The Fire Lord's Chamber
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Book One: Fire's Wrath



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The temperature in the room was higher than normal, it was the first thing Soul noticed when he enter the room. Soul was a Fire Sage, a very important one at that; he was in the Fire Lord's chambers waiting for an audience with the Fire Lord. It was said most of the time the temperature gives a clue to what mood the Fire Lord is in. It's an inside joke that if you see white fire you will die; however, Soul really did not feel like laughing at that moment. It's been a few generations since Fire Lord Ozai, but the fear of a Fire Lord is still there, much like the fear of a Fire Nation attack on the rest of the World.

When Fire Lord Zuko died, many feared his son would go the old ways, but he had not, nor had his great-grandson, Fire Lord Zoki. After four generations since Zuko, the World had peace, but it was fragile at best. Soul was there for a deferent kind of war: politics. In some ways, he prefers the other kind of war, at least then there is some rules; in politics it's every one for them self's.

Soul looked at the flames flicker. He heard movement coming form behind and he knew the Fire Lord was coming. He took a deep breath to calm himself and bowed.

"Soul, you are one of my most trusted advisers and loyal friends. Tell me why is it rumors about you have reach me, very ... disturbing rumors?" The Fire Lord asked.

Souls eyes widened with fear for a second but disappeared just as quick. "Rumors my lord? What do they say?" He kept his eyes to the ground while his mind raced to think of anything that might have disturbed the Fire Lord. He thought back to Azula bashing all of her people for fear of betrayal.

"That you have been seen around some very dangerous extremists and that it's a very close friendship, one that may very well put me in danger."

"My Lord, I would never knowingly put you in danger!" Soul cried out, but Zoki just remained silent. Neither one talked for what seemed like hours; the whole time the heat seemed to be getting hotter and hotter.

"Soul, I'm sorry, but I must be sure my authority is not comprised. It is with great regret that I must mark you as a threat to me and the Fire Nation itself."

"Zoki... I" Soul stopped himself, it did not really mater. The Fire Lord could not trust anyone right now, not even his best friend "I'll accept my banishment, my Lord" Soul said full of sorrow.

"Wait a second, banishment? I'm sorry, but your not getting off that easy" the Fire Lord replied standing up. It seemed as if he walked though the fire itself till he was on the same level as Soul. "Tell me, would you ever knowingly put someone before me?"

"No, my Lord. The Fire Lord is the one I serve."

"Then it's time to prove it, Sage. You must put down those who are a threat to me, then I shall restore your honor." the Fire Lord said walking behind Soul, his voice echoing back to him.

"My people will follow you where ever you go. Remember lying and going behind the back of the Fire Lord is treason punishable by whatever the Fire Lord sees fit," he said as he walks back up in to the fires and disappears in to the flames.

Soul remained still for a moment longer unsure of what to do next, he did not expect this outcome at all; Zoki was not known to be merciful to anyone who was consider a traitor. If anything it's a miracle he was still alive. He got up and walked out of the chamber, the fire still burning behind him. Soul knew what he must do what he must to take down two people, those who want to bring down the Fire Lord, and those who set him up. Soul sighed "I better lose the Fire Sage outfit." he thought to himself.

The voice

The Fire Lord pondered the whole meeting over and over again and not once did it make any sense. His old friend never even tried to defend himself or explain the rumors other than "I would never betray you". Soul had proven that many times over, and Zoki knew something did not add up, he knew something was going on, but he would not dare make the first move. "If I did not know any better, I would say he did not know anything about why I called him there." the Fire Lord muttered out loud, picking up a paper and quickly jotting something down and attaching it to a messenger hawk. Zoki stood still for a moment, then said, "Yes, I can tell you're there. I'm not blind nor deaf."

"Forgive me, my Lord, I simply wanted to make sure you where alone." a voice replied from the darkness. The Fire Lord tried to tell who it was but could not. At least I could lie to him about knowing someone was there Zoki thought to him self.

"You know as well as I do that no one can be trusted right now, my Lord." the voice said back to Zoki without a hint of emotion, a fact that made the Fire Lord even less trustful of the voice.

"Tell me, since when does a man not even argue when he is put to death or banished?"

"When he knows he did do it and deserves to die." the voice said, with a hint of annoyance the Fire Lord thought.

"I sent him to go find those he has ties to, but you already know that don't you?" the Fire Lord said, letting the hawk go.

"My Lord, I would never..." the voice started to say, but the Fire Lord raised his hand to silent him.

"Don't bother, I know your kind. Your kind has to know everything that is going on; you crave power. If you did not, you would not be here right now." the Fire Lord said.

The voice was quiet for a bit and the Fire Lord thought to him self So I'm making him think, that's good. The Fire Lord looked at his bed. "As for what you suggested, I shall sleep on it. He was my best friend long before he was called a traitor. I'm not sure if I can deal with his blood on my hands."

And with that, the Fire Lord heard the voice no more.


  • This is more of a prequel and as shush not that big or long.
  • The name "Zoki" keeps with the Fire Lord tradition of having a Z or O in it.
  • Soul is a name I took form Japan because I wanted something deferent.

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