The Promise is the first chapter of Book 1 and the first of all the series.

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The Promise
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25 August 2011

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Fire In The North


Kurai, a mysterious man that was frozen in ice, is suddenly freed after many years. Mizu, a young Waterbender who witness the event starts to follow him and despite their disputes in the end they agree to travel together.


When the Avatar disappeared many searched him... Many looked everywhere for him but no one found him.Even seventy years after the begin of the war people all over the world sought him. One of these people was frozen in the ice and after 30 years he awoke... But with him awoke powers that shouldn't ever be awakened...


The battle was fierce...

On the battlefield lay dead corpses...

The bitter wind blew snow... black snow, black and cruel and cold

If it wasn't the Avatar we may were dead...

But the story begun long ago...

For exactly a month before the year changed... In the beginning of winter.

A black haired young man is walking on the coast...

It is early in the morning and mist blanketed the shore.

"Wait for me!" Mizu shouted. Why must she be so annoying?'

Kurai is a swordsman. He is dressed in black robes and wore purple gloves...

The hold of his sword is purple and the blade in the color of black, for it was made from meteorite...

Mizu is a young Waterbender girl... her eyes are framed with a beautiful indigo and her underclothes are black.

The rest of her clothes are indigo as well and in the edges they have white fur...

In the cold she wears her poncho and puts her hood on, as is this morning...

" Kurai, slow down... I can't walk so fast in the snow..."

" I didn't told you to follow me."

" But we made a promise."

It was true we did...

It was only yesterday that we made the promise...

My past is dark has been dark.....truly dark......

No one is darker than me... Not even the Fire Lord...

Mizu knows nothing and nothing will she learn...

One day ago...

In the very early hours of the morning a boat through the mist is sailing... Inside it is a small girl...

Mizu is her name and she is asleep... She awoke as the land hit the coast...

"Finally, the Earth Kingdom... Here I will be able to help people and use my Waterbending free..."

She walked deeper towards the mountains...

As she walked she saw something glistening on the side of the mountain...

It was like a crystal but as she approached she saw that it was ice...

She got closer to it...

A man was frozen, entombed in the ice... He had long hair thrown onto the back, like the wind had blown and froze him.

She pulled out her dagger... She was ready to strike the ice and break him free but the ice began to glow blue and frightened her....

Her dagger fell and on the ice small cracks appeared.

Slowly, the cracks spread out like veins, and suddenly the ice shattered and the cold wind threw her back.

The wind was strong for some moments but when the air calmed Mizu pulled her hood on...

She saw a shadow between the snow.

The person got up... he had long black hair arriving his waist and his clothes were black...

Mizu rapidly took her knife and ran to stab him.

Hearing the steps the man turned at the right moment and with force he lifted her with the side of his hands grasping her legs.

Shee fell behind him on the snow...

The man started walking away.

"Wait!" she shouted at him. He ignored her and continued walking...

"Stop!" she shouted, once more, and so he stopped.

"What do you want?" He asked her turning to look glaring.

"How did you become frozen in there?" Mizu asked him.

"I don't see why I have to answer," he replied with a cold voice.

"Do you even know how long you were in there?" Mizu said to him and he turned and came near her...

"How long has the war been going on?" He asked her.

"Ninety nine years and in one month it will be one hundred years..." She told to him and felt happy she won...

"So, the Avatar is alive? I must be sure," he said and walked away.

"Wait, you said the Avatar?" She followed him through the snow.

" Yes... You know any place that will show sings for the arrival of the Avatar?".

" I have only went to one... It is the Western water fortress... It is on the west edge of the north pole."

" Can you take me there?"

" It will take us weeks, maybe a month... But I know there is a place near here... I don't know where it is exactly but it is called Northeastern earth mount..."

" Well, then I will go alone..." He said and headed east.

" Wait, you don't even know where you are going... You need a map, and I have one..."

" Okay then, lead the way..." He said and let her go in the front.

She opened her map and looked around the middle...

"It looks like we do go east. Follow my lead." She said and run towards where east would be... The young man followed her walking.

They walked for hours and the sun rose slowly, yawning and then spreading its rays to warm the land. As it was at its highest point they saw a small village.

They walked through the snow and saw villagers near.

Two men pointed their spears at them. They must have been the guardians.

"Who are you and what you want?" demanded one of the warriors.

