Chapter 1 (The End of Bending)
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The End of Bending



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February 18, 2013

I woke up, feeling well rested and alert. Opening my eyes, I was greeted with the roof of my chilly fur tent. I slowly left my bedroll, careful to keep away any ice from entering it. This is the life I'm living now. The cold, barren wasteland of Terile. I'm living here with my cousin, Julia. We had to flee for our lives, as fast as we could. I guess I better elaborate...

I used to live in an old town called Nilah. It was filled will poverty and backwards technology that could make a caveman laugh at it. Though at least that wasn't as bad as this awful, frozen pit. We had an invasion, you see. It was a non-bender town, but apparently a bender was reported in there and the whole villager was just destroyed. I lost nearly all my memories... I mean it. I hit my head against a rock as I was fleeing, and I can barely remember anything before the invasion, but fragments of memories fly by occasionally.

I see faces of my parent's faces, and my brothers... They all looked so peaceful and cheerful in that poor old village. I can't help but smile when I think of them.

I stepped out of my tent and looked out at the cool, icy ocean, seeing glaciers in the distance with a slight sense of adventure.

"Well, you slept in late!" Julia said to me, with a cheery grin. She had a steaming hot pile of stew in her hands. Her long, silky black hair flowed through the shine of the sun. She's quite beautiful, really.

..... ..... .....

NOT LIKE THAT!!! She's my cousin! That's disgusting! Not to mention she's over three years older than I.

"I made you some stew. It's got some fish and seaweed noodles in it. You're faaaaavorite, I'm sure." She sarcastically exclaimed. I didn't even know what my favorite food was, for all I know, she wasn't being sarcastic at all!

I gratefully took the stew and began slurping it up like a savage animal since we don't have any utensils. I tried not to look too sickening, however. Related or not, you should never have THAT bad of table manners in the presence of a female.

"Thanks for the food, it was very good," I thanked her once I had finished my mediocre meal.

"Well, it's not like I'm going to let you starve to death, am I now?" She joked around. Julia seems nice, I think it's best I stick with her for my best chances of survival.

Suddenly, my vision blurred and my head erupted into an earthquake of a headache. I keeled over in pain, and threw up.

That's when everything went dark.

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