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The Job Request
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Gate of the Face Stealer

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Hello and thank you for clicking on the first chapter of my latest fanon series. :) Just a heads up, I do apologize that this chapter has very little ATLA in it. I was going to have a longer chapter, however, the story as a whole flowed much better when it was split into a few other chapters. The main purpose of this chapter is to introduce the main Fairy Tail characters in a way that everyone, whether they have seen Fairy Tail or not, will hopefully be able to enjoy. :)

The Job Request

"Open! Gate of the Archer; Sagittarius!"

Golden light shone from the Gate Key in the young wizard's hand, her arm waving about slightly as she cast her spell. Following the light, a figure stared to appear before them all. He was horse - no, he was a man dressed as a horse - a horse wearing a green vest, puffy red and white shorts, and wielding a bow in his hands.

"Milady Lucy, how may I be of service?"

Lucy turned her head to her Celestial Spirit companion, "Sagittarius! I know this may be a bad time but I could really use your help with these guys!"

The centaur laughed politely, "'Tis was not an inconvenient time at all Milady; I was simply horsing around in the Celestial Spirit World and do not mind coming to your aid." Once he had finished, Sagittarius loaded his bow and aimed at the nearest guard, closing one eye in an effort to increase his accuracy. After releasing the bow, the arrow struck his target in his shoulder, sending him flying back into a few of his comrades.

Again and again the horse-man fired arrows, though more guards seemed to manifest out of thin air. They all wore a variety of outfits, strange colour combinations and accessories dangling off their bodies as they charged, and their hair brightly coloured in a terrible attempt to match what they wore. But with their magic guns they held in their hands they were proving to be a formidable force even for the expert archer himself.

"Sagittarius has the south side covered, so I guess it's my turn to take the north," Lucy thought out loud as she sprinted towards the other mass of enemies. Taking cover behind a pillar, the young Celestial Wizard readied herself for the onslaught. Wearing only her blue skirt, white vest with a light blue stripe, and boots, Lucy knew that she was hardly armoured enough to take any of their fire. She took out her weapon of choice from her belt, clutching the cylinder handle in her right hand. "Okay, here goes nothing."

Lucy leapt from behind her cover, sweeping her right arm to the left while ducking under the guard's line of fire. The movement of her arm prompted a trail of blue celestial energy to burst forth from the handle she held, a blue whip interrupted with short spiky flickers of yellow along its length. Her weapon took out the first row of guards entirely, slamming them into the wall as she flung her whip to the left. Jumping up into the air, Lucy then spun her body in a twirling motion, her whip following suit and lashing out at the remaining guards, afterwards landing perfectly on her feet.

"This Fleuve d'étoiles sure comes in handy!" The young wizard remarked while glancing at her weapon. She would never forget how important her Celestial Spirits were to her; Virgo, Gate of the Maiden, had gifted her with this whip when she had needed it most.

Despite the pair's best efforts however, they were being forced into the middle of the hallway by the massing guards. Lucy sprinted to join her spirit under a wide door frame, ducking and trying her best to avoid the magic bullets whizzing past. Sagittarius tried to fend the guards off, firing arrow after arrow and quickly taking cover to avoid the incoming attacks.

"Sagittarius! We just need to hold them off until--"

"Sky Dragon ROAR!!!"

A spiralling funnel of wind swept from the left, collecting the guards and hurling them to the other side, their cries and screams slightly muffled by the howling tornado. Lucy ran out from behind the cover, noticing how the attack had knocked out all of their opponents.

"Wendy! Carla!"

A young girl with deep blue hair landed delicately on her blue buckle shoes. Her dress she wore had an alternating pattern of yellow and blue stripes, and she also wore four short bundles of feathers around her upper arms and ankles. After opening her eyes, Wendy marvelled at the power of her attack she had just unleashed.

"Did you see that Carla? I managed to take out all those guards!" Her brown eyes were wide with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

From behind the young girl, a short white cat appeared, wearing a maroon dress and a light pink bow on her tail. She slowly lowered to the ground next to Wendy, her wings disappearing into glittery light as they were not part of her usual form but her Aera Magic. "Don't strain yourself child; you will need all your magic energy for the rest of our mission."

