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"The Shocking Truth"
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Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Disease (疾病)



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September 19, 2016

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"The Chosen One"

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"New Projects"

"The Shocking Truth" is the first chapter of Book Two: Disease (疾病) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

The Shocking Truth

Myrdin was following Mei to the hospital which was located nearby Ba Sing Se. They currently stood at the waiting room. Mei still cired.

"Mei? Should we go get some tea?" Myrdin asked. Mei agreed, but she sat down in a chair anyway, as she was too broken to understand what he meant. It was like her whole life fell to thousand pieces.

Zing Dang was going to move out of Nora's apartment. He was packing his stuff from the bedroom. When he was finished, he came out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, where Nora was standing. He smiled to her. She smiled back.

"See you at work," Zing Dang said.

"Yes," Nora said back, and then he leaved.

At the staff room of the Agrarian Park Hotel, Mike was sitting talking to a girl who also worked at the hotel. Meanwhile, Min, Huang-Gi and Zing Dang's daughter, stood beside her locker, shifting to spacetime outfit.

"And then I got the message that I was hale. I became happy, of course, but ... at the same time I kind of just became completely empty," Mike said to his fellow worker.

"What happens now? Where do I go from here? What's the meaning?"

Min's phone called. She took it.

"Hi dad ... Seriously? ... So it's completely over between you and Nora?". The latter made her get Mike's attention.

"How great. I think that's what's right," Min revealed. Mike felt like talking to Nora, so he said goodbye to his fellow worker and leaved.

"But where are we going to live? At the hotel? Yes! That's exactly what I need right now," Min said.

Yomei at the hospital

At the hospital.

At the hospital, Mei was taken into a conversation with the doctor. She had been given a special potion who removed the possibility for her sickness to infect someone else.

"I assume you have many questions," the doctor said.

"I don't know. I'm infected by Dead Lotus. I'm going to die," Mei answered, still feeling completely broken and empty.

"The forecasts are considerably bigger than that," the doctor said.

"It's 50 %," Myrdin said. He was sitting next to Mei, supporting her at the hospital.

"50 %?" Mei asked supplied and got up from the chair.

"Maybe you two need to talk?" the doctor said to Myrdin.

"Yeah, I think that would be fine," Myrdin answered. Mei took of her jacket. Then Mei suddenly started thinking of something.

"I must tell mom!" she said to Myrdin.

"Yes, you have to," he answered.

"How am I supposed to do that? She's going to become completely broken! She's not going to handle this! I can't tell her, Myrdin!" she said, really worried.

"You sort of have to tell her before the healing sessions starts. Aren't you going to need her?" Myrdin asked. Mei took a look at the bed.

"What if I go down in this bed and never ever get out of it again?" she said, crying.

"You have good forecasts. You're going to be healed. Everything is going to be fine," Myrdin said and gave her the phone, so that she could get it done.

Mike knocked at Nora's door. She opened. .

"I met Zing Dang down stairs. Is it over?" Mike asked.

"I guess," Nora answered. Mike walked inside the apartment. Although Nora did not seem to want him to come in, she did not stop him either.

"What a coincidence," he said.

"Coincidence?". Nora did not understand.

"The passed day and night has been pretty heavy. I thought I was sick, you know. Forget that. I'm hale. However, I managed to think a lot," he explained. While he did, Nora was taking a wash bucket, filled it with water and started washing the floor, not paying much attention.

"What did you think of?" she asked.

"I was thinking of who really match," Mike said.

"Did you think of Zing Dang and me?" she asked.

"No. Not at all," he declared.

"Or... I did think of you though," he admitted.

"Mike, please get to the point," Nora begged. He was probably trying to tell her that he was in love with her, though she didn't get that yet. However, he was interrupted by Nora's phone. She took it. It was Mei, who was going to ask Nora coming to the hospital, so that she could tell her mother that she had become infected by the Virus of the Dead Lotus.

Then, Nora and Mike both went to the hospital.

"You don't need to be here anymore," Min said to Myrdin.

"Yes, I have," he said.

"Mom is coming soon, and I'm very glad you've been here all this time," she said.

"I really want to stay ... if that's okay for you?" he said and placed his hand at her shoulder.

"Okay," answered.

Nora and Mike arrived.

"What's going on, Mei?" Nora asked worried.

