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December 14, 2013

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2) Resurrection

Below is a transcript of an alternate first episode of Legend of Korra: Book Two. Titled Withdrawn, it explores a world in which no cure to the late Amon's bending blocks has been found.

Edits to Trivia, Goofs, grammar and choreography are encouraged.


Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Six months ago, Avatar Korra defeated Amon and the Equalists, but not before she lost the ability to bend earth, water and fire. Since then the council was disbanded and the United Republic elected its first president. The Fire Ferrets have made it to the finals of the pro-bending championship by the skin of their teeth. Peace has come to Republic City, but Amon's shadow still skulks the streets.
Open to Korra on a wooded area of Air Temple Island, dressed in airbender gear and surrounded by gently falling leaves. She delivers several fast and violent air blasts towards the camera, which do not seem to disturb the falling leaves.

The camera angle shifts to above, looking down at Korra through the branches, and her airbending increases in ferocity, exploding upward through the tree and snapping back leaves caught in the path of the winds.

A cut down to Korra's feet shows not only her complex footwork on the carpet of leaves below, but leaves gently landing on the ground, passing though the maelstrom that begins just above the Avatar's ankle.

The camera now cuts to inside the whirlwind, giving us a heady view of rushing air and Korra's lightning fast airbending moves. This is followed by a slow motion close-up on several falling leaves, and the powerful air streams that part and re-form seamlessly around the leaves, allowing them to fall uninterrupted.

Back in the center of the whirlwind, Korra delivers a strike, which a cut reveals is visible from far off of Air Temple Island. A cut back to Korra shows her calm, and surrounded by many small spheres of air. These dissipate and the leaves they contained fall gently to the ground as Korra finishes the complicated airbending form.