"I know, I know. I'm just happy that I'm getting much stronger with all this practice," Wendy remarked. Her gaze shifted to Lucy and Sagittarius approaching, "Lucy, you're here!"

Lucy smiled in reply, "Thanks for the save; those guards seemed to come out of nowhere! Anyway, did you find what we need?"

Carla pulled out a roll of paper, "We did indeed. Here is the layout of this whole estate on the archipelago."

"Great! Oh, I should probably close your gate now Sagittarius," Lucy pulled out the arrow shaped golden key once again, waving it to the left.

As golden light surrounded the centaur as it did before, Sagittarius saluted Lucy and the others, "No problem Lady Lucy! Until we meet again!"

The Celestial Wizard turned her attention back to the map before them. Lucy traced her fingers over the hallways and paths displayed on the map, "I think we're still in this block right here," She stopped her finger over a particular hallway, "Though we still haven't found the actual factory yet."

"What did it say in the job description again?" Wendy inquired.

"Mr Hammelworth wanted us to destroy the entire clothing factory, preventing Duke Savelle from manufacturing his cheap clothing line anymore. The problem is that his factory is nowhere to be seen. We have to keep searching."

Wendy laughed, "If we needed to destroy something than maybe we should have brought Natsu; he'd have been perfect."

"No," Lucy replied, "We have to prove ourselves as wizards, Wendy. That's why we took this job by ourselves; we may be part of their team, but we also have to prove that we are powerful wizards in our own right." Her thoughts drifted back to her pink-haired friend, the Fire Dragon Slayer of their wizard's guild. Wendy was correct in that Natsu would have been ideal for this job considering he usually ended up destroying everything by accident, though the Magic Games were held not so long ago and the blonde-haired Celestial Wizard couldn't forget how she failed to defeat her opponent. Twice. That's why she had to do this without the help of her other teammates. She had to prove to herself that she was worthy to be part of Fairy Tail's strongest team.

"Looking for my factory are you? Well, you certainly won't find it here I'm afraid."

The three Fairy Tail wizards turned to face the approaching figure. He was quite a slender man, fairly tall, with the face of a wrinkled troll. He wore a gaudy outfit, a frilly suit the colour of the inside of a rotting watermelon. The pants however where green and checked, and to top it all off his shoes were golden and reflected the incoming light from the windows to the left. "I knew it was only a matter of time before that coward Hammelworth would send a wizard's guild like Fairy Tail after me."

Lucy scowled, "And he had every right to do so! You stole his factory, manufacture cheap and trashy clothing, and use slave labour to do it. He had every right to contact us so we could put away a disgusting old man like you!"

"Hah, disgusting? I have you know that I come from a long line of artisans, noblemen, and royalty. My tastes are eloquent and refined. You are nothing but a filthy tramp, trooping around in that skimpy outfit of yours." The Duke scoffed.

An outraged sound left the young wizard's mouth, "I paid many Jewels for this skirt I'll have you know!"

"Shut it blonde; I don't have time to chat with you anymore. I have a shipment ready to leave by port to Hargeon, and then by train to my brother in Shirotsume Town, Duke Everlue."

"Your brother is Duke Everlue? Only someone as sick as you would be related to that pervert."

"You dare speak ill of my brother blondie?!" Duke Savelle bellowed, though Lucy took no notice. Instead, she pulled out a Gate Key, chanting her spell.

"Open! Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!"

A pink-haired maid appeared out of celestial light, her arms tucked behind her back as she addressed her master, "You summoned, Princess?"

A deep and arrogant laugh spewed forth from the Duke's mouth, "I know that spirit well; Everlue once had a contract with her. I know she is useful for digging holes. You really think the factory is underground? How can you be sure?"

"It's not underground; it's on the island to the east," Lucy pointed in said direction, a horrified gasp leaving Savelle's mouth. "You told me that there was a shipment ready to leave for Hargeon, though the waters between these islands so far have been far too shallow for boats to make port. That's why I figured the factory would be better placed on an island closest to the deeper waters, so that your awful clothing can be shipped from that point. It also happens to be the only island we haven't searched yet. Now Virgo!" Lucy turned to the spirit next to her, "I need you to make a way for us to the eastern side of this mansion!"

