Please Wake Up
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June 5, 2015

Chapter One - Please Wake Up

Eska was sitting in the small, cold waiting room of the healer's cottage.

Five hours ago, she brought a heavily injured Desna here. He was barely walking and he passed out the second they arrived. He was hit by a large amount of dark spirit energy and it was unsure if he would ever wake up.

Eska didn't know what she would do if something happened to Desna.

She was just a half of the pair. It had always been like that. Ever since they were born, it was Eska and Desna. Not just Eska or just Desna.

Desna's state was their father's fault. Eska hated to admit that, but her father had gone too far.

Unalaq had never been a good father. He was always rather harsh and distant. Their mother was, on the other side, a warm and loving woman. She was the one who always looked after Eska and Desna.

When Eska and Desna were five, they found out that they were waterbenders. She remembered that day. They were so happy. They hoped that Daddy would be happy too. Oh, they were wrong. That day, their father's strict training began. No more fun, no more laughter. Just hard work.

Eska didn't exactly remember when, but over the years, she and her brother distanced from everyone but each other. They always had trouble making friends, but after they retreated from the world, they only had each other. That was probably the reason they were so close.

By the time they were ten, they were already waterbending masters, silently perfecting the skill of fighting together, thinking as one. But their father was not happy. He always thought that they could do better. Desperately, they worked all day and all night to get his praise. But he was never happy.

And then there was Korra. The Avatar. Their father thought that they couldn't see the jealousy on his face when his brother talked about his daughter. They knew that they were a consolation prize. But they wanted to be a good one.

All their life, they tried to get their father to be proud. Now Eska realized that he just wasn't the type to be proud of his children. She had to live with that. And with the fact that her cousin would always get more approval from her father, their father, than she and Desna ever would.

No, Daddy would never be proud.

What a father, a father that would let his son die in front of his eyes just to accomplish his goals. And he expected her to do it, too. No, Eska would never let that happen. Her brother's life was more important than what their father thought.

Eska's lip shivered and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Her father would be furious when she came back. That was the first time she disobeyed a direct order from him. Honestly, she was afraid. He was already angry at them for not bringing him the Avatar.

But this madness had to stop. Spirits, they were his children, not his slaves.

And then there was Bolin.

Eska fell in love hard and suddenly. That was the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her. Imagine a socially awkward girl who grew up with a ruthless father without any friends in a relationship.

She really tried, but the inevitable happened; she pushed Bolin away. That was her first heartbreak and the worst thing was that it was her fault. She was broken. That was the thing that drove her over the edge.

Okay, chasing him for revenge probably didn't help.

But now nothing mattered. If Desna didn't survive, she honestly didn't know what to do with her life anymore. Desna was her light in the dark and she was his. She couldn't be left alone with Unalaq. And it would break their mother's heart.

Eska slowly walked to the healer's room. That was a mistake. She was even more heartbroken when she saw her brother lying in a spirit pool. He looked so small and fragile, like he would break. She looked at the healer with a desperate look in her eyes. He just shook his head helplessly.

She sat next to him.

"Brother, if you hear me, please wake up," she whispered quietly. "I can't live without you. Please, Desna, please wake up." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Please."

She looked at Desna's face. Did his eyes just opened for a second? That must have been her imagination playing with her. Wait, no. Slowly, his eyes opened and he looked at Eska.

"What happened?" he asked quietly.

Eska was crying again, but this time from happiness and relief.

She hoped that he would forgive her that outburst of emotion.

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