Tenzin Wonderful Korra! I'm still amazed that you've managed this level of mastery, and after only unlocking your airbending six months ago. You should be very proud of yourself.
Korra [Korra smiles sadly, making a fist.] That's one upside to loosing the rest of my bending. I've been able to focus all my attention on studying airbending.
Tenzin [Placing a hand on Korra's shoulder.] The Order of the White Lotus is scouring the globe for a solution, Korra. We're going to find a way to reverse what Amon did. Have you been able to contact any of your past lives? Or received any visions?
Korra I've been trying, but there's nothing. I can't even access the Avatar State.
Tenzin I'm so sorry, I feel I've failed you as your spiritual teacher.
Korra It's alright, really. The world needs more airbenders, doesn't it?
Jinora Give it back!
Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora crash in on air scooters, sweeping past Korra and Tenzin. Jinora reaches for a large book held in both hands by Ikki
Ikki No! We need it to build the Super Star Castle Battlements! [Cut to acolytes with brooms standing around a structurally unsound but elaborate pillow fort, constructed in the middle of the airbending training grounds, uncertain how to proceed. The kids fight and chase their way through the fort.]
Jinora Fluffy-foot still hasn't heard the end of the Epic of Rafa!
Ikki Fluffy-foot's not even real!
Meelo Aren't you a little old for imaginary friends? [Meelo then smears boogers on the book. Jinora tackles her little brother, crashing into the pillow fort offscreen.]
Ikki Moonlight Magic Tower!
Jinora is sitting on top of Meelo, grabbing his shirt in a fist. Ikki stands sideways with her feet dug into the small of Jinora's back, supporting herself by wrapping her arms around Jinora's other arm, pulled back at a joint-popping angle. Meelo is kicking upwards at Jinora, and has one hand smooshed into Jinora's cheek
Pema [Off-screen.] Hold it right there! [The kids freeze in place. Cut to an angry Pema with Rohan slung around her shoulder.] I can't believe the three of you! [Cut to Jinora.]
Pema Jinora! Don't pick on your little brother.
Jinora But he-!
Pema No but's young lady! [Cuts to Ikki.] Ikki! Don't make fun of your sister's imaginary friends.
Ikki [Groans.]
Jinora [Leaning in-frame.] But she-!
Pema Zip it! [Cuts to Meelo.] Meelo! [Whips out a hanky, which she holds to Meelo's nose, her other hand around the back of his head.] Blow.
Pema [Hisses to Tenzin, while Meelo loudly blows his nose.] Darling you've done an amazing job training the Avatar these past 6 months and no one is more proud of you than I am but raising four airbenders is driving me up the wall. I need a break! [Gestures with now-green snot-soaked hanky for emphasis.]
Tenzin I couldn't agree more, honey. [Tenzin breaks away from Pema to speak gently to Korra.] Korra, why don't you take off for the night? Go celebrate your new mastery with your friends. I think it might do you some good to leave Air Temple Island.
Korra Mako and Bolin are playing in the Championship match tonight.
Tenzin Perfect! You can take the kids! It'll be an airbender's night out. [Tenzin shoves all the kids at a surprised Korra. The kids beam up at Korra in unison.]
Cut to Future Industries, where Asami Sato is meeting with an older female industrialist in her office. The office is tidy, but filled with schematics and models of new Future Industries Satomobiles, biplanes and mechs.
Industrialist [Entering.] Miss Sato, I was pleased to hear from you.
Asami Thank you so much for coming. [Shakes the industrialist's hand, then goes to sit behind her desk.] Future Industries is developing a new line of Satomobiles, but we haven't been able to start production without a supplier for raw materials. Your aluminum mines are going to save my company.
Industrialist The pleasure's all mine. I hold the greatest respect for your father, It's gratifying to be working again with someone who shares his enlightened views.
Asami Excuse me?
Industrialist Don't worry, Your father may still be imprisoned, but the days of Tarlok's task force are over. The United Republic no longer has the right to detain those of us who believe that a free society is founded upon [camera zooms in on industrialist's face] ...Equality.
Asami gets up from behind her desk and opens the door to the office.
Asami [Speaking to an assistant wearing a uniform with the Future Industries logo.] Please escort our guest from the premises.
Industrialist I beg your pardon?
Asami I'm sorry we couldn't be of any help to each other.
Industrialist Hmph. I'd heard rumors that the great Satori Sato raised a sympathizer, but I didn't want to believe. Such a shame. [Gets up to leave.]
Asami Thank you for your time.
Asami shuts the door, goes over to her desk, where she scratches the industrialist's name off of a list of many other scratched-off potential suppliers. She is visibly frustrated, and knocks several model Satomobiles off her desk
Cut to the Pro-Bending arena, where Korra, still dressed in airbender garb, is slouching in the stands alongside an excited crowd. The kids sit next to her in order of age.
Shiro Shinobi [Cut to an overview shot of the playing field inside the arena.] Iiiiiiit's Pro-bending's biggest night of the year, Republic City, and This match does not disappoint!

[Cut to cheering Fire Ferrets Fans, who have body-painted themselves to look like Pabu, and wear foam fireballs on their hands.] With fan favorites the Future Industries Fire Ferrets faring even better than last year, their breakout season,

[Cut between individual views of confident Mako, Bolin and Korra's waterbending replacement, Bazokka, who are all wearing patched and somewhat threadbare uniforms.] Bending Brothers Mako and Bolin are proving that even down one Avatar, they've still got the goods!

[Cut to the grinning and physically imposing Rhinolions team, who are sporting gleaming uniforms with Varrick-Global logos.] But Up and Coming Sensation, the Varrick-Global Rhinolions are giving these Pro's a run for their money!

[Cut to Rhinolions fans, who wave pennants and wear mass-produced hats with Rhinolion horns and manes, and sport the team's colors.] No longer the new kids on the block, The Fire Ferrets will have to watch their backs, because with a round in each team's pocket, This match is Anyone's Game!

