The Fire Rises
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The Journey Of Flynn


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The Walking Inferno

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Chapter 1: The Fire Rises

Beep. Beep. Beep.

A hand smacked the alarm clock as it beeped at 7 O'clock. A small groan escaped a boy lying in bed, mummified by sheets and pillows. He swung his feet round and thumped them on the floor. As his sheets fell to the floor he held his face in his hands. Still groaning he slowly rose to his feet and ran his hands from his face through his brown hair before dropping them down to his sides again. Then in a sudden burst of realisation his eyes widened and a burst of energy ran through the once sleepy boy. It was his birthday today, but not just any birthday oh no, it was his sixteenth and this was not a day to be missed.

He almost sprinted for the shower, his feet thumping against the thin upstairs floor. "Flynn, are you up?" his mother shouted from downstairs.

"No, mum, I'm a burglar robbing the house at seven in the morning, of course I'm up!" Flynn responded sarcastically as he usually did every morning. "I'm just gonna take a quick shower." As Flynn shut the door to bathroom he sighed. "This is the life" He thought.

As Flynn got changed into his black shirt and blue jeans he stared out of his window to observe the late sunrise. The heat he could feel through the window was rejuvenating It was heaven and even thought the day had just started he wondered if it could get any better. He ran downstairs ready to see the surprise that awaited him in the living room. And he wasn't disappointed. On the coffee table lay a large but thin present and a stack of birthday cards. The sunlight from the window almost perfectly shone on the gifts like a picture frame of light.

As Flynn opened the present, maturely after all he was sixteen. He couldn't stop his reaction afterwards when the gift was finally revealed. "A laptop, awesome thanks!" "Finally!" He thought.

More joy followed as he opened card after card, stacking the money from them as he went along. The stuff he could buy was unbelievable. Headsets, an iPod, he could go on. "You should really put that away before you lose it son." His father told him.

"Oh great, another life lesson. Why? It's not going anywhere. Besides I godda get to the doctors remember. Don't want to get sent to jail now do I?" He looked over at his dad who stood there with his finger up ready to say something but he was disarmed when Flynn smirked at him. He knew he had won the soon to be argument. But he was right, he did have to go to the doctors, everyone did when they were sixteen now but no one knew exactly why and anyone who asked questions were never heard from again.

It was now 8:30 in the morning and Flynn's friend William was waiting outside. He knocked on the door repeatedly until Flynn finally answered. As Flynn pulled open the door Will's fist tapped his face repeatedly as if he was still knocking on the door. Flynn finally stopped him when he grabbed his wrist. "You know that maybe funny in the cartoons, but it bloody hurts in real life."

To that his friend laughed "Happy birthday Flynn, I suppose your morning went well?" He said with a smile.

"Well Will it was going great until I almost got my nose broken by some idiot at the door." Flynn reached out his hand for a handshake and Will did the same. "Happy birthday Will" they released each other's grasp after a firm handshake. Flynn's mother appeared behind him.

"Hey Will. Happy birthday. How's everything going at your home?" she asked.

"Well Mrs. G it's been fine to be honest, although I haven't really got that much for my birthday." His head hung a little low and his voice was a little choked up. Will had a nice family but loads of younger, more successful siblings who got way more attention than him. He was happy he had a family and a home but he sometimes thought that they didn't think he was a part of it.

"We have to go now Will, the last thing I think we want today is to be sent to jail." Flynn grabbed his leather jacket from the coat hanger and put it on. Frankly he just didn't want his mother embarrassing him again like last time, she always found a new way every time she talked to William.

"Wait Flynn I---" But she was cut off when Flynn slammed the door behind him when he left.

