Katara comforting Toph
The New Beginning
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Master of Avatar State


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1 - The New Beginnig

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This is the first chapter of the Book 1 of Avatarbender's fanon Master of Avatar State

A bit of information

Every chapter in my fanon is told by a character. The first one is Katara's. And I'm sorry for the boring and short chapter. I'm just not very good with the first chapters.


The Hundred Year War is over and everyone celebrated the victory. A week passed.



Toph walked on a really green grass. She saw the yellow colors of dandelion petals and the great, light blue sky. White bunnies were bouncing everywhere. She was happy and joyful. With her family so big, that she has many kids to play with. Then, two badgermoles came to play with Toph. And everyone was happy.

I woke up. It was just a dream. It's impossible to make her see again. Even Aang's Avatar powers can't fix the blindness. I think Toph is a really sad kid. Okay, I must agree, she is really great bender, but her emotions...

I realize myself sitting on the bed. I hear Toph. She is awake! Quickly, I lie back to the bed, just before hearing Toph crying. It's not like very loud crying, it's like sad, weak one. She saw the same dream as I. Sometimes it's a really good power, but with Toph...

I decide to go back to sleep. Of course, I should calm Toph, but it happens every night. Sokka and Aang don't even hear anything and Zuko... Yea, Zuko is the Fire Lord. He doesn't want to hear anything from us. But he still visits his uncle in the tea shop.

Iroh is really good friend with some quality tea. He can make tea of everything. Iroh often uses some rare flowers and then mixes them. And the result... It's delicious.


We are heading to the Fire Nation to visit Zuko and Mai. And like normally, the "Supreme Fire Lord" doesn't want to see us. But Mai does. So, we thought it's a great idea. We haven't seen them since... um... ee. Okay, whatever, we haven't seen them a very long time. And now, Aang is trying to get Appa awake (after the big fight between Aang and Ozai, he sleeps a bit too much). And it means that we have to wait. Some time. I use that time to talk with Toph.

"I saw your dream last night. I'm really sorry," I said sadly. I was sorry and everyone knows, I am bad at lying. She looked at me. "It was okay, Katara, I see that dream every night, so I'm over it!" she said angrily. "Oh, and what does the crying mean?" I asked sarcastically. She looked at my. With her sad eyes telling me "I'm sorry!"

Aang says something like "Come on! We have to go to the visit!" and so we climb to the Appa's back. And now we're heading to the Fire Nation.


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