The Rhinolions line up and lock into their starting stances in unison, The fire ferrets flip their visors down one by one as they get in formation, but Bazokka blows a bubble of gum before he pulls his visor down and the bell sounds.
Cut back to bleachers. Jinora pushes Ikki out of the seat next to her. The sounds of the crowd, the match, and Shiro Shinobi's muffled commentary continue.
Jinora You can't sit there! That seat's for BananaBat-Ears.
Ikki You're a BananaBat-Ears! [Pan over to Meelo and a Fire Flakes vendor carrying his wares on a tray.]
Vendor Fire Flakes! Get your piping hot Fire Flakes here! [Vendor notices Meelo & a defeated Ikki.] Hey! You kids are airbenders!
Meelo Yeah?
Vendor I'm a huge fan! [Pulls out airbender beads from inside his shirt.] Can you sign my forehead? [Meelo obliges by drawing weird eyebrows.] I used to dream of being an Air Acolyte, but I just don't think I've got the right stuff!
Meelo [Solemnly.] You should do it.
Vendor You really think?
Ikki Sure, why not?
Vendor Golly! You don't know how much this means to me. Here! Have some snacks, on the house! [Vendor hands Ikki and Meelo the entire tray, and throws his apron and hat on the ground. Ikki and Meelo grin at the food, then Ikki smirks at Jinora, who pouts.]
Vendor [Leaning back in frame.] Oh, but maybe stay clear of the sizzle-crisps. [The crowd screams and jumps up into the air, blocking out the airbenders.]
Shiro Shinobi What a hit! Bolin of the Fire Ferrets has just knocked opposing earthbender Chiang back Two Zones! [When the crowd falls back into their seats, we see a Rhinolion supporter in a row above Korra looking down at her with suspicion.]
Fan Saaaaay, You're the Avatar.
Korra That's right.
Fan But you're In the Fire Ferrets. What're you doing here in the stands?
Korra I can't waterbend, so I can't play.
Fan But you're the Avatar. [Pokes Korra repeatedly in the shoulder.] Doesn't the Aaaavatar know how to waterbend?
Korra This one doesn't.
Fan But aren't you part of the Water Tribe?
Korra I guess not.
The crowd cheers wildly again, and the surge of bodies acts as a transition to the action of the field, where Bolin has taken point, leading the push against the Rhinolions with a rapid series of kicks and punches.
Shiro Shinobi What a Show! Fire Ferret Bolin is Pos-i-lute-ly Pummeling Chiang, Captain of the Rhinolions! He'd better skedaddle if he wants to hang onto that Championship Cup! Duck! Swerve! Even in the face of heavy fire, Bolin's not missing a beat as he sends those earth disks flying! Bazokka and team captain Mako lay down cover for their comrade in red as Bolin winds up to let loose the finishing...
Bolin's spinning final kick is never completed as his shoe splits at the seam! Flying off his foot and directly into the face of Captain Chiang, who is knocked squarely off the back edge of the ring. The remaining Rhinolions freeze, along with Mako, Bazokka, and a horrified Bolin. The referee's whistle screams.
Shiro Shinobi Oooohhh! Republic City never have I seen such a shake up! Captain Chiang has gone headfirst into the drink, And not under the impact of Bolin's bending but his boot! Referees have called a time out as they debate how to proceed in the face of these unprecedented circumstances. Could this be considered an illegal head-shot?
Bolin [Still frozen in place.] Are we disqualified? What do I do?
Mako I don't know! But put your leg down.
Shiro Shinobi Aaaand the word from our grand regulatory Poo-bahs is in. [Cut to Captain Chiang being fished out of the drink, shoe still stuck to his face.] The referees have declared this entire heart stopping round invalid due to equipment malfunction. I'll be bringing you the action after a short recess, Republic City, when the round restarts. But now, a word from our sponsor...
Bolin [Bolin appears next to Chiang and peels his missing shoe off his face.] Can I just...? Thaaaanks.
Cut to the Fire Ferrets locker room.
Bazokka This team is a joke. I'm shocked Bolin's gear didn't fall apart sooner. [Groans, head in hands.] I knew I should have joined the Tigerdillos!
Asami I'm sorry guys, this is my fault. Future Industries isn't at the peak of production. I've had to redirect funds away from the team's upkeep.
Bazokka Redirect Funds? My helmet's being held together with blubbergum and Prayers. [Leans back sullenly.]
Bolin Aah! I feel so intimidated now! I just keep thinking about how well their uniforms fit, and how new they are. You know, I bet they even Wash theirs regularly!
Mako You know, you could do that too.
Bolin And rinse out all the luck? Are you Mad? [Sighs.] I guess there's always next season.
Asami [Slamming her fist against a locker.] We're running out of time here. I know the Fire Ferrets can win this match but to do that we have to put our heads together and figure this out. Bazokka, did you use anything besides blubbergum to fix your helmet?
Bazokka pauses to answer as he blows a bubble.
Bazokka Nope.
Asami Well, spit it out!
Bazokka spits out the gum into Bolin's hand, and Bolin starts to patch up his boot.
Mako Asami's right. The Rhino Lions may have better uniforms, they may even have some good players, but not even Varrick Global Industries can buy a real team. [To Bolin.] We've grown up together, [To the room.] We've fought the Equalists and Amon together. We stopped the entire Anti-Bending Revolution!
Bazokka [Raising hand.] I didn't.
Mako And we've trained and won together every day since! That's what's brought us this far, and that's what's going to bring us the Championship Cup!
Bolin [Standing in excitement.] Yeah! let's kick some Rhino Lion Tail!
Asami There's the Fire Ferrets I know! [Asami slings her arms over the shoulders of Bolin and Mako, laughing.] If nothing else, you wouldn't want this guy. [Cocks her head towards Mako.] to loose the championship match in front of his Girlfriend, would you?
Mako & Bolin [In unison.] Korra's here?!
The bell rings, and the Fire Ferrets let loose a rapid-fire assault on the overconfident Rhinolions.
Shiro Shinobi There's the bell folks, and what a showing from the Fire Ferrets! Bolin and Mako are bringing the heat, trapping Chiang up against the ropes while Bazokka faces off against-No, Scratch that, Bazokka drops a Rhinolion!

