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Avatar: The Adventure of Thoyrn


Book One: Nations



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Avatar thoyrn

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3rd March, 2014

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Chapter 2: A New Master

The Order of the White Lotus strolled through the streets of Omashu. It was a sunny afternoon in the Earth Kingdom. The agents felt discouraged that parents were claiming their children were the Avatar. The White Lotus thought that even though just over six years since Avatar Korra passed it was not time to search for the new Avatar. But nevertheless they must do their job. As the White Lotus were on their way to the Omashu Royal Palace to speak with Queen Ming the agents saw something that caught their eye. The Lotus could have sworn they saw a six-year-old boy in Earth Kingdom clothes airbend. The Grand Lotus decided it was just the wind but two of his colleagues decided to check it out and went to the playground filled with young boys and girls and walked up to the young boy asking his mom for five gold pieces for an ice cream bar and the agents walked up to the boy.

"Excuse me young man?" said the Grand Lotus.

"Yes mister?" said the young boy.

"Did you just airbend? You are clearly not an Air Nomad so this is impossible unless you are the avatar," said the Grand Lotus.

"No, mister, I didn't airbend. I'm not the Avatar," the boy was lying, but he had no idea he was the Avatar. The boy was named Thoyrn, he was six years old and he had no idea he was the Avatar, but he did know that if people knew he could bend both earth and air he would be in big trouble. The Grand Lotus didn't believe the young boy so he said, "Oh, all right, young boy, if you are not the Avatar then I guess I will just have to keep looking for whoever is the overly powerful Avatar who will be adored by all and certainly be famous." It didn't work. Reverse psychology never works on Thoyrn, so all he said was, "That person is really lucky to have fame and all that power." The Lotus agent was not convinced and said, "All right, we will just keep looking for the new Avatar, who will be undoubtedly be very famous and adored among the people." It still didn't work. Reverse psychology never works on Thoyrn; his parents taught him and his brother and sister to detect and decline reverse psychology. Thoyrn next said, "Whoever he or she is, they must be very lucky to have all that power." He was really being sincere having no idea he was the Avatar, so all the Lotus agent could say was, "Very well, young man, we will just continue our search and find the Avatar." Thoyrn really didn't care what the Lotus did as long as they didn't take him away to be tested on.

For the next two days the White Lotus agents had kept watch on Thoyrn so they could have proof he was the Avatar. Later after the fourth of spying on him they got their proof and the Lotus agent said, "Young boy, you have lied about your identity for the last time and you could be the next Avatar!" Thankfully nobody on the track was listening and Thoyrn wanted to go back to his Sunday afternoon family run in Omashu West Hill Park. The grand lotus walked to his mother and said, "Excuse me, miss, I hate to interrupt you and your family's exercise, but I believe your son is the avatar." Thoyrn's mother just looked at the man as if he had four heads and said. "Sir, excuse me, but are you sure one of my sons is the Avatar? They may be amazing benders, but you never said which of my sons could be the next Avatar?" Thoyrn's mom was trying to play innocent and it could work to a degree since one of her sons was a waterbender, who they named Tyro, who inherited his grandmother's waterbending. The woman whose name was Analay was a firebender and had no idea her oldest son Thoyrn was the Avatar, though she had the thought, because her daughter Layla was a firebender and Tyro was a waterbender that left Thoyrn, who was an earthbender to be the next Avatar. The Lotus knew the woman wanted to protect her child and they weren't planning to take him away after dealing with Avatar Korra in her childhood. The Lotus told Thoyrn's mother that they weren't planning on taking him away and they will still keep him and all they wanted to do was test Thoyrn to see if he was the next Avatar and the family accepted.

The next day Thoyrn was led going to be into a room that contained thousands of toys he was the tenth kid to get there so he was tenth on line out of hundreds of children who could be the Avatar. When it was Thoyrn's turn he was led in and the grand lotus said, "Pick the four toys you like the best be reminded you only get to choose once so pick wisely and come out when you made your selection." and with that Thoyrn was left alone with thousands of toys told he could only pick four and he knew this wasn't just some sort of every day thing and he knew this had purpose and he felt four toys that just called his name. Thoyrn knew these four toys were not only very fun but very important and resembled the four main elements and with that Thoyrn made his selection. After Thoyrn walked out the lotus said, "wise choice Thoyrn is it?" even the lotus didn't know which four toys were the Avatar relics until the computer scan after the second and final test. The second test was at least five hours later and only six children moved on. Among those children was Thoyrn who was last to go up and take the test. When it was Thoyrn's turn he was the only kid left and quite possibly the Avatar. When Thoyrn went up to the center surrounded by the four elements first he began to earthbend like all the other kids. Next Thoyrn began to airbend at the same time with his earthbending! The grand lotus had then said as he promised that he would speak with each kid and keep whoever the Avatar is identity a secret