"Mike, let's go take a cup of tea outside," Myrdin said, and they leaved.

"What is this, Mei?" Nora asked again.

Meanwhile, at the Agrarian Park Hotel, Miranda and William was in the elevator, on their way down to the lobby. Miranda had her phone in her hand.

"I can't reach Myrdin. He doesn't answer" Miranda said.

"Try again later, then," William said.

"But they should've got the answers by now, and I wanna know who's the sick one," Miranda said.

"Remember that our role is to be employers, and I think we should keep that role for a while," William said. 

The elevator stopped in the floor where Dandelion's hotel room was, as someone was going into the elevator. Miranda realized she had to talk to Dandelion, so she leaved and let William go in advance.

"Dandelion! How are you?" Miranda asked.

"I'm fine. I'm hale," Dandelion answered, though still crying a bit. Miranda hugged her, eased. Randomly, Willy walked past them, knocking on the hotel room next to that of Dandelion's.

"Myrdin?" he said, proving that it was Myrdin's hotel room.

"Have you guys seen Myrdin?" he asked.

"No. He hasn't answered..." Miranda started. Willy then noticed how depressed Dandelion was.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Haven't you two spoken to each other yet? Have you been alone about this the whole time?" Miranda asked surprised. Willy didn't understand.

"Dandelion was one of those four who had to take the blood tests a new," his sister explained.

"Why haven't you told me?" Willy asked.

"I tried, but... It's not me, though," Dandelion said. Willy hugged her, and kept holding around her. Dandelion felt better now than ever, though she still cried.

"So none of you have seen Myrdin?" Willy asked while he still had his arms around Dandelion.

"No. Maybe he's at the hospital?" Miranda said.

"You're okay?" Willy asked Dandelion, who nodded.

"Good. I go to the hospital now," Willy said and leaved.

"I can come in with you for a while if you want me to, Dandelion," Miranda said.

"Thank you Miranda, you're sweet, but I'm okay, I just need to take a nap," Dandelion said and went into her room.

Back at the hospital, Nora denied to believe that Mei was infected by the Virus.

"The Dead Lotus? You? That must be a misunderstanding," she said.

"No, it's not. Me and Myrdin have spoken to the doctor for a long time," she explained.

"Why is he...?" Nora started.

 "We were together when I got the message, and he was one of those who had to take the blood tests a new," Mei informed.

"Maybe he's sick," Nora suggested.

"I have taken that test three teams now, mom. It's dang sure," Mei said.

"You have taken the test three times, but you did never hesitate to ask me?" Nora asked.

"I didn't want to tell you before I knew it for sure," Mei explained.

"Is it because Zing Dang and I fought so much?" Nora asked worried. Mei disproved that. Now, Nora didn't have much to say, so she just sat down, next to her sick daughter.

Miranda and Willy met in the hotel lobby, and they agreed to go to the hospital together, to see Myrdin. However, Myrdin himself came inside right in that moment.

"Myrdin ... How are you?" Miranda asked.

"Have you got the answer?" Willy asked.

"Yes. It's not me," he informed. Miranda was happy, so she hugged him.

"But that means that..." she started.

"Yes. It's Mei," Myrdin said. He was pretty sad about that, and he leaved.

Dandelion was laying in the bed at her hotel room, though she didn't sleep. She noticed that someone arrived inside the door. It was Willy.

"Did I awake you?" he asked.

"No," she answered.

"It wasn't Myrdin who was sick. It was Mei," he informed. She didn't answer that. She just sat in her bed. Willy sat down with her.

"How are you doing?" he asked. She didn't answer that either. She just looked at him.

"Dandelion, I'm sorry," he said.

"You didn't know," she said.

"Because I didn't let you explain. I'd wish that I'd known, so that I could helped you," he said.

"I have thought. Good thoughts. It's just a bit difficult to explain. I don't know how to say it," she said.

"Look. I'll go to the restaurant, buy some food, and bring it up here. Then we can talk," he said. She agreed. He leaved for a while.

Miranda and William was talking to each other in their apartment.

"Did you get to know something?" William asked.

"Yes. It's not Myrdin," Miranda informed.

"It's Mei then?" he understood.

"What do you think we should do to follow her up?" she asked.

"I don't know. I think I should go tell Wilbert about it right now so that he knows too," William said, referring to his son who lived in the neighbour apartment, who once was Mei's boyfriend.