"As you wish, Princess," Virgo placed her hands together, the chains around her wrists dangling before she dived into the wall of the mansion and ploughed through several concrete walls.

"You could have just used the door you destructive, low-life vandals!" Savelle wailed at the sight of his home shattering around them. He quickly turned to his guards who had appeared around him, "Well don't just stand there and watch! You have magic guns; use them!"

Orange bullets were once again fired from Savelle's minions, though Carla quickly swooped in and grabbed hold of Lucy's shoulders and held Wendy in her tail. The small white cat dipped and ducked around the incoming projectiles, holding onto the two wizards tightly while following the maiden's path she had created. As they sped past, Lucy caught glimpses of the now destroyed rooms they flew through; white marble floors, sometimes adorned in royal red carpets and rugs. There were occasionally golden pieces of furniture in some rooms, and a statue of the ugly owner of this establishment as well in one room.

Before long, the three wizards caught up to Virgo, who had shattered a gap through the outside wall. Across from this mansion there were another set of buildings, several stories high and possibly served as the living quarters for some of the staff here. Then further away the shallow stretch of water which separated them from the factory on the last island.

"Thanks for your help Virgo," Lucy waved the maiden's key though the air.

"Punishment time, Princess?" Virgo asked, her buttocks waving in the air being the last they all saw of her before she disappeared.

Lucy sighed, "Seriously, I have no idea what's wrong with her." The blonde-haired wizard examined the surroundings before them, "Okay, Wendy and Carla, if what Hammelworth said was true, than we need to evacuate all the slave labourers from the factory before we destroy it. Can you both do that?"

"Uh," Wendy gasped as she turned to the buildings in the distance, "How are we going to destroy that thing anyway? It's huge!"

"I have an idea, but I'll need to keep these guys busy. Can you get everyone out safely?"

The little blue-haired girl nodded, clenching her fist tightly, "I'll do it." Carla picked her partner up and led her to the factory ahead.

Pulling out her Fleuve d'étoiles once again, Lucy wrapped the blue and yellow weapon around the branch of a large tree, swinging through the air to land on the buildings on the edge of the island. After landing she quickly rose to her feet, pulling out another Gate Key. Savelle and his guards would be here soon, and she had to be ready.

Meanwhile, the young Sky Dragon Slayer and her Exceed companion continued on to their goal. The factory now looming in sight, Wendy noticed several guards milling about along one of the balconies. Before they had a chance to react to the intruders, Wendy unleashed a Sky Dragon's Claw spell, the slices of air cutting right through the balcony below them. As the helpless guards fell into the shallows below, Wendy and Carla landed on the roof.

"We have to find where these slave labourers are! But I have no idea where to look." The Sky Dragon Slayer remarked anxiously.

"Stay focused child, we just have to begin searching."

Before long, Duke Savelle and his minions appeared at the other end of the hole dug by Virgo. An angry grimace stretched across his face, the slender man squinted as he searched the few trees and ground below for the blonde-haired wizard. But he couldn't see her anywhere, and instead, Savelle noticed another figure on the rooftops ahead. This man was rather odd-looking though; he was shirtless, had red and white hair, and a strange looking mechanical tail which was pointed right at them.

"Scorpio! Now!" Lucy's voice rang out from below.

"Right on!" Scorpio cheered as he fired his weapon. From his tail a tornado of sand spiralled towards the main building, sweeping the guards from their position by the hole and throwing them into the ground in a heap of aching and groaning bodies. The celestial spirit kept his attack going for another few seconds, though it seemed the Duke was the only one still standing somehow.

Lucy used the same tree from before to swing up from the ground onto the roof, tucking away her whip once she stood next to Scorpio. "Thanks, I'll take it from here. Though stay on this rooftop since I might need you later."

"Sure thing Lucy! All right!"

As soon as the sand dissipated, both the Celestial Wizard and Spirit could see that Duke Savelle was wearing an enormous purple scarf, one which he did not have before. An arrogant chuckle burst forth as he held his arms out, "You did not think that I was a wizard as well? Your attack may have knocked out my guards but I am of a far higher calibre than any of them," He scanned the mass of people in a pile below, "Seriously though, we may need to think of a new place to hire guards for my estate."

