Chapter 1 - Return (Champions of Zaofu)
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Huan wanted to die.

The blazing sun made the young metal bender even more agitated. His family watched him stand him there for minutes while he stood there with his face becoming more red every second.

"This is all her fault!" Huan yelled as he stomped over to his destroyed sculpture, leaving his footprints embedded in the metal beneath him. Opal, Huan's younger sister, nudged her mother in the arm.

"Mom, why is he so upset? His banana sculpture was already destroyed," she asked her mother, Suyin.

"Well, Opal, maybe Huan-" Suyin tried to reply but Huan's anger had erupted before she could finish.

"IT. IS. NOT. A. BANANA!" Huan yelled at his mother and sister. He walked over to the pieces of metal sprawled out on the ground. "You destroyed it once, mother, and now Kuvira's soldiers have obliterated it again! I am done. No more art for me! Consider me dead!" he said as he moved his hands in a fast motion. Four walls came up from the ground and surrounded Huan. The young metal bender sat down and rested his head on his palms.

"Since when did he become so dramatic?" asked one of Huan's brothers, Wing.

Suyin turned towards Wing and patted him on the shoulder. "It's like you've never even met him, Wing. Come on, we have a lot of rebuilding to do," she said and she started walking away. Wei, Wing's twin brother, followed his mother along with Baatar, Opal, and Baatar, Jr.

I shouldn't have come back. If I would have stayed in Republic City with aunt Lin, maybe I wouldn't be in this situation that I'm in now. Huan thought to himself. His mind wandered back to a memory from after the Avatar put an end to Kuvira's reign.

He was back in Republic City. His aunt Lin had invited his family over to her apartment for dinner to celebrate.

Huan entered the door to the spacious apartment. His eyes wandered directly to Lin's police uniform, which was made of metal. A light bulb appeared above his head. He ran over to the body armor, his long black hair rushing past him. He moved his hands in an instant and all of the forks zoomed past him and landed in the armor. The pointed ends facing out.

"Hey, those were antique forks! They cost seven Yuans!" his aunt yelled at him. She looked over and the armor was full of spikes.

"They represent strength," Huan started to say as he stood up. "They will let your enemies know that you do mean business and you have the strength to apprehend them."

Lin looked at him with a wary eye. Suddenly, her face erupted into a smirk. "Great work, boy. We could use someone like you to design the uniforms. After all, President Raiko put in a commission for new uniforms for the new year," she said proudly.

Huan looked at her, then his mother. Suyin nodded in approval. "Huan would have to stay with you in Republic City, Lin?" Suyin asked.

"Of course, but he would be shipped back to you in a few weeks."

"Ah, I see. Well, Huan is old enough to make his own decisions."

Huan looked at his mother and his aunt nervously. This could be the big break he has always wanted. With the patrols wearing his works of art, maybe art aficionados would notice and make him an art star. Then he realized his home was Zaofu, and he wanted his art to be exclusive to his home. "Sorry, but my art only stays within the limits of Zaofu," he said.

His mind wandered back to the present. Why did I do that? I could be considered one of the greats by now, he thought. A loud clap of thunder startled him. Rain started falling. The green streak of hair on the side of his head that wasn't shaved started to fade. He had to dye it again soon. He bended a metal roof onto his "fort" as he called it in his head.

"Huan?" asked a soft, innocent voice from outside the fort.

"What, Opal?" he replied in monotone.

"It's dinner time. You've been in there for hours. I'm worried about you."

"I don't care. Leave me alone."





"N-O spells 'no.'"

Huan sighed, and stretched his arms out, thus bending a metal arm that punched Opal in the stomach. Opal fell to the ground. She stood up and started to cry.


"Why what?"

"Why is it so hard for you to let people in? I was just trying to help you."

"I don't know, Opal. Now shut up, I'm going to bed."

Opal stood there in the rain with the plate of food smashed on the ground. A sad expression came onto her face. She stood there for a few minutes before finally saying anything. "Huan...?" she asked. A reply didn't come, and it never did. She walked back inside her fallen house.

What a great return to Home this has been. Huan thought. I should have stayed in Republic City.

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