With 3 on 2, Chiang seems to know the odds. And he's on the defensive. If the captain can just hold onto zone 1 for the next few minutes, he can force a tiebreaker instead of the slaughter OH! I spoke too soon, The Bending Brothers' Combo just chucked Chiang back into the drink! If you ask this reporter, Bolin should loose his shoes more often.

But there's a loss for the Fire Ferrets, as Bazokka's been knocked back into zone 2! The Fire Ferrets may have forgotten about the last remaining Rhinolion while they took down Chiang, but now he has their full attention.

Mako Sends one of his Patented Pabu Punches down the ring, AND IT'S A KNOCKOUT! That's right! One of the fastest knockouts in Pro-Bending History! The Fire Ferrets have won the Proooo-Bendiiiinnnnggg Chaaaaampionshiiiiip! And you heard it here, Republic City, Courtesy of Flamey-O's Instant Noodles

The crowd goes wild, but Korra is not swept up in the moment. On the field, Mako looks around at the stands to see if he can spot Korra, but cannot make out individual faces due to the bright lights. Korra stands to leave.
Korra [To the other airbenders.] You guys ready to go?
Cut to photo-op of the Championship Cup being held by Bolin, Mako and Bazokka, with Butakha and Asami in the background. Mako bolts out of the shot as soon as the photo's taken.
Asami I've been so busy with future industries, I hadn't realized that Korra had stopped coming to pro-bending matches completely.
Bolin Yeah, she said she'd been focusing on her airbending training, [Cut to the empty steps to the Pro-Bending Arena. Bolin continues as a voice over.] but I'm starting to think that she may be upset.
An excited Mako rounds a corner to see Korra leaving with the kids while the crowds are still inside.
Mako Korra!
Korra Mako.
Mako You came to the match! I can't believe it!
Korra Well, the kids really wanted to watch, and I think Pema wanted the evening off. ...But you guys did great! I'm really happy for you.
Mako [Obviously deflated.] Yeah, um, Hey! Why don't you come out with the team to celebrate? [Cut to the kids peeking around a corner at Korra and Mako, who continue speaking in voice-over. Meelo begins eating popcorn and Jinora hits him on the head.] Even Asami's coming, It'd feel weird not having you there.
Korra Some other time? I've got to get the kids home before Tenzin starts to think they've been kidnapped.
Mako Wait! Listen, I've got a plan to get you back on the team. [Mako pulls out a paper from inside his uniform with lists and diagrams, begins pointing and gesturing.] There's no reason why Butakha can't write up new rules, let you airbend instead of waterbend. I figure they're gonna have to let airbenders into pro-bending in a hundred years or so anyway, and Bazokka is already saying he's going to leave to join the new White Falls Wolfbats- [Clenches fist at mention of rival team.]
Korra Mako, Stop. [Her eyes well up with tears.] I have to accept that I'm never going to waterbend again. I can't do that if I keep coming back to the arena and pretending that I'm still part of the team.
Mako Don't say that! What's wrong with you? The Korra I know would never give up this quickly!
Fan [Off screen.] Hey Look! It's the Worst Avatar Ever! [The Rhinolion fan from the stands returns, but this time he has a friend.]
Fan 2 Booooo!
Mako What did you say?!
Korra It's fine. Just let it go. [Walking away.]
Mako Wait! [Torn between the two groups.]
Fan Yeah! Like I was saying, the one who's Terrible at Everything!
Mako You're out of line, fella. Take a hike!
Fan Hey Avatar! Waterbend this! [Throws a drink which lands way to the left of Korra as she leaves.] Oh that's right, You can't!
Mako I said Back Off!
