A Relaxing Day
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Christmas after the War





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December 5, 2011

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The 3 Avatars

Southern Water Tribe, 10 A.M-8 P.M.., December 5, 100 AG

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Suki gets a letter from Toph saying:

Dear Team Avatar, There's a problem in the Earth Kingdom. I recently heard some people in Gaoling say that some Earth Kingdom citizens and some Earth Kingdom Army Soldiers convinced the Earth King, Council of Five, and General Fong to use their armies to attack and conquer the Fire Nation Capital saying "We need to make the Fire Nation suffer as a consequence for making us suffer. They have killed our citizens, destroyed our cities, and even killed our soldiers! We can't forgive them for 100 years of suffering, we should attack, are you with me?!" I fear this may start another war. We have to stop them somehow. Meet me at the Jasmine Dragon on the 5th, we need to discuss this and investigate. See you there! Toph

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Suki all agreed that this was an important matter and had to be discussed as soon as possible so they packed up their stuff and boarded Appa. They flew to Ba Sing Se peacefully.

Fire Nation Capital, 10 A.M-12 P.M.., December 5, 100 AG

Meanwhile, Zuko and Mai got the letter too. They immediately boarded the royal airship and headed straight for Ba Sing Se. They were hoping for a peaceful ride but at around noon, that all changed. Though at around noon Fire Lord Zuko accidentally dropped the letter that Toph sent. General Fong picked up and read the letter. He immediately spotted them and announced to his armies, "Shoot them down! If they are able to discuss with the rest of Team Avatar, they could warn the Fire Nation about our attacks and stop us. With those sentences General Fong's and the Earth King's armies launched boulders and aimed straight for the war balloon. Zuko destroyed those boulders with lightning as he recently mastered it. Then he attacked with fire blasts destroying some catapults and injuring 30 soldiers. Mai used her swords and trapped 15 soldiers. Unfortunately for them a boulder fired by General Fong went through the balloon causing it to deflate. Zuko and Mai jumped out of the balloon before it crashed into a forest west of Ba Sing Se.

Zuko dueled General Fong while Mai trapped and injured the armies.

"Now that you know about my plans, I have no choice but to end you." General Fong said.

"How could you possibly end me? You're just a general that knows Earthbending. I've mastered Firebending and lightning. Furthermore, I'm the Fire Lord, and a part of Team Avatar, if you kill me then my friends will find out and end you." Zuko said.

General Fong, infuriated by this, started attacking with throwing boulders at him but Zuko just dodged them. Then, Zuko attacked with fire blasts and fire streams and threw General Fong off balance. Then quickly Zuko generated lightning and shot it through General Fong's arm and therefore injuring him. Meanwhile, Mai used her knives and darts to trap the soldiers. Zuko joined in after he defeated General Fong and defeated the army.

Zuko asked Mai "What should we do with these soldiers and General Fong?

Mai responded by telling Zuko "I'm not too sure."

Then, after like a minute she told Zuko that "We could put them in the Boiling Rock."

Zuko just realized and told Mai, "But how are we going to get there? Our balloon is broken."

Then Zuko said, "We still have some paper and ink, we could write a letter to them and inform them about this. And Ba Sing Se is only like 50 km away so they'll receive the letter in time. Good thing I still have Hawky!"

Jasmine Dragon, 8 P.M.-11 P.M.,December 5, 100 AG

At 8 P.M. almost everyone got here. Toph and Iroh already received the letter and were shocked. When Aang, Katara, Sokka and Suki got here, Toph immediately told them to come here to read this letter:

Dear Team Avatar,

We're trapped in the Ba Sing Se Outskirt Plains about 50 km west of where you're standing right now. Our war balloon got destroyed by a battle with General Fong and his armies so we're trapped here, basically and we're running out of food and water. Please rescue us quickly.'

Zuko and Mai

Aang said that "We need to rescue them. Quickly! They could be frozen for all we know. Today's -6 degrees. Let's go! "

Katara, Sokka, and Suki agreed.

Toph wanted to plan out how they're going to stop the attacks the Earth Kingdom are going to do for like 10 minutes.

Iroh though, only wanted a cup of tea first.

So they decided on this: Iroh goes to the kitchen and snatches a cup of tea, and then boards Appa while the rest board Appa immediately. When they're on Appa, they take turns being the lookout and switch every 2 minutes while the rest plan how to defend the Fire Nation from the attacks that the Earth Kingdom doing.

After a hour of searching, they found Zuko and Mai. Appa landed to pick up these two while the rest kept planning the invasion.

When they got back to the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh zoomed in to the kitchen and started brewing a pot off tea while the rest kept planning the invasion.

At 11:00 these were the notes they came up with. There were more details.

  • 1) Inform the Fire Nation
  • 2) Attack the forces.

Iroh suggested: Let's all have a cup of calming Jasmine tea. After, let's get some sleep. We'll sleep in the kitchen.

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