"Phew, good dodge." Flynn thought. "Well we better get going." Flynn clapped his hands and set off walking with Will into town. The town of Greenbrokeshire in England was nice, small and rural. It had a nice community and some really old buildings dating back to the seventeenth century. The whole time Flynn grew up around here nothing had ever changed and he loved that. He was not a big fan of change and even a little chink in his schedule would mess him up completely. The hills were green, the forests were lush and the farms were full of life. But every now and then you could be lucky enough to see the 'Rolling Hills' as some people called them. It was when the wind was strong enough to blow all the grass on the hills to and fro, and if you were lucky enough to see it at the right point, you could see the hill change to different shades of green. Emerald, light green, dark green, all the shades of green you could think of were there. Flynn had only seen it once but he would remember it for the rest of his life. This was the perfect town.

It was about a 20 minute walk into town and to the doctors. The pair walked, chatting the whole way. "Listen, I'm just saying, in a fight I would probably win," Flynn bragged.

Will laughed and replied, "Yeah right, keep dreaming. You don't have any martial art skills, your hardly tall enough and if anything you'd probably talk them to death anyway. Me on the other hand... Well I don't want to brag." Will counted an extra finger with every point he made. Flynn lightly punched Will in the arm playfully. He was the best friend Flynn could ever have and was practically the brother he never had. They had grown up together since they were just kids. They had come a long way since then but they still remained strong friends. They never fought, hardly ever disagreed and always laughed at each other's jokes. He was the perfect friend.

After a few more minutes they finally arrived at the doctors. The clear sky let the Sun shine down on the building, but dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon. As they entered the doctors the waiting room was full of boys and girls all sixteen years old, ready for their check up. Flynn and Will squeezed in to two empty seats next to each other. The room was full of chatter until the announcing box stopped it all when they called people in. Flynn was getting a bit squeamish because of his fear of needles, Will though was not even bothered. He never really let anything effect him due to his motto "Fear is stupid."

Flynn was deep in thought when his concentration was broken by the Announcer."Can Flynn Grant please go to room 4, thank you.

"Well I'm up, see you in a sec buddy." He jumped up from his seat and yelled "Happy birthday everyone, this is one hell of a party!" With that he smirked and walked towards room four leaving a few people murmuring 'Thanks' and some more people completely shocked. That was one thing about Flynn, he was always unpredictable and always did the craziest of things without any regret or thought. This got him beat up a few times and yelled at some other times, but he relished every second of it. He just loved grinding peoples gears.

Flynn gingerley entered the doctors room and shut the door gently behind him, hoping the doctor wouldn't notice. But it clicked as the lock set in place. Flynn squinted and shrunk into himself. "Ah, Mr. Grant welcome. Please take a seat." the doctor motioned his arm towards the chair by his desk.

Flynn shuffled over like a shy child and sat quickly down. "Hey doc, umm, what, what's up? There's no diseases going around are there?" Flynn was more afraid of the needles than the answer 'yes' but he had to ask. He didn't know why he was here, just that he had to be here and any answers at all would have been nice.

The doctor swiveled on his chair to face Flynn, he made a creepy smile. "Oh no my boy it's nothing that serious, we just need to do a quick and simple test." Flynn was slightly relieved but usually quick and simple meant injections and that meant needles and... "No no no, don't think like that Flynn. But what if there are needles, I can't take the pressure!" Flynn almost exploded with the constant battle in his head before he finally had to say it. "Will there be any needles?" But before the doctor could answer, he disappeared under his desk to open a draw. Flynn caught a glimpse of his name tag. It read Dr. Nick. All of a sudden Flynn's tensions were gone as he burst out laughing at the doctor's name. This made Dr. Nick jump and he hit his head on the bottom of his desk.

Flynn kept laughing until Dr. Nick raised his head with his hand rubbing the top of it. He was red with either rage or embarrassment, but either one made Flynn laugh even harder. He could barely control himself until he was silenced immediately by the item in the doctors other hand. It wasn't a needle, thank God, but it was a strange device that looked like a Geiger Counter. The needle of it was in the red but it was wobbling slightly. Dr. Nick grabbed Flynn's arm and did that creepy smile at him again. "Just stay still, this will only take a second." He placed the counter on Flynn's shoulder and almost instantly the needle shot up into the green and a small red light flashed in the corner of it.

