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November 22, 2012

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Ty Lee's Adventures

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The Scent of Cinnamon

As Ty Lee paced back and forth in her room, she could only process one thought in her mind. I sure do hope that the market has decent priced apples. After thinking about it, Ty Lee just hoped for the best. She put her hair up in a braid and headed out into town. She walked to the Fire Nation's most honorable food market to pick up the items she wanted for breakfast. After she paid for her food, Ty Lee was rudely bumped into by a male firebender.

"Excuse me sir!" Ty Lee said turning around to face the man.

"Oh sorry about that ma'am." He repiled. He was stunned by Ty Lee's beauty. He didn't know how to react so his cheeks instantly turned red.

"It's alright. My name is Ty Lee by the way!" Ty Lee said brushing her braid back with her only free hand.

"Mine is Suon." Suon repiled back casually. He had jet black hair and was wearing a red shirt and a black vest. He wore red gaucho style pants and smiled. He had black boots on, to Ty Lee, he had perfect fashion sense.

"Nice name. So... Do you need help carrying those bags? I know they can be quite heavy at times. The merchants fill them to the top." Suon asked her. He was trying to sound cool and impress Ty Lee.

"Awh, that's so sweet of you!" Ty Lee said passing over her bags. She felt as if her arms were going to break if she didn't give him the bags. Suon happily carried both bags for her.

Ty Lee and Suon chatted for what seemed like forever. They finally made it to Ty Lee's front door.

"Well I guess I'll see you around. It's been a pleasure meeting you." Suon said sadily. He didn't want this moment with Ty Lee to end.

"It was nice meeting you too." Ty Lee repiled. Suon passed over the bags and walked away while Ty Lee fumbled to open her door, only to find it slightly ajar. What a gentlemen, opened my door for me when I wasn't looking. Ty Lee thought. She was wrong.

"What should we do now? Attack?" A voice asked.

"Nope, let's wait for the right moment. If we attack to early she will think something is up. We need to be stealthy and nimble." A female voice answered back.

"Yes Ko-yu." One of the voices repiled.

"Just let the ninjas do their work." Ko-yu said with an evil grin appearing on her face as she sipped jasmine tea.

Ty Lee was greeted by the sound of shuffling feet. She ignored this and set her bags down on a table, then she settled down on her hot pink couch. She saw a flash of black out of the corner of her eye. Am I hallucinating? She thought to herself. At this point she was literally freaking out. Ty Lee perpared herself to battle. Out of nowhere, ninjas appeared, about ten of them. One of the ninjas ran at her, but she dodged their attack. She slid under the ninja and with a couple quick jabs, she chiblocked their legs. Leaving the helpless ninja to fall on the ground. She cartwheeled over to another ninja and chiblocked their arms. Eight ninjas ran at Ty Lee with fury in their eyes. They formed a small circle, but Ty Lee took action. She sent several punches at the ninjas and they all fell. Then a note fell from one of the ninjas pockets. Ty Lee picked up the note and read it:

I'll see you soon. Ko-yu

When she looked up the ninjas vanished. Ty Lee scratched her head in a confused way. She started to walk down the long hallways and looking in the rooms. Ty Lee glanced in her room and was completely horrified by what she saw. A picture with herself, Zuko, Azula, and Mai laid burned to a crisp on the bamboo flooring. What Ty Lee didn't know was that, everything after these mishaps, was not going to be all peachy keen.

"Do you think she got the message?" A man with a beard asked.

"She got the message, trust me." Ko-yu said while holding a poisonous dart. Ko-yu stood from her seat, stretched, and gaited over to a red wall. It showed the whole Fire Nation on it. It showed everything from the Fire Nation Capital to the small colonies in the Earth Kingdom.

"My darling angels, pass me my tea." Ko-yu said looking at her tea servers. They gave her a steaming cup of jasmine tea and bowed. As she sipped, her eyes turned a dark blue.

"I've been thinking about heading east towards one of the Fire Nation colonies. My instinct tells me that is where Ty Lee is heading. I mean, that is where her former friend, Suon, lives. He must be in town visiting on occasion. We need to take extra precautions. Ready the ships, we've got some business to attend to." Ko-yu said pointing to two guards. They nodded and walked out. Ko-yu then threw a dart and it hit a small Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom. Her comrades took a moment to let this sink in. She glared at her team and they quickly got up and followed her out of the door.

"You guys make me-" Ko-yu stopped. Zung looked at her then shook his head. Ko-yu felt her fists ignite with flames.

"You should hire experts." Zung said closing the door as Ko-yu walked out, her eyes were now a bright red. She was, in other words, filled with fury.

Ty Lee flung open her front door as her shoes hit the hard gravel. She had a pack slung around her shoulder. She ran towards the dock and saw Suon boarding a ferry.

"Suon. Wait.. Where are you going?" Ty Lee questioned him.

"Back to the colonies in the Earth Kingdom. The ones the Fire Nation own. It's basically my hometown. I was here trading vegetables and fruits for tools." Suon answered.

"Oh. Can I come with you?" Ty Lee asked. Suon looked at her puzzled then sighed.

"Sure, why not. At least you can keep me company on the way there." Ty Lee hopped aboard the ferry as Suon paid for the tickets. Ty Lee stared back at her home as the ferry pulled away from the dock. She had no idea what was going to come next.

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