Mako firebends a big flashy kick towards the fans' feet, causing them to jump up in fear just as the main doors to the Arena open and the crowd, headed by Butakha, Bolin and Bazokka carrying the championship cup, all watch without context as Mako firebends at the helpless fan. Mako, not seeing the crowds, winds up to bend at them again, but Bolin drops the cup and runs over to his brother, restraining him from behind and causing the flames to miss the Rhinolion fans.
Bolin What are you doing?! Seriously! [Camera flashes light up the brothers.]
Butakha Attacking a fan?! That's not what Pro-Bending is about! [Cameras continue to flash.] Mako, you're Expelled from the Pro-Bending League!
Bolin & Mako [In unison.] What?!
Fan Go Rhinolions!
Cut to the next morning in Bolin and Mako's arena attic apartment. Mako stands holding a newspaper
Mako I can't believe it!
Bolin I know! [Bolin and Pabu are rolling around on a pile of yuans from the Championship Cup, scattered all over his bed.] This is the most money I've ever seen in one place! [Sighs contentedly.] Do you think Asami sleeps on one of these every night?
Mako Not that! Look at today's paper. [The front page features a large photo of Bolin restraining an angry Mako, mid-firebend.]
Bolin "Hero Bolin Saves Fans From Crazy Brother" Ah! Noooo! you can see where my shoe's coming apart! [Close up to show Bolin's exposed toe on front page.] Curse Bazokka and his lousy blubbergum. [Mako snatches the paper back, crumples it.]
Mako They didn't even listen to my side of the story! Everything's completely out of context.
Bolin I dunno, I think that part where they call me "the champion of the people" is pretty spot on. [Mako throws crumpled paper at Bolin's head, Bolin laughs it off.] You're worrying too much over this! We're finally on easy street. Thing's are gonna be great from now on.
Mako Butakha kicked me out of the bending league!
Bolin Naaah, he didn't mean that, it's just a figure of speech. Like "You snooze you loose," or "No Trespassing." I'm sure he's already forgotten about it. [The door bursts open. It's Butakha and two goons.]
Butakha Mako. I'm kicking you out. Pack your bags.
Mako Please! This is all a misunderstanding, you've gotta let me explain!
Butakha No need, I believe you kid. I didn't mean what I said last night, [Bolin smirks at Mako.] I just got so caught up in the heat of the moment. [Butakha holds up front page.] But have you seen today's paper?
Cut to Bolin (with Pabu on his shoulder) standing outside of the arena on the boardwalk with Mako. A goon throws the last bag down at Mako, toppling him over to land unglamorously on his butt as the door slams shut.
Bolin Now that wasn't very polite.
Reporters There he is!
Bolin Look, more reporters. Hey! Over Here! [Starts waving.]
Mako What are you doing?
Bolin [Mako starts running and pulls and unresisting Bolin along with him by the collar.] Now's your chance to clear your name!
Mako I don't think they're here to help me out.
Mako, Bolin and Pabu keep running, with Mako overburdened with giant bags, through Satomobile traffic outside the arena, dodging between the cars. The reporters follow, running through traffic to grab their quote.
Reporters Mako! How does it feel to be the least popular person in Republic City? [Cut to the interiors of Satomobiles, as citizens are shocked to see Mako and Bolin jumping over their windshields and denting in their roofs.]
Bolin Jeez, you're right. Do you think Asami will mind if we move into her house?
Reporters Mako! How long have you hated decent, hard working, non-bending citizens? [The reporters crawl over drivers as they scramble through the insides of Satomobiles to catch up with Mako and Bolin.]
Mako We? Butakha didn't kick you out. [Mako becomes stuck between two lanes of traffic, turning his bags from left to right in an effort to save them from oncoming Satomobiles.]
