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The Tale of Naton



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May 15, 2014

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The humans and spirits lived together in harmony, but conflict quickly ensued. Avatar Korra put the spirits back in the Spirit World, but just a few days later, Avatar Korra was killed in her home. With the Avatar dead, a new nation has risen: a nation with the ability to bend darkness. The world is in great need of the next Avatar, but we have began to lose hope. I am Onza Rakaen, a lightbender assigned to protect the people from the dark-benders. It is my mission to keep the evil at bay and find the Avatar before it is too late.

Book One: Dark

Chapter One: The Ben Hai

Chapter One: The Ben Hai

The sunlight landed on the humble wood home of the Anokas. 24-year old Naton groggily got out of his bed, put on a buttoned-up apron and rushed downstairs. "Dad! Sorry, the alarm clock didn't work-Aughhhh!!!!" He faceplanted into a pile of ripe peaches.

"My peaches!" a merchant cried.

"Oops, my fault", Naton grinned.

His father approached the angry merchant. "I am very sorry for your peaches. I can get you a free lunch at Wushu's Fruit Juice!" his father winked at Naton.

At Wushu's Fruit Juice, Naton and his father, Wushu, began operating the juice-making machines. Wushu sang a little tune, which was the shop's unofficial song. "Ah, a costumer!" The shop was empty. Wushu glared outside, where people were gathered across the street, drinking smoothies from Wan Tong's Froot Paradize.

"I can't believe people go to that place, Naton! They even messed up the name!" Naton laughed, and took off his apron. "I'm going to get some pears from the market", Naton said, and exited the shop.

It was a regular day in the earth town of Guang. People drove through the streets on automobiles and the sun beat down on the buildings. On a mountain north of the town, the famous Ben Hai stood watch.

"We haven't seen them for weeks," said the firebender.

"It's not a good sign." The earthbender laughed.

"You kidding? I haven't been able to listen to pro-bending since last month!" The waterbender looked into the distance.

"Master Onza, couldn't the dark-benders be planning something big?" The old man nodded.

"It's most likely." Behind them, an airbender and a female waterbender approached them.

"Master, we have reports of darkbenders spotted near Nomai."

Onza turned to them. "Tell them to protect the citizens. But the Ben Hai will stay here."

"I'm very sorry, Naton. The bandits took my pears again!"

"Then, do you have any melons?"

"All out!"

Naton groaned and began to waddle back to the shop. In his room, he stared at the ceiling. The radio was playing. "The evil dark-benders have increased their dominion on the world. The United Darkness Rebellion Force, led by Jinora and Ikki, say that the darkbenders have only grown stronger. They seek help from President Raiko, but the president wants to settle things diplomatically! I'd say, Chang, these dark-benders don't seem like the diplomatic type. Say it again, Long. Now a quarter of the Earth Kingdom has been taken over! Will our President take action, or are we headed for another 100-Year War?" Naton turned off the radio and sat up. It was getting dark.

"Naton! Mr. Ping would like your special; melon and banana juice!" Wushu called from downstairs.

"Dad, there wasn't any melons! They were all stolen!" Naton went downstairs, and gave Mr. Ping a peach smoothie. Linnie, Naton's mom, walked up to him.

"Naton, it's okay. Everyone's being affected by the dark-benders."

Naton shook his head. "I know. But I can't just sit here doing nothing."

"But we can't do anything, son. Look at us! We're just lowly juice makers. We can't even bend," Wushu added. Naton sighed, and left the shop.

Naton sat down near the bank. He watched the people close the market, returning home, most of them gaining nothing. Then, he heard a sound, and pressed himself against the wall. He peeked around the corner, and saw five dark figures sneak into the bank.

"Shhhhh!!! We get in there, steal the jewel, and make a run for it."

"Got it boss."

"Keep it down!" Naton covered his mouth.


Close behind the criminals, a group of seven benders followed them, silently. When they entered the bank, Naton crept toward the door. A loud bang, and Naton could hear the sounds of bending. Inside, the Ben Hai fought the criminals. The waterbender froze the three goons, and the firebender and earthbender followed the darkbenders. One darkbender fired a bolt of black lightning, and the earthbender flung a boulder. It narrowly missed. The airbender flew up and knocked the darkbenders back. The master grabbed the darkbenders and tied them up. Naton turned around and saw three officers.

"Yipe!" They dragged him inside.

"We saw this boy outside the bank. Is he one of yours?" The officer asked the darkbender.

"No. I-I'm Naton, you know.... Wushu's Fruit Juice?" Naton stuttered.

The master stepped forward. 'He's innocent." After the officers arrested the darkbenders, the Ben Hai approached Naton.

"Why were you there?" asked the firebender.

"I was going to buy melons," Naton lied.

"He's lying. I can see it in his eyes," the earthbender joked.

"Actually, I was just walking around, a-and I saw you guys," Naton said.

The master nodded. "That'll do. Go back to your home."

"Uh... what were they trying to steal?" Naton asked.

"None of your business", the waterbender snapped.

"Please, Kian," the master said. He looked at Naton. "It was the Gem of a Thousand Lights, a spiritual jewel, a highly prized stone."

Naton nodded. "Oay. But... I sorta don't want to go home."

The airbender jumped in. "Whoa! Are you a runaway?"

"No no no no no. I just want to help save the world."

The group was silent. "Well... that's nice," the earthbender said.

"What I mean is... can I join you guys?" Naton asked. The master smiled.

"Can you bend?" the airbender asked.

"What? No. But I can handle myself with a stick." Naton picked up a stick, swung it around, and hit himself in the face.

The earthbender chuckled. The firebender stepped forward. "You're no fighter. But you'd make a good chef."

The waterbender raised an eyebrow. "Hey, at least he's better than Beeno!" the female waterbender said. "I take offense to that!" the earthbender shouted.

"Silence, benders!" the master commanded. The old man put a hand on Naton's shoulder. "I understand you wish to help, but your father needs you. Go home."

Naton frowned. "But-"

"The world needs you. Just not right now." And with that, the master and the Ben Hai began to climb the tall staircase up the mountain.

Naton waited until the Ben Hai were out of sight, and crept back into the bank. The police were carrying the Gem of a Thousand Lights back into the chamber. "Whoa, guys!" Naton ran up to the jewel. It was a huge green gem, shining like the sun. "There's a little speck of dust right here. Wouldn't want that."

"Excuse me, young man! This jewel is a prized object, don't you-" Naton put a hand on the gem, and instantly, he disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

"Where'd he go?" an officer asked.

The head dialed the radio. "Ben Hai, we got a missing boy who just touched the Gem. Might need your help".

"That's stupid kid," the waterbender growled. Onza looked around the bank. "What exactly happened?" "Well, he said there was some dust on it, and he touched it, and he just disappeared, poof. Just like that." Onza stroked his grey beard. Then his eyes lit up. "I think I have an explanation".

Character or Plot Revelations

  • Naton is the next Avatar.

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