The doctor fell back in his chair in shock and held his hand on his forehead. "Oh-oh my... I-I think that's good. You should leave now, I have more people to see." He was physically shaking as he spoke and was severely shocked.

Flynn raised an eyebrow at him "Are you okay doc? You don't look too good."

Dr. Nick almost shouted at him as he said, "Yes, yes, I'm fine. You just need to leave. Now." Flynn got up and walked towards the door and opened it before turning back and smiling, "Oh this is gonna be funny" he thought.

"Goodbye Doctor Nick!" Then Flynn waved his hand to him before closing the door and laughing hysterically through the corridors and the waiting room before joining Will outside. Everyone in the waiting room looked at him strangely as he chuckled through it and left without even letting up with his laughter.

As the door closed, Dr. Nick wiped the sweat off his brow and picked up the phone before dialling the numbers 834935. He brought it close to his face and whispered "We have one. He's wearing a black leather jacket, black shirt and blue jeans. He's about five foot seven, Black hair and amber eyes. You better get him quick, he has one of the highest readings I've ever seen, the last one like that was Chen and we know what he turned out like."

Flynn met up with Will outside. They exchanged various questions about their doctors and what happened. Flynn knew he had to tell Will about the test. "Will? You know that thing the doctor used? Mine went all the way up to the top."

"Really? Cause mine stayed at the bottom. That's pretty weird you know. You could have something wrong with you." Before Flynn could respond a huge crack of thunder broke the tranquillity and the grey clouds from earlier had finally moved in. The perfect weather was gone now. But still they kept talking.

"I was gonna say, before SOMEONE interrupted me!" Flynn looked up to the sky as if he was talking to it. "Anyway, the doctor looked like he had more problems than me, he just started sweating and everything. It was kinda weird."

"Well he's a doctor he'll live with it I'm sure." Will and Flynn laughed as they walked down the street. The sky let out another loud clap of thunder then the rain came down heavily. It bounced off the rooftops and the ground, pattering as it did. People who were unfortunately caught in the rain were running around desperately searching for shelter whilst using newspapers or whatever they had in their hands over their heads to keep dry.

Flynn and Will sprinted for an alleyway which was sheltered by the roofs of the houses that created it. They banged their backs against the mossy walls of the alleyway and slid down, adding moss to their soaked coats. "Well I'm glad I brought a jacket, I love this thing."

"Oh yeah, ha ha laugh it up. I just didn't want to bake to death in the boiling Sun." Will waved his arms to shake off the rain and droplets flew everywhere. Mostly on Flynn though.

"Hey if your going to act like a dog then be a good boy and get me a newspaper to read whilst we wait." Flynn rubbed his friends hair. "Now there's a good boy!" Flynn laughed whilst Will hung his head in shame, water dripping down his face and falling off his chin. The amusement was cut off however when three men dressed in long black trench coats appeared at the end of the alley, their faces were covered by masks. They were at least six foot tall and their shadows loomed over the two sixteen-year-old boys.

Flynn was hardly intimidated by their little "act" and quickly cut the tension. "Hey guys, can we help you? Did you get lost on the way to your Matrix convention" He elbowed Will and pointed to the three men. "Which one of those do you reckon is Neo?" The pair started chuckling and snickering before they were interrupted.

"Enough games!" The man in the middle raised his hand up as if to halt the entire rant. "Flynn Grant, we need you to come with us. Now." They all took a step forward and at that point Flynn and Will quickly rose from the floor.

"And what if I refuse?" Flynn crossed his arms and smirked. The cloaked men took no time and quickly pulled out tasers ready to fire.

"We can be very persuasive." They all charged their tasers and Flynn could hear the electricity going through them. "Now come with us Mr. grant we don't have to make this any more difficult than it needs to be."

Will slowly walked in front of Flynn to shield him from what would be a certain shock. "Flynn, go, now" he started to push Flynn away with his right hand whilst keeping the cloaked men at bay with his left.

"No Will I'm not going anywhere." Flynn replied whilst being pushed back by Will. "You need me here."