"Where did that scarf come from?" Lucy thought out loud. This man was certainly tougher than he looked.

"Anyhow," Savelle glanced back at the intruders, "I suppose I should give you a taste of my wondrous magic I can perform, though you will soon end up locked in a prison somewhere on my estate. Brace yourselves for my magic, Les vêtements des rêves!" The Duke waved his arm to the right, an eerie green light appearing. "Clothing Magic! Seven Scarf Strike!" The spell unleashed seven brightly coloured scarfs from the light, each writhing as if they were a serpent of some kind. It looked like they had a mind of their own, each scarf lashing out towards the roof where Lucy and Scorpio stood. The pair only narrowly missed the attack and leapt onto another neighbouring building.

"Clothing Magic? I've never heard of anything so lame!" Lucy scoffed as she pulled out her whip.

Duke Savelle let out an outraged groan, "How dare you say that?!" His arm once again flung in their direction, the scarfs following their castor's command in attacking the wizard and spirit. Lucy managed to defend against three of the scarves, while Scorpio burst forth a funnel of sand to keep four of them trapped. Savelle grimaced, holding his hand with palm facing outwards and the other wrapped around his wrist, "You seem to cope well with my scarves, but can you also deal with these?!" The same eerie green light appeared in the sky above them this time, "Mains du ciel!"

After his voice had echoed through the air, Savelle swung his arm downwards to point at the intruders. From the green light hundreds of gloves fell from the sky, the pieces of clothing predominantly white in colour. These too, seemed to have a mind of their own, and propelled themselves towards the Celestial Wizard and her spirit.

Once the pair noticed the second attack, Scorpio shifted his sand twister to collect all seven scarves, while Lucy swung her Fleuve d'étoiles around to defend against the gloves. Upon each contact her whip had with them, the gloves shredded into useless fibres which floated through the air. "It's a good thing you only produce cheap and flimsy clothing; these gloves are pathetic!"

Savelle chuckled, "Well sometimes in business, it is better to go for 'quantity over quality', as you shall see." After his remark, the hundreds of gloves soon multiplied into thousands, until the sun itself was blocked by their presence. The first swarm grabbed hold of Scorpio, throwing his form into the sky before he disappeared into celestial light. With her spirit and his sand tornado gone, Savelle's scarfs were now able to resume attacking the young Celestial Wizard. But before any of the vicious articles of clothing could strike, Lucy pulled out another Gate Key.

"Open! Gate of the Lion! Leo!"

A surrounding sphere of light announced this spirit's arrival, fraying all of Savelle's magic clothing until nothing but specks of dust were left. As the spirit formally known as 'Leo' stood to his feet, he pushed his glasses up higher along his nose until they were level wish his closed eyes. His orange hair waved about in the breeze, and his suit shone with a certain glow that revealed his true power.

"Now Lucy, I know you've always enjoyed fashionable clothing, so why on earth are you hanging around with this tasteless creep?"

"Thanks Loki. And yes, this creep has a dreadful fashion sense, but he's also running a dodgy clothing business using slave labourers. We have to stop him!"

A pathetic wheeze forced its way from Savelle's lips. He had invested much magic energy into those attacks, yet this rookie wizard and her spirits had just vaporised all of them! But he still wasn't out of the game yet; there was always that spell he could cast...

"I didn't want to use this next spell on you two, since I reserve it only for my most hated adversaries, though you are quickly falling into that category!" He pulled one hand into a fist and the other spun to face Loki, "But now you shall witness my true power! Clothing Magic! Déplacer entre les threads!"

Both Lucy and Loki braced themselves for Savelle's attack, though his body vanished into green smoke. The blonde-haired wizard looked from side to side, but their enemy was nowhere to be seen. "What... What happened to him?"

"Uh, Lucy?" The orange haired spirit stammered, watching a growing green spot on arm expand. Before he could react, a fist sprouted from the spot and slammed into his face. His vision blurry with stars appearing, Loki stepped back in a dazed state after the strike, only to be hit again, and again, and again. Feeling his consciousness slip away, Loki tried to grab hold of the fist, and managed to grip it with considerable force before it could hit him again. Though another arm appeared, socking him straight in the jaw.