Reporters Is it true you're the secret Boss of the Triple Threat Triad? [Bolin jumps up onto the roof of a trolley car, gaining an extra boost in height with earthbending.]
Bolin Well, no, but brothers have to stick together! [Half hanging off the top of the car, Bolin grabs Mako's hand and swings him up just before a car would have squashed him.] Plus I really miss Asami's indoor heated swimming pool. [They sit on the top of the moving trolley, leaving the the reporters in the dust.]
Cut to Bolin and Pabu, in matching swim trunks and flippers, sitting sadly on the floor of Asami's drained indoor pool. Mako is sitting (dressed) on the side of the pool, and Asami is sitting on the diving board.
Asami Sorry Bolin, [Bolin flops over sadly.] I can't afford to keep the pools heated any more. You guys can stay here, but I've had to cut off the electricity from most of the estate.
Mako I didn't realize Future Industries was in such rough shape.
Asami Not many companies want to work with us after my father went to prison. I can barely afford to pay my employees.
Bolin But that's crazy! You're not an Equalist! You even betrayed your dad and got him thrown into prison forever when you found out he was working for Amon.
Mako Bolin!
Asami No, it's okay. It was the right thing to do. Just like how I have to stop sponsoring the Fire Ferrets.
Mako What?
Asami I have to do everything I can to keep future industries from going under, and with Bazokka quitting the team, and you getting expelled from the league, it doesn't make sense to keep funding the team.
Mako So this is all because of me. [Pulling crumpled front page out of his shirt, sulking at it.]
Bolin [In reference to Mako's paper.] You're still holding onto that? Throw it away, man. Staring at that stuff's not gonna change anything.
Asami No, I should have pulled out as a sponsor ages ago, but I wanted to help you both get to the championship.
Bolin I've got it! We can use the prize money to save Future Industries!
Asami [Smiling.] Thanks, Bolin, but it'd take a lot more than 160,000 yuans to bail me out.
Bolin Seriously!? How broke are you?
Mako I really thought I could talk Butakha into letting Korra back on the team, make an allowance with the league until she got her waterbending back. [Cut out to a wider view of the pool.] That's not going to happen, is it?
A moment of silence
Asami They could still find a cure.
Mako It's been six months. I don't think Korra even believes it's possible anymore. [Pan across Mako, Asami and Bolin's faces.]
Asami Wait! throw me that paper.
Bolin Yes! You can see where my shoe's broken on the front page. [As Mako throws Asami the paper, Bolin gesticulates in exasperation and then tries to hide his flippers.] Would people stop pointing that out? I'm starting to get self-conscious of my feet.
Asami [Flipping through pages and then pointing, excitedly.] There! I think I've got an idea.
Cut to Air Temple Island. At the dining table, a relaxed looking Pema is eating lunch, along with Rohan, Meelo, Ikki, Jinora and one stressed out Tenzin.
Tenzin And no Equalists attacked you?
Ikki Nope.
Tenzin You weren't threatened? Or kidnapped? Or had your bending stolen with dark arts? Oh! What was I thinking?
Jinora No, everyone was really nice. [Meelo sniffs in a booger.]
Pema Don't worry Tenzin, Beifong's made the city safe again, and Korra was there to keep an eye on things. [Holds an open newspaper up to cover her mouth as she leans confidentially over to Tenzin.] But maybe We should be keeping an eye on that Mako guy.
Acolyte [Voice from off screen. Reaction shot on Pema.] Excuse me. [Cut to the Acolyte, at the door with Mako in tow.] Avatar Korra has a guest.
Cut to Korra down by the edge of Air Temple Island in the same airbender robes, but performing complicated waterbending forms.

