Chapter 1: The Knowing - 178 ASC (New Nomads)
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New Nomads





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July 12, 2012

It's been eight years since Republic City gained back its balance and order. Rohan was revealed to be another airbender in the family, giving Tenzin a great deal of satisfaction to what would come in the future. Bolin has been training in the art of metalbending with the reinstated Chief Lin Beifong to become Chief of the Metalbending Police Force in the future. Avatar Korra and her husband, Councilman Mako of the Fire Nation, still reside in Republic City with their two children in a loft near City Hall. Jinora has earned her airbending tattoos and Ikki still has another year to go. Tenzin now has some news for his four airbending children.

"Children, let's go inside to have dinner. I have some very good news!" Tenzin announced to his children as they were completing their training for the day.

After the family prayer, Tenzin broke the silence with incredible news.

"Children, four years ago when Rohan officially showed his airbending abilities to all of us, I had an idea that I discussed with my father before he passed. That if I had four airbending children, then they would be sent to each of the four air temples scattered around the world to restore the Air Nomad culture."

After completing his announcement, his children all looked at their father in frightened amazement. However, his wife, Pema, looked at him sympathetically as he discussed it with his companion years before. The rest of the dinner was quiet as all of his children were awe-stricken and did not know how to reply to their father's major announcement. Eventually, dinner ended in silence much to Tenzin's displeasure. Then, his 18-year-old daughter, Jinora, pulled him off to the side as he was off to his room.

"Daddy, were you serious about what you said in their?" she asked disappointedly to her father.

"Yes Jinora, I think this will be the best way to quickly reintroduce the Air Nomad culture that was forgotten to the world in those 178 years." Tenzin answered sympathetically to his eldest daughter.

"Well then I just wanted to let you know that sounds like a great idea and I will support you one hundred percent! I just need to know where and how you plan on sending us to the temples." Jinora said enthusiastically.

"Well you all are going because it is the fate of our people and I am choosing by your personalities. You are going to reside in the Western Air Temple because every Air Nomad woman to come from there was intelligent and intuitive, just like you. But I will not spoil all the others' by telling you, so go and get a good night's rest and you will find out tomorrow just like all the others." Tenzin replied.

"Okay Daddy. Good night, I love you." Jinora said as she drifted to her dormitory.

The next day, everyone awoke later than usual due to Tenzin's startling announcement the previous night at dinner. However, Tenzin was awake before sunrise and waited patiently at the training area for his children to arrive. As they approached, Tenzin stood and welcomed each of them and apologized for his somewhat "unannounced" announcement. After his children, excluding Jinora, forgave their father he told them to stand shoulder to shoulder from oldest to youngest, which was: Jinora, 18, Ikki, 15, Meelo, 13, and Rohan, 8. Then he began to inform them on how they will be going to each of the Air Temples.

"Well first of all, I sent a handful of Air Acolytes to the temples a few weeks back. You all will be going in do time, with a ' special companion'..."

"Daddy what do you mean 'special companion'?" Ikki asked cutting off her father.

"You each will leave after you have married here on the island." Tenzin replied sorrowfully, much to the disgust of his 8-year-old son who thought his father practically assigned him an arranged marriage.

"Now, on to the important matter at hand, which by the way your mother is already aware of. Jinora, you will be going to the Western Air Temple as you are intelligent and intuitive, like Avatar Yangchen. Ikki, you will be going to the Eastern Air Temple as you care for nature and very energetic, compared to your siblings. Meelo, you will be going to your grandfather's former home, the Southern Air Temple, to carry on his legacy. Finally Rohan, when you are much older, you will be going to the Northern Air Temple." Tenzin said with a sense of pride in his voice.

"Oh and Jinora? I presume you will eventually move to the Western Air Temple with Shen?" Tenzin completed much to the embarrassment of his daughter.

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