A menacing laugh accompanied Savelle as his body freed itself from Loki's suit, and then with one final roundhouse kick he managed to send the spirit plummeting off the side of the building, his form dissolving into golden light before it reached the water.

Lucy's face slowly creased into a glare, her teeth clenching as her eyes burrowed into Duke Savelle's, "You monster."

"Still think my Clothing Magic is 'lame', as you put it?" His mocking voice was followed by a harsh-sounding chuckle, "My Les vêtements des rêves allows me to create any sort of clothing I dream, but also to utilise whatever clothing I can see. Your dear spirit's suit was nothing more than a portal for me, and I was able to surprise him with my attack." The Duke began taking small strides towards the Celestial Wizard, "So now that you've realised that you cannot win, accept your fate at this moment that you and your blue-haired friend will become another set of slaves to manufacture my exquisite clothing line. I have heard a little of the Exceed and who they are, but frankly the white cat you travelled with is nothing more than a walking fur lining of a dashing coat I wish to make. Her fur would look marvellous on one of my outfits."

"You evil and despicable creep! I won't let that happen!"

"Unfortunately, you don't have a choice. I can control even what little clothing you wear."

In the seconds that followed, Lucy felt her clothing compress around her body. Shrieking in agony, the Celestial Wizard collapsed onto the roof tiles below her. Her skirt clamped around her thighs, digging into her skin. Her boots had begun crushing her feet. Even the blue bow in her hair had tightened around her blonde strands, nearly pulling much of it from her scalp.

I can't let him win! He's a monster! He would kill Carla just so he could have a trashy coat? He makes me sick! But I can't seem to break free from his control!

Duke Savelle released a malicious cackle, "And now, how about we see just how trashy your clothing is!"

And then the unthinkable happened. The clothes which had been writhing around Lucy's body had stopped constricting her. The young Celestial Wizard breathed a sigh of relief, though as she opened her eyes, it soon became apparent just why the pain had stopped.


Her arms clung to her naked body in a desperate attempt to hide herself. Everything had somehow been torn to shreds; her skirt nothing more than shrivelled blue threads, her vest a few wispy strands of fabric. The poor embarrassed girl began to inch her way along the roof top, getting as far away as possible from the old man.

"Now, bask in your humiliation before I lock you inside my factory for life!" Flickers of spittle flew out of the Duke's mouth as he laughed, and his tongue lashing about like a snake inside a cavern. He held his arms out, relishing in his supposed victory.

Lucy helplessly glanced to her sides, but her weapon and Gate Keys had slipped into the gutter after her belt had shredded. She knew she wouldn't be quick enough to grab them before this pervert would attack her again. Though in her hand she felt one of her Gate Keys, one which she must have inadvertently grabbed while her clothing was attacking her. Lucy fumbled her fingers around the end of the key, the half-moon forms of an axe revealing which key she held.

"Great," Lucy rolled her eyes, "It just had to be you. Well, here goes nothing!" The Celestial Wizard kept her arm covering her chest, though managed to wave her hand enough to cast the spell, "Open! Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!"

"Moooooooooo!" The cow's cry echoed from the light manifesting before them. Soon after, a humanoid cow appeared, his muscles bulging and hands gripping the handle of a huge axe he held. He wore nothing more than a pair of black boots and blue briefs, a belt which held them, and his gloves around his hands. There was of course, also the golden ring which ran through his nostrils, which had flared up and expelled steamy snorts as he drilled the Duke with his stare.

"Taurus! I need you to take out this guy so that--"

"Mooooo! Lucy you... You look udderly beautiful! Mooo!"

The blonde-haired wizard slapped a hand to her forehead. "Great. One pervert was bad enough, and then I went and summoned another."

"Lucy, why don't you mooooove a little closer! Or how about a quick smooooch?" The love-crazed bull clasped his hands together as he pleaded for his master's affection.

"Just deal with this guy already!"

With that, Taurus lunged at Savelle with his axe, the sheer power of the strike sending Duke Savelle back a few steps even though it missed. "You sir are gonna wish you hadn't humiliated Lady Lucy like that! I'm gonna smack you so hard you'll be flying to the moooooon and back!"

While the pair continued to duel, Lucy shuffled over to the gutter to collect her Gate Keys. She knew it would drain her magic energy opening multiple gates, though she needed a way to dress herself so she could start destroying the factory and stop Savelle. "Alright, Open! Gate of the White Ram! Aries!"

