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Chapter 2: Discoveries

Chapter 1: Introduction

It was the sound of wind and laughter that caught his attention. When he went outside into the cold arctic breeze, leaving his studies, then that's when he saw a boy flying! But that was not what got his attention. It was the fact that the boy was wearing orange clothing and had a blue arrow tattoo.

"Odd, I thought they were all killed by the..." he stopped himself from thinking about what had happened to the Air Nomads during the start of the Hundred Year War.

Shuddering the thought off, he walked towards the front of town seeing the entire town, or what's left of it. Most are women and children since the men left years ago to fight in the war.

"Hey, looks like someone has finally left his little library. What finally got you to leave the house, Mr. Bookworm?" said the oldest of the boys.

"The name is Dubian, Sokka, or just call me Dan for short. Should be easier for a knucklehead like you to remember." he replied, and before they got into a fight, a girl stopped them.

"Would you two just stop it for one second," Katara said, "Dan, I would like to introduce you to someone."

Just then, the Air Nomad crashed into a snow built tower. Katara helped him up, and then introduced us, "This is Aang, an airbender, and Aang this is..."

"Dan," Dan said. "Okay then, now would you excuse me, I need some studying to do."

And he left the group and went to his house (or more of an igloo), and sat in his desk. Not that he reads; he writes. He writes of his adventures, and of what he knows of, and also the secrets that he holds within himself, but no one really cares. What do they expect that holds within of what seems a young teenage orphan, whose father came after a Fire Nation raid, looking for a place to hide, carrying his sick son and his books, and found the village whom later made shelter for him and his son, only for the father to die, and the son to live on to read about him, but they don't know what really happened; they don't know the truth. As Dan was thinking how Aang, an Air Nomad had survived all this time and tried to make conclusions, he later felt exhausted from all the thinking and soon fell asleep, not knowing that Katara and Aang has accidentally sent off a signal from an nearby abandoned Fire Nation Navy ship that will bring a banished prince of the Fire Nation to come to claim his prize.

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