Back at the hotel room, Willy had brought dinner for him and Dandelion.

"Time for good thoughts?" he asked.

"I thought I was going to die, and I was totally alone. I don't want to be alone. Do you understand?" she said.

"You want someone?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

"A man?" he asked.

"Yes. A man. And a family, and..." she started. She was especially thinking about their daughter, Peony. They repeated their words.

"A man?"


"Do you think of some specific man?" he asked.

"Yes. Do you want me to tell you which man I am thinking of?" she asked.

"Actually, you don't need to," he said. They smiled at each other.

At the hospital, Nora wanted to talk to the doctor once again.

"No, mom. Don't do that," Mei said.

"What am I going to do then?!" Nora asked.

"Just come here," Mei said.

"I have to do something," Nora said. The shock was obviously making her act this way.

"Can't you just be here along with me right now?" Mei suggested. Nora agreed, and they hugged.

Min was happy about the fact that she and her father finally were going to move out from Nora's apartment. She listened to the radio while bringing her clothes from the closet and into her suitcase. Mike arrived.

"Hi, Min," he said.

"What are you doing here?" Min asked.

"I'm going to bring some stuff to Mei," he explained.

"Is she also going to move out?" she asked, unknowing about the fact that her best friend was infected by the Virus of the Dead Lotus and currently hospitalized.

"She's at the hospital," Mike informed. Min could not hear him, due to the high volume of the radio music. Mike turned it off.

"Mei is hospitalized. She has been infected by the Dead Lotus," he explained. Min was shocked.

Meanwhile, Mei was laying in the bed at the hospital. Her mother Nora sat next to her, telling her that everything was going to be fine.

And elsewhere, in Miranda's apartment, her grandchildren, the twins Sun and Moon sat at the table.

"Today I'm going to conquer Wilbert!" Sun declared, while Moon was busy with his computer where he searched for movie reviews. .

"But are you sure Wilbert is ready to become your boyfriend?" he asked.

"Of course," she answered, drinking a cup of tea.

"Take a look at what's coming at the cinema," she said, referring to the cinema in the middle ring of the city.

"Sun, remember that it wasn't that long ago since Wilbert and Mei broke up," he said.

"And now he is only thinking about me," she said, completely ignoring her brother's suggestions, as usual.

"Let's watch a scary movie! Then he has to hold around me. Or maybe we should watch a deep movie with meaning," she suggested. While she was talking, their step grandfather and Wilbert's father, William, arrived at the kitchen. He noticed that they had made some red food which was messing up the whole workbench.

"Excuse me, what have you made here?" he asked.

"Flaming fire flakes," Sun said, got up and went to him.

"It's delicious! Moon can make it for you someday. Do you want a taste?" she asked.

"That must be some other day. I need to talk to Wilbert," he said and leaved towards the neighbor apartment where his son lived.

"You know what? Wilbert hasn't thought of Mei since they broke up," Sun said to Moon.

However, it might have been that Sun was a bit wrong there. Because in exactly that moment, Wilbert had went to the hospital, and was now sitting in a chair right next to his ex-girlfriend's bed.

"Aren't you angry at me?" he asked.

"No. Why should I be?" Mei asked.

"You were sick when we were together. I should've shown more respect," he said.

"If you'd known, I'm sure you'd done," she declared.

"Ever since dad told me you were sick, I've thought of you every second. I really want to be here with you," he admitted.

"I don't think that's necessary," she declared. He sighed.

"Wilbert. I want you to go on with your life," she explained.

"I can go on with my life even if I'm here," he said.

"Can't you just wish me to get well soon? That's the best kind of support I can get from you," she explained.

Moon was sitting in the couch, listening to the radio. Then, Wilbert arrived, and he was pretty sweat.

"Hi. Is dad here?" he asked. Moon turned off the music and answered:

"I guess William's at work."

"Yeah. I guess you're right," Wilbert said and was about to leave.

"Are you okay?" Moon asked.

"Yes," Wilbert answered short.

"Are you sure?" Moon asked again, as it didn't look like he was.

"Yes," he still answered.

"Wilbert. I can tell it's something," Moon said.

"You maybe know that Mei is sick? She's infected by the Dead Lotus. A type of virus," Wilbert explained.

"Oh..." was the only thing Moon managed to say.

