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Noah's Tale


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January 21, 2013

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This is the first chapter in the story Noah's Tale. Please, read and comment.

Chapter 1: The Introduction

I ran, as fast as I could; that's all I could do. They were chasing me, and all I could do is run. And the worst thing was that's all I knew. I didn't know why, I didn't know who, but someone was chasing me.

I leaped over a trash can. As I turned around, I saw them, three dark figures, dressed in black, wearing masks with red glowing eyes. I sent a shot of Earth back at them, but they just jumped over it. I had to find the store. I had an address wrote on my arm, an address for a store where I could lay low. But not now, they might track me there. Then I had to make a distraction.

I closed my eyes, still running, channeled the power of my ancestors, and called a Sky Bison. It worked, remarkably. I heard a swoop, saw a flash of white, and before I knew it, my pursuers where probably somewhere over Air Temple Island. Now, I had to find the store. I looked at my wrist again, reassuring myself I could be safe there.

Just as I was about to enter the store, I called my pet Fire Ferret, Toby. He squeaked a greeting as he hoped on my shoulder. We've been best buds ever since my childhood. I had found him running, nowhere to go, and nothing to do; just like me. I stared into the glass door of the shop, remembering the days when Toby and I would run, not knowing to where.

Narook's noodlery

The tiny shop.

The door suddenly opened, and an old, gray man greeted me with, "What do you want?"

"A friend told me about this place," I said. The man looked at me disapprovingly, before I showed him my necklace – a wooden Earth Kingdom token, with the words "Let Us Be Free" engraved on either side. The man's eyes widened. He opened the door, looked around, and shuffled me in.

As we got in, I saw the shop was a small bread shop; an oven, a small table, a counter with a register, and a flickering bulb light above my head. I swore this place looked bigger outside, I thought. Just as I thought that, the man turned a crank, pushed a brick, and went seemingly into the wall. But it was an illusion; he had gone behind a false wall. Soon I felt a wrinkly hand on my arm, and I was soon pulled into the darkness.

This place was better than its counterpart; it had new lights, cots that looked like they came right out of the store, a small kitchen, and plenty of tables. One of the outstanding features of the room was that there were three people; a girl, and two boys. I leaned on the wall, turned my head up, and released a sigh of relief.

The man got a good look at me when we got inside. I had a long face, a long nose, wide mouth, and medium-sized blue eyes. I had black hair, shaped up into a tiny Mohawk, I wore dirty, worn-out Earth Kingdom green garbs, and my hands were bruised and cut from fighting and bending. I stood high above the man, probably about the height of this tiny room.

The man instinctively gave me a bar of soap, a wash rag, and motioned me to the bathroom. I got his hint right away: No dirty boys in my shop. Well, he should be grateful I wasn't as banged up as those people who were chasing me.

I took my clothes off, got in the tub, which already had warm water in it, and washed myself up. After I got done, I washed out my clothes. After that, and waiting for my clothes to dry, I gave Toby a bath. All of a sudden, I

Pabu about to comfort Korra


heard a knock on the door. I went into full panic mode. How embarrassing that would be, I thought, that old man coming in, seeing me washing my pet Fire Ferret, in only my green underwear. But I had nothing to worry about, because he only said, "Hurry up, boy. I've got some people here for you to meet."

I released another sigh of relief. I finally finished giving Toby a bath, put on my clothes, dried my hair – making sure to put it in my signature tiny-Mohawk fashion – and walked out. When I got out, I saw a whole group of teen-agers – well, the three – standing in front of me, looking at my newly washed body, and my newly washed Fire Ferret. I nodded, and turned to sit down on one of the cots. I put my socks on, and lay on the cot, closed my eyes, thinking about the rough day I had.

I thought I was being watched and sat up. I was right; there were four boys, and one girl standing in front of me. I rubbed my forehead, stood up, and faced these four rag-tag rebels. I sighed, and started, "Alright, I'm Noah, I'm 16, and I have the ability to call various animals." I glanced over to a Firebender boy. "Now you."

The boy, about the height of me, maybe shorter, stood cross-armed, with a Waterbender girl right next to him. "Talkai," he said, "but most people call me Tal; I'm a Firebender, I'm 16, and I'm pretty good with automobiles." He nodded to the girl next to her, and he shook his head. I got the message right away; she's already taken.

"I'm Elena," the girl popped in. She had a short-sleeve blue shirt, dark blue pants, and a band on her right arm that read, "Let Us Be Free". "Most people call me El, I'm a Waterbender –"she let out a little chuckle"- and I'm pretty good with navigation." I stared at her for a moment; those wide, beautiful eyes, that lush, brown hair, that seemingly mature sense about her.

I got snapped out of my thoughts when the boy on the right, smaller than any of us, piped in, "My names Neville. I'm a non-bender, yet I'm pretty good with my staff and some tech. Oh yeah, I'm 15." I nodded. He wore the garbs of an Earth Kingdom man, looking almost as if he could blend right in.

"Well," I said, scratching my head. "Tomorrow we're gonna set off. I don't know if any of you are trained, but we'll have some test along the way." Everybody nodded back at me. It felt so different being in control, yet it felt so right leading a good cause.

They were chasing me again. Yet this time, everything was dark. I couldn't see anything, and right as I thought I saw a light, lightning flew out of nowhere and shocked me. I quivered for a moment, and finally gave out

Equalists attack

The men who were attacking me.

when one of the men knocked my knees out from under me. The last thing I saw was the mask of one of them; it was pure black, with red eye lights, and red outlining. Then I woke up.

I sat straight up in my cot. I realized it was a dream when I looked around and saw three other figures shadowed in front of their white cot mats. I sighed, and realized that Neville wasn't in his cot. I looked around, and saw a tiny zap at one of the tables. The zap illuminated a mask, a pure black mask with a visor. I stood up; trying not to make any sounds, and weaved my way over to the table.

I sat down next to the figure. I tapped him on the shoulder; he jolted, and took the mask off.

"Neville?" I exclaimed in a hushed yet surprised voice. "What are you doing up so late?"

"I do this every night," Neville stated. He picked up the item he was working on. It looked almost like a weapon that could harness electricity, yet it wasn't something you would use with your hand. "But I don't exactly know what I'm building. I just wake up and have to build it."

I looked at him in confusion. I had my own thoughts about it, but I would keep quiet. Apparently Neville saw that I was holding something back, and whispered, "Come on, let it out. It won't hurt; I've been living with them." He pointed to Tal and El sleeping on their cots. "How much worse could it be?"

I hesitated for a moment, then finally released a sigh and began, "It looks like the weapons that the men

Crate with electrified gloves

The tech Neville had.

who were chasing me were using." Neville looked at it in dismay. "Look," I said, as I slid the circular piece onto my palm. It connected to a power cell on the other side of my hand, and then connected to my skin. "I can't use it though," I finally stated. "I'm not an Electricitybender."

We both glanced over at Tal, and turning our heads to each other, shook our heads. "No, he wouldn't," Neville exclaimed, some humor in his voice. "But I might just be able to..." His voice trailed off.

I looked at him, and said, "Be able to do what?" He grabbed the machine, put his mask on, almost like he didn't hear me, and began to work again. I shook my head at him, and climbed back into bed.

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