Vaatu in Korra's hallucination
The Beginning of the End
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The Last Light



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Aang 112


Aang 112, everyone who sees mistakes

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The 23th of March 2015

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Dark Signs

The Beginning of the End

It was dark around Korra; everything was black and silent. She thought that she was in nothing. Wherever she looked to, she looked into an endless void. Korra reflected on the events of the last weeks: She had defeated the venom of the Red Lotus, had protected the Earth Kingdom and Republic City of Kuvira and had created a new spirit portal in the center of Republic City. Then she had decided to take a vacation with Asami in the Spirit World. Everything was in balance, she could feel it exactly. This wasn't often the case. Until now there always had been new problems over and over again, from the Anti-bending Revolution to the fight against the Earth Empire. Hundun wasn't a friendly guy either, she thought. There were days at which she longed for standing again in the Pro-bending Arena of Republic City with her friends Mako and Bolin to fight the White Falls Wolfbats.

Suddenly Korra noticed something in the void that moved. Quickly, it got closer, so that Korra was a little bit afraid. When the creature stood in front of her, a cold shiver ran down her spine. She wanted to shout and bend against the creature, but nothing worked. The creature deeply looked her into the eyes. It was herself in the Avatar State. Korra had dreadful fear. She had defeated the venom and she wasn't afraid of Zaheer anymore. But why did she still have this hallucination then? What had gone wrong?

The hallucination stretched the head upwards and opened its mouth. A floating, black liquid crept from the body and formed into a new shape. And Korra recognized this shape very well. Vaatu looked bigger and mightier than ever before.

He laughed contently: "If you believe, you have destroyed me, Raava, you're even sillier than I had thought. By the huge new energy, you have released, I found the way back to even bigger strength. I thank you for it!"

Korra became furious and tried to say something, but she couldn't. Vaatu stepped back a little and his red signs on his body became mauve. Then he bent again forward. A lot of energy was thereby released. Korra wanted to run away, defend herself somehow, but instead, she found herself stuck, so that she just could watch how the energy beam shot directly towards her and would destroy the Avatar.

Korra woke up in a meadow in the Spirit World. She gasped very fast and sweat pearls spread to her forehead. Her heart knocked very fast, while the sun seemed her face.

"Is everything okay?" asked Asami, who packed her clothes into her backpack. Immediately Korra was relieved. Now she realized, that everything had only been a dream.

"Yes, don't worry," she sighed, "I just had a nightmare, that's everything."

"Are you sure? It was the fourth one this week. Maybe we should return to Republic City. A healer can examine you."

"No Asami, I feel better than ever!" Korra answered and got up from the ground. "Come, we wanted to visit Iroh today, isn't it? You must cost his tea! It's delicious!"

Asami laughed. "Come on Korra, are you kidding me? It is just a tea and not more."

"Oh no, his tea is magic. Especially when it comes from a special teapot."

After she said that, Korra ran by the meadow, followed by Asami.

A few minutes later, they arrived at uncle Iroh's house. Iroh welcomed them friendly and was surprised, but happy, that the Avatar visited him again. Together they sat down at a table a few meters behind the house and talked about many things, which had happened in the last years.

"It's wonderful here," Korra noted, "the silence and the peace is good."

"Yeah," Iroh replied and drank his cup of tea, "that is one of the reasons why I came to the Spirit World. The spirits respect each other and would never fight, as long as nobody wants to hurt them."

"How did you switch to the Spirit World?" Asami asked, supporting her hand on her arm and looking very interested.

"Well, to be honest, it was easy. One day I slept in the night and I felt, that the world didn't need me anymore. All my missions were completed and then I concentrated me to the Spirit World. My real body died, but my soul will live forever here."

Iroh's voice sounded so quiet and wise that Korra loved it to listen to him. She would like to hear all of his stories and adventures.

They talked very long, so long, that they forgot the time. It was getting dark outside and Asami carried the dishes into the house while Korra and Iroh stayed outside. Korra looked dreamy onto the table and thought about Vaatu. As she noticed that everything was quiet, she was remembered on her dream again. What will happen, if he really found to new strength? She didn't know what she should do.

Iroh noticed her silence and asked: "What are you thinking about?"

"Me? Uhm ... nothing."

"Korra, I can feel your conflict. You can talk with me about everything. What's up?"

Korra didn't know if she could confront the world with a new problem. If Vaatu was really back, she wouldn't know what to do, because he was the strongest spirit in the world and she still lost her complete power. But she had to tell it somebody, otherwise she would go crazy.

"I ... I had nightmares the last time about Vaatu. He said he's back and will destroy me. I don't know what to do."

Iroh glided his right hand over his beard. "Well, dreams are often recollections, which we haven't concluded yet. But sometimes, they show us the future. Especially for the Avatar, they are important. Aang often had those dreams. But you can control this. Meditate about the dreams and release yourself from all dark recollections and live in the present. You defeated Vaatu three years ago, he can't return so fast."

"No, Iroh, I don't think it ..." Suddenly, shoutings sounded from the house.

"Asami!" Korra realized.

Iroh and Korra ran into the house and when they arrived, they saw that everything was in chaos. The dishes, which Asami wanted to bring back, laid broken on the ground. What happened?

In the room next to Korra they noticed a dark figure, who climbed off the window.

"STOP!" Korra shouted. Startled, the shape turned around and bended a fire stream towards Korra. She blocked the attack easily and protected Iroh, but Korra was deflected, so that the figure was able to escape. It didn't impress Korra though and she ran immediately after the person, although Iroh warned her. When she succeeded outward, she saw a motorcycle with a follower, on which Asami was strapped. Korra was shocked, when she saw that and became furious.

The motorcycle drove off and was too fast for her to run after it, so she bended an earth-pale under the vehicle. The motorcycle was highly flung and Asami and the mystery person fell to the ground. Now Korra could saw the face of the guy. The man had sideburns on his face and wore an old Fire Nation uniform. Korra had never seen him. However, when Korra wanted to get closer to release Asami, he created an immense fire tornado around him and Asami. Korra fell back and when the fire tornado decreased, the mystery man and Asami were gone ...

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