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Fanon:Adventures of Li Hua

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This is the first chapter of my fanon and allows the reader to get to know the main character of the adventure coming. I hope you enjoy! =D

~Play Time~

"Li Hua honey? It's time to wake up" a sweet voice said while caressing my head.

Mom? Ugh, go away. I need this sleep I'm trying to get here.

All of a sudden, the covers were being thrown off of me and a bright light shinning in my eye. She can't be serious. Where is that light coming from?

"I'm serious Li Hua. It's not healthy to sleep for 12 hours. Now get up and fix yourself up for the day."

"Mom. please. Five more minutes. I swear I'll be up by then."

I opened one eye and looked at her. She had a frown on her face and she didn't look as if she was going to give me anymore minutes to sleep. Dang it!

"Please mom? You'll be the bestest mommy in the world!"

"Li Hua Fuyu Chae. If you don't get up right not young lady!"

Awww, great, I'm in trouble. Every teen knows that if your parent or anybody for that matter, is calling your whole name out, you are in some serious trouble. I'm obviously pushing my luck. Gosh. Just my luck.

"Kay mom. Look I'm up." I said as I groggily got up and walked to my closet to pick out some clothes. I gave her a big smile cause she looked mad at me. She stood there for a few more minutes with her arms folded across her chest and watched me to insure that I was actually getting clothes out and getting ready. Then she left the room and closed the door behind her. Thank Goodness.

As soon as she left I got back in the bed and put the cover over my hair. Ugh, what's up with that light? I need to turn that off. It is really annoying.

I got up and looked around my room. There it is! She opened the curtains of my big window. No wonder this room was bright as can be.

I walked over to my window and grabbed the curtains. "Li Hua! Come outside! Let's play a game," said Jiha.

"Wait, what? I'm not ready yet. Gimme a minute."

A game? This is not my day, is it?

With a smile on her face and a wave of the hand, Jiha said, "Fine! But if you don't hurry I'm going to start the game without you. You know I would do it too."

I smiled back and rushed around my room in my cozy Northern Water Tribe house. My house was big, two stories, with a nice spacious "yard". Exquisite iced water with fish traveling under the ice. A balcony from my bedroom on the top floor and a chair sitting on my balcony. I loved to just sit and watch everyone traveling by my house. I also liked to talk to my best friend, Jiha, who lived across from me. Her house looked just like mine. Most houses around here do. But our houses had character. Our families worked hard to build our house and shape it precisely. But soon, I will be moving. A town called, Equal City. Equal City has all benders. Water, earth, air and fire. They all lived there in harmony. Boy, I can't wait.

I ran down stair and opened the cabinet. There was pasta, rice, flour, cereals, and canned goods in the cabinet. Our cabinets looked good. They were wooden with golden colored handles. I loved those cabinets because that's the one thing in the Kitchen that I was able to choose.

Hmms, I don't have time to make anything. The only thing left is cereal. I grabbed the cereal and pour it into a bowl with some milk.

"Hey! Don't just rush in here and not even speak to your own parents," said Li Hua's mom, Ira, as I rushed into the front room to with my food.

"Sorry Mom. Hey Mom, hey Dad."

"Hey sweety." Li Hua's dad, An, said as he wisked my hair out my face and kissed me on the forehead. "What are you rushing for, lily bear?"

Ughhh stop calling me that. I'm 16 now. I'm not little lily bear. Gosh.

"Oh, Jiha wants to play catch. She's about to start without me. I got to hurry!"

As Li Hua ran out the door her mom said, "Fine, but don't be late for dinner! You know we have dinner as a family! You hear me Li Hua?!"

"Yeah mom! I'll be back by then. Don't wait up!"

As I caught my breath and looked at Jiha, I remembered how beautiful my best friend was. She had long flowing medium brown hair. Light, almond shaped blue eyes with long eyelashes. Smooth cherry blossom pink lips and a beautiful heart shaped face. She was truly and utterly, beautiful.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Is it something on my face?

"Oh no, nothing's there. I just started daydreaming. Sorry. You know I do that a lot."

Jiha looked at me and smiled. "Haha, yea you do. But um... let's start this game."

"Okay. Go! I'll catch you"

We ran and ran and ran. Jiha was fast. She was darting past trees within seconds. Gosh, why she got to be so fast? I can hardly breath trying to keep up.

"Haha, I see you can't catch me, Li Hua! I could stop and you still wouldn't be able to even get close to me!"

"Ugh, whatever. You won't be saying that when I catch you and you will be eating my dust when it's your turn!"

I ran past high terra-cotta colored mountains, tall, large, oak trees, and along the cerulean ocean.

Just as I was admiring the scenery, I saw Jiha Waterbend a wave and started out into the water.

"Hey! Unfair, I thought this was just a regular catch game."

As Jiha laughed and continued riding the big blue wave she said, "Well it is Li Li. Now it's an all in catch game. Meaning that I can use water! Come on Li Li bend a wave!"

I took my stance and Waterbended a big wave. But I was still new to Waterbending. I had been bending for years but I just wasn't quick at learning like Jiha.

As I was bending the wave, I began to think of how much better Jiha was than me. She shouldn't be my friend. I don't deserve her. Ugh... why can't...

"Li Hua watch out!!"

Just as I looked up, I saw that my wave have gotten out of control. Way to big for me to control. The worse of it was the wave was coming at me!

"Li Hua!!!"

Then everything went black.

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