day there probably won't be any lesson for him to attend.

He was closing in on the principle's office. He was almost there, the door knob was a little loose and the door where slowly falling apart. He knocked and the principle answered "Enter". He could feel the shame he brought on his family already. Being expelled out of school, that was the worst fear of every student ever.

His father was so proud of Kano fighting in the match tomorrow. He entered the room and the principle was inside by his huge mahagony desk. "Please sit." the principle stated in a calm voice. He won't be calm when he finds out what Kano did.

Kano felt every good thing he ever did falling apart around him.The sweat slowly drifted from his nervous face as the principle continued. "Now tell me why are you here Kano?"

Kano freezed in fear he know it the principle is going to expel him as soon as he finds out.He could already hear the laugh of Miss Jeng when he leaves the school.

"Well.......I was late for class and entered the classroom after Miss Jeng. So she threw me out of the classroom and sent me to you" Kano replied in fear as the prinicple listened to what he has to say.

To Kano's surprise the principle wasn't mad "Well that not a big deal, even I was late in class whan I was your age.But....." he replied to Kano slightly letting him let go of the fear of being expelled.But the uncertain ending of that sentence worried him.

The principle stood up and walked towards the old door while his green clothes shined under the rays of the sun. "But I have very big problems with Miss Jeng....if I don't punish you she will convince to the other teachers to disband me.So what do you think should a hour of detention do it?" He asked Kano who was relieved by the great news. Much to the principles surprise Kano screamed in happiness jumping from the chair up and down.

The principle opened the door and Kano left. ________________________________________________________________________________________

"AHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I can't believe this, Kano in detention!!!" Han laughted and laughed to Kano's misery. But he didn't know that Kano was actually happy with how this turned out. He could have been expelled but thanks to the principle he was saved.

"Well you are lucky because the match is beginning just after detention ends ahhahahah" Han laughed. Mira didn't say anything, she was looking in some point of the hallway thinking. He kept looking at her, looking and looking only now noticing how beautiful she was. He was hypnotized by her.

"Why are you looking me loke that?" She asked in wonder.

She didn't get any reply but before Kano spoke Han answered "Looks like someones in love!!!" He joked obviously putting up a spark in Kano's brain that woke him from the hypnosis

"No Han what are you talking about !!! I was looking at the clock. Oh look at the time detention is starting in a minute! Bye guys see ya atthe match" Kano avoided Han's statement hurrying faster and faster twoards the classroom.

"Hahahahahhaha you two love brids" He managed to get one joke outside his mouth before Mira struck him with her fist collapsing him on the floor. "Wow, we really have love birds in here. Looks like you and the floor make a great couple" She smiled igniting her fist with fire much to Han's comedic fear. ________________________________________________________________________________________

"Well welcome to detention you slackers!!! I hope you know why you are here, including you Kano!!!" he pointed at him making all the students laugh. She closed in on his desk and saw him banding some little stones. She immediately reacted.

"You little brat go to he corner right now!!!" She yelled pointing at a place of horrible memories for all students. He stood up and went in the corner.

"Zei could you please stand up and go to the board?" She quietly and peacefully aksed the sudent who stood up on her say so.

"Write Kano is a slacker and he must lear discipline fifty times please and when you write it say it out loud" she ordered the student who happily did what she said. The hour of embarrasmed lasted lika days. He was embarrassed by Miss Jeng and all he could think of during that all thime was Mira and Han enjoying their time together during the match.And he, well he had to be here. Slowly while listening to Zei embarrassing him he fall asleep and then it came. ________________________________________________________________________________________

"Try harder Alla today's your last day of training before the battle. You must focus"The man in blue robes said to the beautiful young woman who suddenly flew into the air bending several bounders at a dummy. The huge training hall echoed of her attacks at the dummny as several trainers attacked her from the sides. She managed to defeat them swiftly and her eyes glew white as all of the sudden she burned.

She wasn't at the training hall any more but infront of a huge stone wall.Black smoke risen from her side as she screamed.Bodies of soldiers burned as the heat burnt off her skin."I GIVE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!" she screamed as Kano could almost feal the heat of the dream."TEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!HELP ME !!!" she screamed looking at the top of the wall and seeing an archer pointing an arrow at her."KILLLLL MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" she screamed to him but no arrow came to stop her heart.

She remembered Hakiro her trainer. He hoped to see him so he could stop her suffering.He was there but at least not alive.He was burning just like her but his bones where already burining and his skeleton was all that was left of his body.

"HAKIROOOOOOOOO!!!" she screamed in agony one last time before Kano woke up.

The school bell rang signaling the end of detention. Everyone stormed out of the classroomm but Kano slowly walked toward the door.He was so close to exiting when Miss Jeng's hand grabbed his shoulder. "Oh didn't I tell you, you have to stay three more hours!!" she stated smilying.

And so he stayed and stayed when Miss Jeng exited the classroom and locked him inside. He was all alone at detention all night and remembered her evil smile but still after some time sleep came and came over him.

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