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Vakama woke up the same time he normally did. Remembering not to show any sign of emotion...he wouldn't want his face taken away by the ancient spirit Koh. This is the life he has been trapped in for ten years, trapped and imprisoned with Koh, the giant centipede spirit whose knowledge and sadism knows no end. Ever since he has been in Koh's presence he has made no sign of visible emotion, a feat even Koh was impressed and furious about. According to him emotions are what define a person and their choices of action during suspenseful times. The fact that Vakama hasn't shown any emotion, at least in front of Koh's sight, has made Koh believe at times that Vakama wasn't human. Besides the fact that Vakama is trapped in the Spirit World with one of the cruelest, if not the cruelest being in the world, it did have its advantages.

At times Koh would share stories and legends no human would ever come across, in the hopes of making Vakama in shock. Of course Vakama was amazed and quite disturbed by some of these stories, he would conceal his reactions within him, as long as he didn't show a reaction, Koh couldn't do anything. Koh almost succeeded in stealing Vakama's face numerous times, but to no avail. In fact, Koh had a small, dim, respect for Vakama's strong will, and when he showed facial expressions in his sleep Koh would let it pass, not seeing it as an honorable reward.

Vakama's face would also add nicely to his enormous collection of varies faces. Vakama has a youthful face, tan skin, long hair (since he wasn't allowed to cut it) and a scar that went down through his right eye. Speaking of his eyes, Koh found them very interesting... two black orbs with no emotion. Vakama has grown used to living this way but as anyone can imagine, he desperately wanted to escape. After listening to numerous riddles from Koh and merging the meanings together, he discovered only two possible ways to get out of Koh's realm.

He could either wait for a solstice, (but Koh would give him extra attention so that possibility was hopeless). Or he could wait until there is complete harmony and peace in the "mortal realm". However the second option seemed as hopeless as the first, for the world has been in chaos for over a century. The only other person he knew of that has the potential to restore balance and peace is the Avatar, but the current one hasn't been seen for a century.

What hope did he have of the Avatar suddenly returning after 100 years?

Comments from the Writer

This is the first fanon I've ever written and I hope you enjoyed it, I'm really proud of it and as I kept writing it I kept adding things I haven't ordinary thought about which made it fun, I'm not so good with coding so if anyone could help me with the info box I would be very thankful. DanMan7308 (talkcontribs) 20:22, October 13, 2011 (UTC) DanMan7308


  • I choose the name Vakama after a lego character from a series called Bionicle.

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