"Yes 'Will' he's not going anywhere." The tension rose as neither side knew what was going to happen, Flynn went through the scenarios in his head. Each one got him electrocuted or Will electrocuted, they couldn't win this fight, not by a long shot. Flynn knew only one way no one would get hurt but before he could surrender Will kicked the taser out of the middle man's hands before ducking under a shot by the one on the left and punching him in the face.

"Go. Now." Flynn instinctively ran down the alley and scaled the wall at the end of it making his way to the top of the rooftops. Meanwhile William kicked the tallest man in the middle in the gut, winding him and making him drop to the floor holding his stomach.

The final man on the left went to whip Will with his taser but Will grabbed his wrist and thrusted his palm against the man's elbow, breaking it and releasing the taser from his grasp. But before Will had time to react to the tallest man getting up he was tased by the other man who he punched in the face earlier. Will fell to his knees and was now at the mercy of the cloaked figures. Shaking violently, Will tried to retaliate, but his muscles felt like jelly and he couldn't control them. "Something to be expected when being tazered with 5,000 vaults" Will thought to himself.

Flynn watched from the rooftops above in the soaking rain as his friend was taken down. He had to get help, but he couldn't just leave him in the hands of these people. He was torn between two decisions, wondering whether he should stay or go. But as he deliberated he was frozen on the spot, just watching the horror unfold below him. The tallest cloaked man walked up to Will and lifted up his head by his hair and punched him in his nose, which immediately started bleeding. "Tell me where he is boy" He then punched Will in the face again, knocking out a tooth.

Will stated laughing through gritted teeth and spat out his loose one, which was covered in blood. "Even if I did know where he went, why would I tell you?" He then got kneed in the gut which winded him and made him cough out some blood. Flynn wanted to help, but Will was doing this to protect him. If he revealed himself Will would have gone through all of this pain for no reason. "You can do this all day... I'm not gonna tell you anything." Will then spat blood in the cloaked man's face.

"Well then." The man withdrew from his leaned position and stood up straight, wiping the blood off his face he pulled a pistol from a holster on the inside of his trench coat. "You've outdated your usefulness." He placed the barrel on Will's head. Will could feel the coldness of the barrel and it sent a shiver down his spine. "Such a shame." And then he pulled the trigger. The gunshot cracked through the air like the thunder from before and went straight through Flynn's ears making him jolt in shock. All in that moment the whole world slowed down, Flynn just saw his best friend die a horrible and gruesome death because of him. He saw the man who did it, he saw the satisfaction on his face, the pleasure it brought him. Flynn couldn't take it any more, everything he just saw just filled him with so much anger and rage, he had to let it out and that man was the start.

Flynn's eyes narrowed on him and his fists tightened until his knuckles were white. He leapt off the roof and landed behind the three men. The thud he made when he landed caught their attention and the three turned around in surprise and quickly went into fighting stances, the middle one pulled out his gun. But before they could react, Flynn (who was driven by rage) set his fists alight with fire and sprinted towards them, screaming whilst he did. The shortest of the men ducked under a punch that was thrown by Flynn and started rabidly jabbing him in his left ribs until one broke in half. Flynn yelped in pain and as the short man went to punch him in the face Flynn quickly grabbed the man's wrist and held it. The fire burned his wrist and the man screamed in pain before being silenced by a fiery punch to the face which knocked him out.

The large man went to shoot Flynn but he quickly turned and sent a fire blast into the chest of the attacker, as it burned through his trench coat he dropped to the floor and started rolling in an attempt to put it out. The cloaked man who was left tried to do a sloppy hook punch because his previous injury could not let him do anything else, but Flynn grabbed his hand and scolded it. The man fell to the floor holding his hand and screaming in pain whilst he rocked back and forth. The tallest man got up throwing off his trench coat which continued to burn on the floor. He ran towards Flynn and tackled him to the ground, staying on top of him the man started to punched Flynn in the face twice before Flynn rose his forearms up to block further punches. He then kicked his attacker off with both his legs, rolled backwards and got up. The attacker stumbled back and hit the wall, Flynn then grabbed his arms and pushed him against the wall. He was now at Flynn's mercy.

