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October 14, 2012

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The first chapter, entitled Torn, in the-mini series Passion by Ruen.


Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.


Aang held Katara close as he watched the night sky pass them by.

The moon above providing a tranquil, peaceful setting for the two. Katara's low, steady breathing on his chest as she slept. She felt as light as a feather.

His hand slowly lifted up to stroke her hair, careful not to wake his one, true treasure. He saw a star shooting across the sky above as he closed his eyes.

This was paradise.

A scream shattered the illusion and Aang awoke with the sound of his name, permeating the otherwise silent night. His blood curdled as he leapt out of bed, knowing right away the source.


Aang ran to his door as fast as he could, using his airbending to slam it open before rushing outside. His house was right next to Katara's and he could see right away, the door lay fallen on the ground. Aang's mind spiralled with one thought after another, each worse than the last.

Aang quickly made his way to the entrance of Katara's house, not wanting to believe anything he thought as he stepped through the archway. But immediately, he knew.

She was gone.

Her house was a mess, things had fallen everywhere, scattered around the room. But she wasn't. She was no where to be seen. "Oh no... Katara..."

Turning around, trying to hold back his tears, trying to keep the influx of thoughts out of his mind, he made his way back on to the street. His eyes darting back and forth, looking in every direction for a sign, any sign of what had happened and where she had gone.

But there was nothing there. She had disappeared without a trace.

No... she can't be gone. Aang sprinted toward the exit of the village, enhanced by his airbending for speed. He spotted Sokka as he stepped out of his house, but ran past as Sokka opened his mouth as if to speak. Aang didn't want to be distracted. I have to find her.

He exited the village and stopped a little further out to look around. There was nothing but darkness. He could barely see anything ahead of him as a blizzard began to start. The snow whipped through the air, some hitting his face, but he didn't care.

He tried desperately to make out anything from the darkness surrounding him, but it was useless.

No... "Noo!" Aang let out a scream. "Katara!" His voiced echoed in the night sky above. His dream felt so long ago, a distant memory of what was. A memory of what could have been, ripped away in the night.

She was lost. This is all my fault. How could I let this happen to her?

He fell to his hands and knees, feeling himself grow weak. The storm around him amplified, reflecting his pain. His body began to tremble, shaking violently.

But it wasn't the cold.

Tears now poured down his cheeks. He felt himself slipping, his vision beginning to fade. The ground around him seemed to light up, shaking along with him.

His body finally gave up.

He shouted once more, her name echoing in the sky above, before his vision faded completely, darkness overwhelming him.

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