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The Fire Bandits


1: Earth



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October 31, 2014

(Narrated by Katara)

After the Avatar defeated the Fire Nation. Fire Lilies blossom where there was once war and violence. Since we left the Fire Nation, after Fire Lord Zuko declared peace, we all went our separate ways. Toph went to reunite with her parents after communicating by messenger hawks, which Sokka wasn't happy about. Aang decided to stay with Zuko to help the Fire Nation settle and restore balance throughout its colonies. Whilst I went home to my very proud grandmother with my Brother, Sokka. The entire tribe welcomed us back with open arms. It was fantastic to see new waterbenders come from the Northern Tribe.

Sokka later departed for Kyoshi Island to be with Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors. Since then we all haven't communicated much but we send letters back and forth every so often. My latest letter was to Sokka,

"Dear Sokka,

It's been two years since we last seen each other. I hope you're having fun riding koi fish and I'm so happy for you becoming a part of the Kyoshi Island council! I've been training other waterbenders with Master Pakku. It's been great, hope to see you soon.

- Katara'

A few days after the letter was sent I was led in bed and suddenly awaken by cheers and screams. I didn't know what was happening. I put on my coat and shoes and headed for the door. Then from the distance I seen a big fluffy cloud. It could only be one thing. Appa! I ran towards them and saw Aang waving. Appa landed next to where the old Fire Nation ship used to be. He jumped down; I ran over in excitement and jumped on him. I hugged him and told him how much I missed him.

Then I heard on Appa's saddle, the one voice I have been missing so much, Sokka.

'Where is my ham? It was right here!' He shrieked.

'Sokka! I'm so happy to see you!' I shouted.

'Oh, hi, Katara,' he said unenthusiastically.

I clenched my teeth and scowled.

'"Hi, Katara." After two years, that's all you're going to say?!' I yelled.

'Eerm sorry? Nice... shoes?'

'Sokka stop teasing!' said Suki.

I welcomed her and gave her a hug, I haven't even spoken to her via messenger hawk.

We all went inside my tent where Grams was making a stew. 'Grams! We have visitors' She welcomed Sokka home and said what a lovely lady friend he has. I told grams that there might not be enough. She looked at me and smiled cheekily. 'What?' I say.

'I've known for some time they was coming, they wanted to surprise you,' she says.

'It smells delicious!' said Suki.

After meal Aang and Sokka went off to talk, which I didn't understand because they could talk on Appa on the way here. I was a bit mythed. Me, Grams, Suki all sat down and Grams got out the 'Pai Sho' game. Which I personally hate and have avoided since birth. But there is no escaping.

I turned to Suki. 'Why isn't Toph here?' I questioned.

'We're going to get her nex-' She paused. 'You better ask your brother, I don't think it's my place to say sorry, Katara.'

'Why? What's wrong? What is going on?' I quizzed Suki.

'Your brother can explain.' I stood up and went to find Aang and Sokka. I found them both in the healing room, just the two of them whispering.

I melted away a circle of ice so I could hear them better outside of the igloo.

'We shouldn't tell her yet, Aang,' whispered Sokka.

'Why not? She'll understand,' murmured Aang.

'I know, but let her at least enjoy this one day.'

I stormed in angry and threw razor shark spikes towards Sokka's arms propping him up against the wall.

'Katara! Stop! I can explain,' he said.

'Explain then!'

He told me how the war isn't over and there is still a large group named the Fire Bandits disrupting peace in the Fire Nation trying to cause uprisings that could start a civil war within the Fire Nation and if the Bandits win, they could declare war on the world once again! I fell to my knees and water came to my eyes.

'Why? Why would they want another war?'

'We don't know,' mumbled Aang.

The next day I awoke. Numb and sad I sat up and leaned on the side of my bed. I barely slept; the thought of a war waging once again the thought of leaving my Grams and everyone else behind saddens me. My dad knocks gently on my brittle oak door.

'Katara? You awake?' my dad asked.

'I'm awake. Will you becoming?' I asked with hope.

'I have to stay here and help hunt and train. You know that,' he said reluctantly.

He placed his hands around my cheeks and titled my head to his eyes and said.

'You won't be gone long. Besides what other water bending master with the courage of 10 Avatars will do your mission?'

I smile and say 'I better get ready, I'll meet you in the great hall when I'm ready.'

He nods and walks out the door and closes it behind him. Once I'm ready I go to meet Aang, Suki and Sokka at the hall.

'Where is Momo?' I asked.

'He is with Appa,' he said, spinning around on an air ball.

I giggle to myself. I feel settled and comfortable that my friends are around me

'So? What's the plan?' I ask.

Sokka pulls out his five mile long plan which includes toilet breaks, meals and even pit stops for shopping.

'Is that really necessary?' I say whilst laughing with Aang & Suki.

Sokka's face goes red with anger and his temple thumps. 'I spent hours on this!' He yelps.

I laugh even though he is furious with us all. His anger breaks to a smile.

'Why don't we just rely on Sokka's instincts?' I drop to my knees and laugh as I remember the day we nearly got captured by the Fire Nation because Sokka's instincts didn't want to fly on. Once we all stopped laughing Sokka said the plan was to pick up Toph from the Earth Kingdom, then we're going to meet up with Zuko at the Fire Nation.

A few hours later we met at the edge of the newly refurbished wall to stop waves from causing damage to the homes a few miles in. I was the last to arrive, Sokka, Suki, Aang, Momo and Appa was waiting to go there was a ginormous crowd of people cheering. It was great to see people looking so happy over one person visiting. I form a small wave beneath my feet and turn the top of too ice so I don't lose my balance and head straight for the crowd. I skid around the crowd and jump onto Appa's saddle and leave the water to flop to the floor. We all say our goodbyes. I hug my dad tightly and so does Sokka, I reassure him we won't be gone long like last time. My assurance was all I could give him.

We all hop on Appa, Aang waved to all his adoring 'fans.' I waved to my Grams and my Dad.

'Yipp Yipp!' Aang yelled.

With a groan and a slam of his tail Appa shot of into the sky.

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