A petite woman appeared next to Lucy, clothed in a white woollen dress and boots. Horns spiked from her rose-coloured hair, and she also wore a collar of wool and yellow stockings running down to her boots. "Yes Lucy?" The spirit timidly shook in her boots.

"Aries, I need you to cover my body in wool. Can you do that?"

"Yes! I'm sorry!" The ram held out her hand onto Lucy's shoulder.

"No need to apologise Aries."

"I'm sorry!" Aries repeated while pinkish wool formed around her hand. The soft fabric wound its way over Lucy's body until she looked almost like a woollen blanket of some kind. Though Lucy didn't mind, since at least now she wasn't completely naked.

"Thank you Aries! You've helped me so much!" Lucy rubbed the soft fabric around her body. The Celestial Wizard then sent the trembling girl back to the Celestial Spirit World. Pulling out another Gate Key, Lucy then summoned a second spirit, "Open! Gate of the Crab! Cancer!"

A dark skinned man appeared, one who wore a blue button shirt with black stripes and leather black pants. The most unusual feature about this spirit however, were the set of six crab legs protruding from his back. "Hey baby," The Crab's words rolled out with a silky smooth quality to them, and he open and closed two pairs of scissors in his hands. "How would you like your hair done, baby?"

"Not my hair today Cancer, but would you be able to cut this wool around my body into something... Fashionable? That pervert over there shred all of my clothes!"

"Clothing?... Baby. I have never tried it before, but my scissors can cut through anything!" Cancer affirmed as he began slashing the pink wool around Lucy. With each cut he would cry out, his swiping and cutting sending chunks of wool in all directions. Before long however, Lucy found she was wearing some stunning looking clothes indeed.

"Now do I look great or what?" The Celestial Wizard winked as she put one hand on her hip, posing to show off Cancer's handiwork. Her new fluffy pink boots were not only practical but also rather comfy, and her shorts and jacket also did the trick. Lucy also had a thin strip of wool which served as a belt, holding her keys and Fleuve d'étoiles. With a slight flick of her wrist while holding his key, Lucy sent Cancer back to the Celestial Spirit World.

Taurus was managing to hold his own against Savelle. Many of his axe swings missed the Duke, though he still had the old pervert on the defense. Lucy knew that her magic energy was draining, so she couldn't summon another spirit at the same time as Taurus, though she also couldn't send him back until Savelle was defeated.

A spiral of wind slammed into Duke Savelle's body as he dodged one of Taurus's axe swings. The tornado sent him flying into the next building, smashing some of the roof tiles before coming to a stop. Following the wind spirals, Wendy appeared with Carla strapped to her back, both of them landing next to Lucy in her new outfit.

"Lucy! You look... Different? That new outfit really suits you!" Wendy remarked.

"Thanks Wendy! Aries and Cancer made it after that perverted old man destroyed all my clothes! But it does look great right?"

Carla took to the air once again, hovering in between the other two girls, "This is no time to be admiring each other's outfits!"

Both Wendy and Lucy regained focus, "Sorry, you're right Carla," Lucy nodded. "Has everyone been evacuated from the factory?"

"Yeah, we managed to get them all out. They're nearly out of the shallows after talking a row boat," Wendy answered. "So how are you going to destroy the factory Lucy?"

"Hmmm," The Celestial Wizard placed a hand to her chin. "I had thought of casting the Urano Metria spell on the factory, though I won't be able to do it by myself now. I'll need Gemini's help for that but I can't summon them until Taurus' gate is closed." Her brown eyes glanced towards the bull fighting Savelle once again. "But to send him back will mean someone will have to keep Savelle busy. Are you two up to the task?"

The white cat and Sky Dragon Slayer exchanged looks, "We have your back Lucy!" Wendy affirmed, holding her fist in the air. "You just cast that spell so we can get this job done."

"Right! Good luck." Lucy nodded, soon after pulling out a golden key, "Close! Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!"

Upon hearing his master close his gate, the Golden Bull turned around with a saddened frown, "But... What about our smoooooooo--" golden light surrounded Taurus before he could finish his sentence.