These moves are intercut with past footage of Korra performing those moves while she still had her waterbending, defeating Equalists, members of the Triple Threat Triad, and Tarrlok's task force. This montage ends with past footage of Korra raising a great wave of water, and cuts back to Korra, mid raise, but without the wave.

Korra finishes the motion, the water around her unchanged, and reaches the end of the series of forms. She airbends in frustration, sending Mako tumbling back.

Korra Mako?
Mako Not happy to see me? [Mako's stuck in some bushes, but smiling.]
Cut. They're in the same location where Mako fell, but now sitting next to each other.
Korra A part of me was hoping that mastering airbending would unlock the rest of my bending, that I would be able to waterbend again if I just worked hard enough at it. But nothing's changed.
Mako I'm so sorry, Korra.
Korra And I hate how much this is upsetting me. But every time I try to waterbend, or connect to my past lives, it's just another reminder that Amon won. He's gone, but I still can't beat him. It's like I'm a spectator to my own life.
Mako You were right, I shouldn't have been trying to pull you back into the arena. I wanted to show you that nothing had changed, but I didn't think about how difficult it must have been for you. [Mako reaches into his shirt and pulls out a newspaper clipping.] Asami found this in the paper.
Korra The Glacier Spirits Festival. It was my favorite time of year growing up. There were all different kinds of rides and games and fried foods. For a week the whole town was decorated with colored lights.
Mako I was thinking we could go. You know, if you wanted to [Embarrassed.]
Korra [Looking out at the water.] I think I was scared to go back before I fixed this. That going to the South without my bending would mean I would never get it back. [Hugs Mako, he hugs her back.] Thanks Mako, I'd forgotten how much I just want to go home.
pause as the hug continues
Korra [Looking up from the hug.] We'd have to leave soon to make it to the festival in time. You're sure you'd be alright leaving Republic City so suddenly?
Mako What? No! It'll be great! ...I sorta need to skip town for a while anyway. [Laughs, embarrassed.]
Cut to the Republic City docks, where a large Varrick Global Industries Steamship is about to set sail for the Southern Water Tribe. Korra is back in her Water Tribe clothes, and joined by Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin, Beifong, and a couple of reporters.
Reporter [Being held back by Beifong and her officers.] Mako! How do you respond to the rumors that you are actually a Dark Avatar sent from the Spirit World to ruin everything your fans hold dear!
Beifong Not on my streets. [Shoves reporter away.] Beat it, Punk!
Mako groans, and he hides his face from the reporters while Bolin waves, as he, Bolin and Korra approach the gangplank. Tenzin hugs Korra.
Tenzin You're sure you won't take Oogi?
Korra Yeah. I don't think I want to travel by air just now.
Tenzin I can respect that. We'll miss you Korra, for however long you decide to stay. And make sure to enjoy yourself! You deserve this trip.
Korra Thanks, Tenzin.
Asami Take care, Korra. [Gives Korra a hug.]
Korra Asami, you're not coming with us? But this trip was your idea.
Asami I wish I could, but I need to stay here to take care of Future Industries.
Korra I understand. It's just...
Asami What?
Korra Republic City. It just hit me that I won't be waking up here tomorrow.
Beifong Don't worry, Avatar, The city won't fall apart without you here. [Close up of Beifong's uniform, which has been altered with the removal of her wire-spools, and the incorporation of electrical batons similar to those formerly used by Equalists.] We'll be okay.
Korra [Korra smiles weakly at Beifong.] Yeah.
Korra and company wave goodbye to each other. Tugboats propelled by waterbenders pull the Varrick-Global ship out of the crowded Republic City harbor.

The ship starts up, and moves out onto the open ocean under it's own power, its wake sending the smaller tugboats rocking.

Korra watches Republic City recede into the horizon until she is looking at nothing but water.

Fade to credits


  • The Yuans on Bolin's bed change from pink edging to green, and back again to pink within the course of the scene.


  • Bazokka is a reference made by creator Michael Dante DiMartino to Bazooka Joe, a character popularized by cartoons printed on the inside of bubble gum wrappers in the early to mid 1950s.

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