"I am Kurai," the man answered.

"So his name is Kurai," Mizu whispered

"And you, girl?" the other soldier asked.

"Mizu is my name. I am a Waterbender."

"Leader a Waterbender!" the warrior shouted and an old woman exited the house.

The whole village started to come around the two. They were circled and heard whispers.

Kurai saw villagers creating a path in which a very old woman walked.

'She must be their leader.' Kurai thought and Mizu turned to look at her.

"Welcome, Waterbender. You are allowed here."

Everyone caused an uproar...

"I didn't think I would be welcomed..." Mizu said, laughing nervously.

" Is the young man a friend of yours?" The old woman asked.

" Yes, I think he is." Mizu spoke and Kurai glared at her from the edge of his eye.

Mizu and Kurai were sitting on small chairs at the leader's house.

"Why do you have such an affection towards Waterbenders?" Mizu asked the old woman.

" Ah... it is an old tale. Long ago our village was a castle. The life here was peaceful. But 50 years ago the Fire Nation attacked our castle. Our castle was destroyed because we had no way to defend ourselves, with no benders. We aren't a very spiritual people. But then a young couple, two benders came to our aid.

The girl was named Reta and was a Waterbender while the man was named Aret and was an Earthbender. Reta and Aret were powerful benders and defeated many of the Firebenders.

They eventually defeated them and saved many people. But they had been severely wounded.

One last wish did both make. Reta wished that all Waterbenders and Earthbenders be cared for should they come to this village. Aret wished to be buried on the rock on the coast and Reta to be buried under the sea chain on this rock..."

"So they died." Kurai whispered. He had not spoken for some time.

"You know them?" Mizu asked, confused.

"I have heard part of the story." Kurai answered with something that resembled a smile.

"So if I may ask, where are you going?" The old woman said.

Mizu took out her map... It was a map of the whole North Pole and the northern parts of the Earth Kingdom...

"We head east... Do you know where is the earth Avatar temple?" she asked.

"Yes. As the temple's name says it is at the most northeastern peak of the Earth Kingdom. You must go here." The old woman pointed at the mountain farthest to the right on the north coasts.

"Thank you. I must leave." Kurai said and went out the tent and continued his way.

" Wait!" called Mizu and followed him.

"What do you want now?" asked Kurai, without bothering to stop walking.

"Will you take me with you?" Mizu asked.

"No, you will slow me down." Kurai replied.

"Then I will follow you." Mizu said.

Suddenly, a commotion started from the villagers. " Fire Nation ship!" they screamed...

Kurai and Mizu turned and saw, near the coast, a big metal ship.

Kurai ran to the coast near where the water waved.

Six villagers with spears aligned behind him...

"We can win." Mizu shouted.

"Stay away, you can't defeat them." Kurai said to her.

Mizu flushed. Her temper rose, her fists clenched in anger.

"I will show you," Mizu shouted and raised her arms. In a fluid movement, she brought them about her, freezing part of the water. Then she went running on the ice towards the enemy's ship. Kairu and the villagers followed her. Mizu raised her arms once more and, she alone, with all of her power made the water rise and brought the ship into the air, turning it to ice to stop the Fire Nation ship once and for all.


Mizu alone with all of her power made the sea ice and rose the ship into the air.

All the villagers made an uproar.

Mizu fell on the ice, feeling drained of energy. Kurai sat on his knees and took her into his arms.

"Mizu! Are you okay?" He said when he run to her.

"Fine." She said opening slightly her eyes.

"How did you do that?" Kurai asked and helped her get up.

"I was more angry than my bending was powerful..." She answered.

"That was incredible. I promise I will let you come with me," Kurai smiled to her and she got on her feet alone.

"And I promise I won't slow you down." Mizu said and they were congratulated by the villagers.

And now we are traveling together.

On the ship that Mizu stood was a woman with long black hair and amber eyes.

" Lady, when we escape should we burn the village?" a soldier asked.

"No, we will take revenge of that girl." she answered.

Little did they know they were being watched from another ship.

" I find you Gloomietta, at last." She whispers, an evil grin spreading on her face.

Production notes

Series continuity

  • This chapter debuts the appearance of Kurai, Mizu, Gloomietta and Arietta.

Character revelations

  • Mizu reveals that she is a powerful Waterbender.
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