Wendy took the place of the bull while Savelle was recovering, Carla flying the young girl higher into the air, "Sky Dragon Wing Attack!"

Two great walls of wind burst from the little girl's arms in either direction, one of her arms pointed towards the Duke's position on the roof. Pulling out a long purple scarf, Savelle dodged the attack by swinging off the edge of the roof to land on another, eyeing up his next opponent. "You? Argh! I'll deal with you and then move on to your tramp friend!"

Meanwhile, Lucy prepared herself for destroying the factory. She had never tried anything of this scale before, and didn't even know if her spell would do the trick. Though it was their best option so far. Pulling out the Gate of the Twins, Lucy summoned her spirits, "Open! Gate of the Twins! Gemini!"

Two light blue doll-like figures appeared from the light this time, one wearing black pants and the other orange. "Itty bitty!"

"Gemini! I need you both to turn into me!"

Upon Lucy's request, the blue twins vanished into a puff of smoke, and before long a figure resembling their master appeared through the mist. Though as the smoke cleared, one could see that this particular version of Lucy was dressed in nothing but a bath towel.

Lucy once again slapped her forehead, "I can't believe I forgot to set your transformation spell to a state where I'm actually wearing clothes! Anyway, I need your help to cast the 'Urano Metria' spell."

"Okay Lucy!" The clone chanted while grasping the real Lucy's outstretched hands. Both Lucy's shut their eyes in an effort to concentrate, knowing that even with the additional help this spell would still require their full attention. After calming herself and slowing her breathing, Lucy began to chant her spell.

"Both stars far and wide that embody the Heavens,

By thy radiance reveal thy form to me.

I implore you, oh Tetrabiblos, ruler of the stars,

Let your unrestrained rage flow."

By this stage, trails of celestial golden light swirled around the pair casting the spell. The very space around them had an electric feel to it, and Lucy could feel her magic energy pouring into the air around her as she chanted those words.

"She's actually doing it!" Wendy remarked as she turned to face her companion casting the spell, though she quickly returned her attention back to their opponent.

Savelle was sprawled on the roof of one of the lower buildings, gasping in horror at the sight before him as the very sky seemed to grow dark around them, making the Celestial Wizard and her clone stand out even more being lavished in golden light. "I..." The Duke stammered, "I don't know what kind of magic this is, but it will not work! My factory has been reinforced with only the strongest defensive Lacrima around! Heh heh, yes! It will not work!"

Lucy took no notice of her other surroundings, focusing only on her next words.

"With the eighty-eight heavenly bodies



As if a gate to the heavens had been opened, celestial colours of gold, blue, black, and purple, appeared in the sky around them, the scene dotted with the forms of planets and stars. After another second, the planets glowed with a brilliant white light, shooting down from the heavens towards earth. This spell seemed to open some kind of gate to the celestial heavens, and now, heaven's wrath was to be unleashed.

The glowing planets crashed into the factory, the first few reducing it to nothing more than a mound of rock rising only a mere metre above the waters. Chunks of the factory and earth on which it once stood were thrown into the shallows, the sheer power of the attack sending waves in all directions. A wailing Savelle tried to stand on his feet, though the force of the explosion sent his slender body crashing into the ground below his perch on the roof. Moments later, the heavenly scene above them dissolved into glorious light, the bright midday sky appearing once again into view.

"They did it Carla! Let's meet up with them again!" The blue-haired wizard pointed to Lucy, Carla directing them through the air to their position. Gemini soon disappeared, their magic energy all used up in casting the spell, and for a few seconds Lucy sat crouched on the ground, her arms held out to her sides as they were when casting the spell. A small grunt left her mouth as she opened her eyes, most of her energy being used in her spell. Once Wendy had landed, she made her way over to Lucy to help her stand.

"We... We've done it! We destroyed the factory and freed all the slave labourers!" Lucy managed to whisper, though her strength was slowly returning to her.

Savelle rubbed his head while standing, his eyes shut as he grimaced from the pain. Though as he climbed back to the top of the roof, his eyes flew wide open as he noticed his entire factory was reduced to nothing. "My... My... My whole factory has been obliterated! How... How could you have done this?! I've lost everything!"

"Duke Savelle?"