Flynn punched wildly at his face, striking it multiple times before starting to uppercut him in the stomach. Each punch burnt him and caused him to bleed more, each punch fuelled by rage. Flynn just couldn't stop hitting him, the man was already unconscious and sliding down the wall but Flynn was so driven by rage and he just kept hitting and hitting the man's face, screaming with rage with every punch. He did one more punch and then a satisfying crunch of the man's skull finally stopped Flynn from striking. Flynn let out an animalistic roar whilst tears rolled down his cheeks.

He looked over at his friend lying on the floor with a gaping whole in his head then evrything came rushing back to him. Flynn blinked hard and shook his head as if he was returning to reality, not even aware of what he just did. He looked at the man who was lying dead against the wall in shock but then realised all the burn marks across his face and the blood seeping from the side of his head. "Did I do that?". He then looked down at his hands to check for blood but all he saw was fire. His eyes widened at the sight of it, his hands were on fire but they didn't hurt. Flynn then shook his hands to put it out, but nothing happened, so he clenched his fist, then the flames dispersed into nothingness.

Flynn then walked over to Will and knelt by his side. "I am so sorry Will, I should of helped, I should of done... something." His voice was broken by tears and he cried silently until he noticed the man with the scolded hand get up and reach for his radio.

He picked it up and desperately spoke "We need back up, he's too strong!" Flynn then sprinted up to him and kicked him in the face which knocked the man out. He had to get out of there before more of them came and he ran for the exit of the alleyway. Flynn took one last look at the alleyway that changed his life and his friend who was lying in a pool of blood that was being washed away into the gutter, he didn't have time to pay his last respects as he heard heavy footsteps approaching from the corner. He quickly fled the area, holding onto his broken rib and asking himself how he did all that.

Flynn finally found a safe place in-between two bins to hide and sort out the all the questions in his head. For the second time today, Flynn had no idea what was happening. "Where did those people come from? How can I set my hands on fire? Why me?" He just couldn't make sense of it all, it all happened so quickly. He could only remember fragments of what happened but the most prominent was his best friend being shot in the head and him beating a man to death. He tried to set his hands alight again by using different movements. He shook his hands around, clenched his fists but to no avail. In frustration he punched the air in front of him and a fire ball shot out of it. This made him look at his hand in amazement. He tried punching out again and another fire ball flew out. Flynn went to punch with his left hand but his broken rib stopped him when it sent excruciating pain throughout his body. This was bizarre, how could he do that? He needed answers for everything, but there was one thing that was niggling in the back of his mind that suddenly came to light."If they knew who I was... Then they will know about my parents."


Flynn sprinted through the streets whilst holding his left rib. He had cuts and bruises on his face, and he looked like had been dragged through a hedge backwards. After 30 minutes the rain didn't let up and it seemed like there was no end of it in sight. He had to stop however when he saw a black unmarked van parked up on the street and two cloaks walking on the other side, to avoid them he skirted round the back of a nearby house an attempted to scale a fence. His rib however stopped him as he tried to reach up to grab the top of the fence. After a couple of jumps and some serious pain Flynn decided to suck it up and he clambered up the fence. The pain was unbearable as he finally went over the high fence and landed in a strangers' garden. Flynn was definitely near his house now he could tell by the houses around him, he scanned the area before climbing another fence and landing on another side street. There was a terrace house row and he went round the back of that to avoid the cloaks on the street.

Finally reaching his destination Flynn poked his head round a corner to see if anyone was around and certainly enough, there was. Then he remembered that the back door was open before he left earlier and after some sneaking around he went through the gate in the back of his garden and reached the back door of his house. He opened the door carefully, making sure he didn't alert anybody and walked quietly inside he went through the kitchen and into the dining room looking around himself all the time. Thinking it was safe he shouted "Mum, dad. Are you here?" When he went through the door to the living room he got his answer.

