The First Lesson
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Christopher's Journey


Book 1: Earth



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Mako, Bolin, Korra

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The Challenge

It was a dark, crisp night in Republic City as a dark figure walked towards the Pro-Bending Arena. He had a determined expression, dark, mysterious eyes, and a scar over his right eye. As he walked towards the ticket counter, he was greeted by the vendor.

"Hello," the vendor said. "May I have your name?"

"The name's Christopher," the figure said. He wore black clothes: a shirt that was sleeveless, pants with red highlights, and brown boots. Clearly he was from the Fire Nation. "I'm here to see Mako."

"Yes, he's up in the attic, training."

"Thank you." Christopher walked inside. As he came to the door, he saw Mako training. An upper-hand fire attack at a dummy. A flying kick move. As Mako rested, he saw Christopher at the door.

"Hey!" Mako cheered. "Long time no see."

"Yeah," Christopher said. "I haven't been up to much."

"What are you doing here?" Mako asked.

"I'm on a journey to upgrade my bending skills," he said. "I hoped you could help me?"

"Sure, come on in!" They started training. Mako showed him a pro move. The move was to act like you would do an upper-hand attack, but duck to the side and preform a flying kick. Christopher tried it. He fell right on his butt. Bolin and Korra came into the room after finishing training.

"Hey, Mako," Bolin said. "Would you like to introduce us to your friend?"

"Yeah," Mako said. "Bolin, Korra, this is Christopher, an old childhood friend. Christopher, this is Bolin, my partner, and Korra."

"Hey, nice to meet you," Bolin said. "You a firebender?"

"Yeah," Christopher said.

"Hey, I'm Korra, the new Avatar," Korra said.

"Whoa!" Christopher said, in shock. He was in the presence of THE new Avatar.

"Well, we'll leave you two to train," Bolin said. "Later!"

Mako and Christopher continued training. Christopher learned some new pro moves. He couldn't wait until he actually got to try them out in a competition. Christopher realized it was getting late, and that he needed to leave.

"I'll see you later, I have to go," he said.

"Okay, bye," Mako said.

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