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Azula's Mysterious Plan





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January 15, 2011

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Chapter 2 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)


Azula recounts her escape from her imprisonment at the end of A:TLA, and starts a forest fire. Long Feng sees the fire from his cell and wonders who could have caused it.

Chapter 1: A Warning

Azula looked around her. The cave was barren, except for a few various insects crawling around on the damp rocky floor. She raised her fist to them, and the bugs were burned alive. Azula lied down, and rubbed her tired face. If anyone could see her, they would easily be able to tell that she was thinking. But she wasn't just thinking. She was scheming. By the end of the day, she had a plan in her mind. She rose, and, blowing one final wave of blue fire at the cave insects, she turned on her heel and walked briskly into the night.

She reflected on that night, exactly a week ago, when she had made her escape. After losing that Agni Kai to her traitorous disgrace of a brother, Zuko, she had been locked away. But she had used her solitary time to calculate a plan for escape, and it had succeeded at last. Now it was time to enact a plan to get revenge on those who had disgraced her. Zuko, the Avatar, and that wretched Water Tribe scum who had defeated her. They would all pay for attempting to lock her away.

The moon was high now, and almost full. This was not the night. The Waterbenders would be too powerful. She would have to wait a few more days before putting her plan into action. She found herself approaching a forest now, and immediately knew what she had to do. With one quick movement, she set the entire forest ablaze, lighting the night sky with her flames. As she continued on, the smell of ashes reached her nose. But to her, it wasn't just the smell of ashes. It was the smell of success...

"How did this start?" a Waterbender asked as he doused half of the forest using the enriching power of the moon.

"Forest fires are never blue," said another Waterbender. "Blue flames are hotter than normal orange ones. Flames do not usually get this hot. This fire was intentional."

"But who would intentionally start a forest fire?" asked the first. He doused the rest of the forest with another wave of hands. "Especially on a night like this. The moon is full tonight. Putting this fire out took no effort."

"I don't think it was meant to burn down the forest," said the second, shaking his head. "This was a warning."

"A warning for what?" asked the first.

For this there was no answer. All they could do was stare into the starry sky, feeling the power of the moon rushing through their veins. They could only guess what events were soon to come.

Long Feng looked out of the window of his Fire Nation cell where he had been taken after the end of the war for security purposes. He stared in amazement as a forest in the distance suddenly burst into blue flames. "Wait a second," he exclaimed, "BLUE FLAMES!!!" Long Feng only knew of one Firebender capable of producing blue flames: the Fire Nation princess who had landed him in this prison in the first place. But that could not be. He had heard reports that she had cracked. She was finished...wasn't she? The headlines all said that she had been locked away! But then how could this be?

Azula watched behind her as the forest fire was doused as quickly as it had been started. It didn't matter, and she continued walking away. It had done its purpose...

Long Feng didn't even notice when the Waterbenders put the fire out. He was too deep in thought. Whoever started that fire, what could they be up to? Of course they must have known that the Waterbenders were unstoppable tonight, so why would they have bothered starting that fire? Unless it was simply a practical joke, but somehow he knew it was more than that...

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