"I'm coming from the hospital right now," Wilbert explained.

"Is she really bad?" Moon wondered.

"She has been infected by a deadly virus," Wilbert underlined and continued, while sitting down in the couch as well, meaning that his speech was going to be quite longer.

"She pretends like nothing. She's only caring for everyone else. Classic Mei. It was weird. I wanted to say a lot. I wanted to do everything I could for Mei. But she just ... She just tells me to go on with my life."

Moon did not really know what to say, so he just listened in silence. However, when Wilbert started crying, Moon felt he had to do something.

"You ... Wilbert ..." he tried, but he was interrupted by his intense twin sister, Sun, who arrived in the living room with a bunch of clothes.

"Moon? We ..." she started, but then she spotted Wilbert, sitting there and crying like none of them had ever seen.

"Wilbert! What's wrong?" she asked as she sat down next to him and placed her arms around him in attempt to comfort him.

Elsewhere, in the Lobby Office at the Agrarian Park Hotel, Zing Dang was sitting in a chair, while Huang-Gi, who worked as the concierge at the hotel, was sitting at the desk, working.

"I guess you've heard that Min has moved out?" Zing Dang said to his ex-wife.

"What?" Huang-Gi asked, proving that she had not heard that yet.

"It's over between me and Nora," he explained.

"That was sad," she said.

"It's okay," he said.

"Where are you two going to live now?" she asked.

"Here, actually. Temporary, of course," he pointed out.

"So we're live-ins again?" she joked.

"Yeah. Finally the family is together under one roof," he joked back.

"Why haven't we thought about that before? Each of us having our own rooms, our own locks, and our own bathrooms. Maybe things wouldn't have turned out so bad," she joked further.

"Don't you think?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, and the two of them laughed together. Then, their daughter Min arrived in the office.

"Mei's gonna die," she said. None of them understood.

"Die?" Zing Dang asked. Min broke into tears and ran into the hands of her father, who comforted her, while looking worried at Huang-Gi.

Back in Miranda's apartment, Moon again sat in the couch and listened to the radio, while Sun arrived in the living room, looking quite disappointed.

"I guess we're not going to the cinema after all. It's so bummer that Mei has become infected by that stupid virus right now," she complained and sat down next to her brother.

"Wilbert is heartbroken. Now I have to figure out something else," she said. Moon could not believe that his sister was that selfish, so she knew the perfect suggestion to what she could do now.

"You can pull yourself together. This stuff Mei's going through is serious," he said.

"I didn't mean it that way," she claimed and got up from the couch again.

"Wilbert is really sad. I need to get closer to him in some other way," she realized. Her brother didn't answer.

"Can't you help me? What should I do?" Sun asked.

"I don't know," Moon answered and looked at her. She sighed again.

"I guess I should go visit him now," she said. That made Moon wanting to make her stop.

"My advice for you, dear sister: Stay away from Wilbert!" he nearly yelled. Sun kind of laughed.

"Is it YOU or ME who's in love with Wilbert?" she joked. However, what if it was something it? What if Moon actually was in love with Wilbert?

Back at the hospital, Myrdin came to visit Mei again. She was currently sleeping, and Nora and Mike were both there too.

"How are you?" Myrdin asked.

"She's fine," Nora answered and smiled. Myrdin sat down next to Mei, and as she barley woke up, he asked how she felt.

"How did it go at home, Mike?" Mei asked, referring to him bringing her stuff from home to the hospital.

"It worked out. I think I got it all," he said.

"I want some music," Mei said.

"Then you'll get that," Myrdin said, and turned on the radio.

Elsewhere, in Wilbert's apartment, he sat on the couch, still very sad about Mei. Then, Sun arrived.

"Do I disturb?" she asked, though she did not really care about that. She sat down next to him, and understood that he was sad about Mei.

"Is she really bad?" Sun asked.

"I'm sorry that I've been whining so much," he apologized and got up from the couch.

"So everything is fine?" she asked.

"She tells me to go on with my life. That's not easy," he explained and continued worrying.

"What if she suddenly ... I want to do something. To be there for her. I really want to do something," he explained.

"You can. Maybe she wants to feel a bit normal," Sun suggested, got up and placed her arms on his shoulders.

"Maybe you should think that everything will be fine? Give her some more space. You're doing it for her sake, right?" she asked. .