The Duke turned around to face a man dressed in a white and turquoise outfit, wielding a strange staff of some kind. "The Rune Knights," Savelle stammered.

"These wizards from Fairy Tail informed us that you have been using slave labour to run your business, and that you initially stole the clothing factory from Mr Davis Hammelworth. For that, you will be arrested and put on trial. You have the right to remain silent," After he had finished, the Rune Knight was joined by many of his comrades, the collection of them pointing their weapons at the Duke.

The three Fairy Tail Wizards watched as Duke Savelle was led away in handcuffs, resisting and trying to break away from their control. Another Rune Knight approached the group from behind, "Thank you for your help, Fairy Tail wizards. I suppose I should expect nothing less from your guild to destroy an entire factory and parts of the Duke's mansion. You lot are vandals, though we are grateful for your help."

Lucy awkwardly chuckled, "Yeah, I suppose Fairy Tail is known for destroying stuff. But we are glad to have helped you put away that sick man."

The knight grinned a little before turning to walk back the way he came, "Well, don't you wizards have a reward to collect?"

"Oh yeah, that's right," Wendy remembered while the Rune Knight walked away. "Mr Hammelworth said the job was worth 600,000 j! But he also said he could give you a Gate Key Lucy right?"

"Ooh now I remember! I can't wait to see what spirit it summons!" Lucy cheered at the thought, quickly leading the others to the mainland.

"Hammelworth seems like a nice man," Wendy mentioned in between licks of an ice-cream cone. "He even gave use these ice-creams after the job!" The little girl's eyes beamed as she enjoyed the sweet flavours of the desert in her hands.

Lucy however had passed on the ice-cream, instead fingering the object in her hands. "This is incredible..." She muttered to herself while running her fingers along the length of the key. She had also stopped at a clothing store to buy some new clothes, not that the pink woollen ones were bad, but Lucy had just wanted to replace the clothes that were shredded by that sick man they had just defeated.

Carla too held an ice-cream, the colour matching her pink bow. After another taste she looked back to the Celestial Wizard, "It looks rather different to the other Gate Keys you own Lucy. I never knew there were black keys."

"Well that's just it Carla; I don't even know if this really is a Gate Key," The other two wizards responded with surprised gasps, so Lucy elaborated, "The symbol here is one I've never even seen before," Lucy motioned to the head of the key. On each Gate Key Lucy owned, a symbol of the spirit summoned was found on top of a white shape on the head of the key, a symbol showing what constellation the Gate Key would summon. This key however, had a silhouette of a masquerade mask etched into the white space. The rest of the key was black, and around the blade of the key a long, worm like shape wound its way along the length. The tip of the key ended in a set of pincers of some kind.

Wendy glanced at the key, "Could it summon a different spirit perhaps? Like, maybe one that isn't a Celestial Spirit?"

"Maybe," Lucy replied. Her fingers ran over a strange inscription along the blade of the key, "Wait! There's some writing on this key! It's written in runes."

"Do you know how to read them?" Carla questioned.

Lucy nodded, "Yeah, Levy has been teaching me a little every now and again." The blonde-haired wizard squinted at the tiny symbols, "I think it says... Gate of the... Face Stealer?!"

Wendy shrieked at the news, "Face Stealer?! What kind of creepy Celestial Spirit steals... Faces?!"

"I have no idea! The Face Stealer isn't any constellation I've heard of." Lucy placed a hand to her chin, "This spirit, Koh it says his name is, sounds like a total creep if he steals faces off people. But... Maybe I could just summon them once? I... I know it sounds really creepy but part of me wants to talk to this spirit since I don't know where he comes from. Maybe he's not even a Celestial Spirit?"

"Perhaps it would be wise to have another wizard around in case the spirit is unfriendly?" Carla suggested.

"Good thinking. When we get back to the guild I'll ask Natsu." Lucy and the other two Fairy Tail wizards continued walking towards their guild, unaware that things were about to get a whole lot stranger.


  • Savelle's spells he uses are meant to be French, though it's been a while since I was studying the language so I had my friend Google Translate help me out at times, so it is likely that the grammar is all wrong.
  • I have no idea what the Gemini twins actually say in the series. I guessed it was "Itty Bitty" though I've heard them say variations of that phrase.

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