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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation
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Fanon:Trials and Tribulations: The Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation





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This is the first chapter of Draguloh's first fanon Trials and Tribulations: The Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation. This chapter tells a brief story about the past ten years of the Fire Nation. The only character reveled is Ruz, a main character.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation

A map of the world appears, slowly zooming in and showing aerial views of the Fire Nation

As a young child in the royal family, I was constantly reminded of the Fire Nation's past, mostly the bad.

During the War, the Fire Nation was the at the crest of technology. We were, what seemed like, centuries ahead of everyone else. But, when we were defeated, things changed. We were no longer at the crest of the wave, everyone else caught up to us.

Continuing aerial views of the Fire Nation, villages turn into towns. Towns turn into cities. Skyscrapers rise out of the grounds of ancient cities.

For the past century we haven't done anything radical. We've kept the status quo. From and early age I thought we could achieve the role again by inventing something no one else could have done, I always assumed it would be something physical. Then the people spoke. The people of the Fire Nation wanted a change, and a radical one.

Borders grow as Ruz names off Prefectures

The people from around the Capital City to the northern shores of the Fire Nation wanted to keep things the same, they formed the Northern Prefecture.

The people on the western shores wanted a council they would elect people to, they formed the Western Prefecture.

A small group of people on the southern shores wanted to have a council, where the council only dealt with foreign affairs. The cities and towns were controlled by elected officials. They formed the Southern Prefecture.

The islands to the East wanted to rule themselves, so they came together as one and formed the Eastern Prefecture.

The people from the eastern shores of the mainland to the south-west shores wanted a new type of government, where the cities elected representatives, and the entire prefecture elected a leader. They formed the Central Prefecture.

I didn't realize what was happening until it was done. The Fire Nation turned into a Confederacy, loosely controlled by the Fire Lord.

Camera zooms out showing a border less Fire Nation.

To the rest of the world we were still the Fire Nation, but to us, we were The Eternal Confederacy of the Fire Nation. We were the first nation truly for the people. We were the beginning of a new standard.

End Chapter One

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