"Yeah. Thank you," Wilbert said and smiled. She smiled back.

"If there is something, I'm in the neighbor apartment," she said and leaved.

Back at the hospital, Mei was laying in the bed, listening to the radio. Nora and Mike had leaved for a while. However, Myrdin was still there.

"Feeling better?" he asked.

"A bit," she answered and smiled.

"Just tell me when you want me to leave, so you get to be alone," he said.

"You can't leave. I don't manage to be alone now. And you're not like the other's; afraid and hysterical," she explained.

"I think it may be smart to be alone too," he said. Then, Min and Zing Dang arrived. Zing Dang held a bouquet of flowers.

"Aren't you going to hug me?" Mei asked Min, who immediately broke into tears and ran from the door and hugged Mei, who started crying as well. Zing Dang gave Mie the flowers. However, he and Myrdin understood they had to leave the girls alone for a while.

"I've never felt THAT mean. I've been mad at you. But I've only been very jealous. That had hurted so much. I should've known about this earlier. You're the best friend I have. You're nearly my sister. And ... And I'm not letting you die!" Min said to Mei, still cryng.

"I need to be here at the hospital to become hale," Mei explained. Min cried even more.

"It may well be that I survive. I will be hale," Mei said.

"What am I supposed to do?" Min asked.

"Nothing," Mei told.

"I'm so sorry for everything I wrote about you. I'll never write something that mean about anyone again. Especially not about YOU," Min promised.

"You know that I really, really love you?" Mei said and smiled. Their hands met each other's.

"Can we do fine again?" Min asked.

"I suppose so," Mei said, noticing how much Min was crying.

"Oh my gosh. It's not you who are sick. it's me," Mei said and laughed, as so did Min.

Zing Dang was in the corridor, as so was Nora, Mike, and CeCe. Nora went to Zing Dang. Mike was a bit surprised when he noticed that the ex-couple were talking together, so as they did, he got up from his chair and took CeCe with him on his way towards them.

"How are you?" Zing Dang asked.

"Well," Nora said.

"Tell me if there's anything I can do," he said. She nodded, followed by her eyes meeting Mike's.

"Should we go back to Mei?" Mike suggested, as he wanted Nora and Zing Dang to stay away from each other. Nora looked back at Zing Dang.

"Thank you for caring," she said.

"I just want the best," he said. Nora seemed to get kind of emotional, so she leaved. Mike felt like saying something to Zing Dang.

"Zing Dang. Nora's in a pretty vulnerable situation right now. I think it's best if you leave her alone," he said, and followed her.

William arrived home in the apartment, which he found to be very messy. He knew that it was Sun and Moon who was behind it.

"Miranda! You just have to take a look here," he said to his girlfriend, who was right behind him. Miranda came in the door too, and noticed the messy living room.

"This is quite unbelievable," he said and started walking through the room while continuing talking about it.

"It must be possible for those teenagers to understand that they have to show respect."

"I'm going to talk to them," Miranda said.

"You're not their servant. You're actually the Avatar," he pointed out.

"It's pretty normal. They're teenagers," she said.

"There isn't normal to act like this where I come from. It has to be some woman who can guard them a bit," he said.

"I like the fact that they live here," she admitted.

"But you're not liking all the mess?" he asked.

"It's enough with our charwoman," she declared.

"Actually, there is a large apartment next to this one," he said.

"They're 14 years old. They can't live alone," she explained.

"They would have lived together with Wilbert," he said.

"I am responsible for them, and they are going to live here," she declared.

"I think we should talk to them," he said.

"William, they are going to stay here," she repeated.

Back in Mei's room at the hospital, Mike had brought CeCe for a visit. While Mei greeted the baby, Nora sat beyond her daughter's bed. Afterwards, Mike took a look at Nora, and noticed that she was crying.

"Nora, calm down," he said.

"Mom ... Don't you cry so much!" Mei tried. She did not like the look of her mother almost laying in the bed, crying like Mei was already dead.

"My little girl!" Nora screamed.

"If you don't stop crying, you just have to leave. I won't be able to comfort you now," Mei explained. However, her mother continued.

"I can't live without you!"

"Mom! Stop!" Mei said to her mother who was in a total breakdown right now, causing Mei to push her out of the room. When Mei was alone in the room, she naturally cried herself once again.

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