There they lay on the white carpet legs and arms sprawled out across the floor, their necks cut clean through. It looked like there was a conflict though as there was a crack in the TV and the lamp was knocked over in the corner. Flynn looked in horror at the sight of his dead parents and he broke down right then and there. Tears flowed down his cheeks and off his chin. "Why? Why did they have to take you too?"

"Because your bending scum that's why." Flynn snapped his head around to see a man standing in the doorway with a disgusted face. "Look at you, you think your all high and mighty and as soon as something bad happens you cry, like a little baby." He walked closer to Flynn who had returned to look at his parents. Their blood had stained the carpet red and their faces were illuminated by the flickering static of the television.

"Go away... Now!" Flynn said in a deep and threatening voice.

"Or what little baby? You gonna hurt me? Look at yourself. Your nothing." He kept teasing Flynn then he spat on his face. That was it. The rage took hold of Flynn again and he punched a fire blast towards the man which knocked him down onto the floor. Flynn then went on top of him, grabbing his throat and burning it with his hand. The man instantly took back what he said but he couldn't speak, he could feel his throat drying out and his windpipes being crushed. Just before he was going to pass out Flynn seemed to regain control of himself and he let go, leaving the man to cough and splutter on the floor.

"No, I'm not going to kill again." Flynn turned back to his parents and then looked at the picture on top of the fireplace. He held it up and saw how happy they were in it. Then he looked at their faces as they were lying on the floor and they were the exact opposite, full of sadness and despair. Flynn then remembered the cash he left on the table, he quickly scooped it up and stuffed it into his pocket.

When the man on the floor could finally speak again he said, "Don't worry, kid, you don't have to kill me" He then pulled out a trigger for some explosives. "Tick. Tick. Tick." Flynn's eyes widened and he dropped the picture on the floor before racing towards the back door to try and escape. He barely made it through the door when the explosives went off. The force sent him flying through the air and through the back fence of his garden. Fire burst through the windows shattering the glass into hundreds of pieces.

Flynn awoke a few minutes later face down in the dirt with a piece of wood sticking in his left arm. He tried to get up but his left arm was completely incapacitated and after a few more seconds of recuperation he pushed up on his right arm and rose to his feet unsteadily. Flynn turned to the burning wreck that was his home with no emotion at all, he just stood there and watched as his life was completely destroyed. Even though the rain had stopped Flynn heard a loud rumble in the distance, then another, then another. A few more seconds later and smoke pillars were rising into the sky from different locations around town. He knew where they were. His uncles house, his grandfathers house. He could go on.

Flynn looked at his left arm and saw all the damage,"I have to get some help, I'm losing too much blood." But he had to find somewhere they wouldn't be, somewhere they would never look. Flynn turned his head to the top of the hill and saw the old farmhouse. "There. They won't find me there. Time to get out of this nightmare."

Meanwhile at the Authorities headquarters...

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Yes, yes what is it.?" A tall man picked up the phone and answered with an annoyed tone. His room was dimly lit with green tinted lamps and he was sitting next to his gun rack cleaning a pistol.

"Sir we have a problem. There is an escaped Firebender. He has evaded all our patrols." A young private spoke nervously down the phone because this man wasn't just a normal soldier, he was THE Colonel.

"And what do you want with me private? My skills are better suited to more... Challenging cases." The Colonel kept cleaning his gun as he rested the phone between his cheek and his shoulder.

"Sir, this isn't a request, it- it's an order. Fr-from high command."

"WHAT!? What makes him so 'special'?"

"They say his name is Flynn Grant sir, they said that name would get your attention." The private managed to gain control of his nerves to relay the orders but he was scared for is next response.

"Grant you say?" The Colonel put his gun down, picked up his sniper rifle and pulled back the bolt. "I'll be there."


  • The town Flynn lives in is made up. I kinda stuck a few names together in different orders.
  • Two chapters in and I still haven't managed to get in my favourite jokes. Seriously, I've got a whole page of them and it's still growing!
  • The scene where Will was killed was part inspired from Batman's story. For some reason dark alleyways aren't good for people's health.

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