Eight years later

Thoyrn woke up and opened his window to a beautiful morning in Republic City. This morning was no ordinary morning this was the morning of the day Thoyrn was to start high school. Thoyrn was glad that now that he was able to be able to tell everybody that he is the Avatar in just over a year. Thoyrn's mother was nervous that sometime during high school Thoyrn may get exposed as the Avatar like he was almost exposed the previous year when he was flashing in and out of the Avatar State one day the previous year and Thoyrn was lucky to have not been exposed like everybody had feared. Thoyrn came into the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the bowl of fruit she left on the counter and said, "is it okay if Jun got a ride with me, Chang and Fang in dads car on his way to work?"

Thoyrn's mom wanted to protest but she knew that it was no use because whenever she says no about this topic Thoyrn usually offered tell everybody he is the Avatar so she knows it is no use or she will be late for work. Thoyrn's father came downstairs in his shirt and tie and said, "Hey Thoyrn are you and your friends ready for school yet?"

Thoyrn took out his cell phone and texted Jun, Chang and Fang to tell them that his dad was ready to drive them and said, "Yeah, they're ready" Thoyrn's father was the head of his own carpentry company and was also a master earthbender who normally used his bending to fix problems on his work sites but it was a different matter in his home especially since his son is the Avatar. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and before anybody could answer it, Thoyrn's friend Chang burst in and said, "Thoryn, we need to get going, we're gonna be late." Chang didn't care about being on time to school for educational purposes, it was just Suki Chan cent always got to school at eight o'clock and Chang had a major crush on her but his friends all knew she was way out his league. Fang decided that he couldn't help himself and started to tease his brother. "Chang and Suki sitting in a tree k-I s-s-I-n-g." But before he could continue, Thoyrn's father broke it up and said, "all right, enough! Come on, you're going to be late if you don't get moving. Bye honey I'll be back in time to drive Layla and Tyro to school so you aren't late for work and then I promise I'll be at work myself." Thoyrn's father proceeded to go and give his wife a kiss until Thoyrn said, "Dad ,I thought you said you didn't want us to be late on the first day? And now you're wasting time? This just doesn't add up." After that, Thoyrn's father caught up to his son and his friends and said, "ahhh, your first day of high school. I remember that day. I hope you boy's aren't nervous." Thoyrn sarcastically said, "oh I'm super terrified, Daddy, will you hold my hand?" His father said, "I thought we agreed not to insult me when I'm driving," and he gave his son a light punch on the shoulder. Now that Thoyrn's father's Satomobile pulled up to the front entrance of President Raiko Memorial High School, he said, "this is it your first day of high school. Have a great day and don't get scared and run off." Thoyrn just said, "all right, Dad, stop it. Just pick us up at 2:30, all right?" His father said, "I'll be waiting right here. Have a good first day." And with that, his father drove off. Thoyrn and his friends proceeded to enter the school and Jun said, "so this is high school? Weird. I was expecting to see more violence and drama." And with that, Thoyrn changed the subject before something bad happened, "so, guys, any of you know where your lockers are? Because mine's actually right........ here." As Thoyrn proceeded to open his locker, Jun soon realized they had neighboring lockers and said, "look's like we're neighbors." Before they could make fun of Chang with his crush on Suki who is conveniently Jun's other locker neighbor, Thoyrn heard the very familiar sound of a bully. "You heard me. Give me your lunch money, NOW!" Thoyrn wasn't just going to let that guy bully somebody like that and said, "I'm going to check it out," but Chang just said, "do you want to draw attention to us, Thoyrn? He's so fat he could eat us!" But Thoyrn didn't care about that. He knew he couldn't let that bully pick on somebody like that. It was his duty as the Avatar to defend the helpless against brutes like him.

As Thoyrn passed through the growing crowd, the bully's voice got louder, meaning he was closer and now the bully said, "just give it to me, you lowly freshman! Nobody wants to defend scum like you!" This made Thoyrn really mad and said, "turn around, you fat cretin! And while you're at it, pick on somebody your own size if you can find somebody as fat as you are! You're more blubber than brawn!" This made the bully really mad and said, "what's a little freshman gonna do to me? Call a teacher or security? Oh, I know, you're gonna try and punch me in the face as if YOU could reach!!!!!" This angered Thoyrn and he said, "try me!" And with that, the bully used his earthbending to tear out a chunk of earth from the ground and hurled it at Thoyrn. Thoyrn used his bending and created a barrier and then created a set of earth skewers, an upper level move that only the higher level earthbenders could do. The earth skewers hit the bully who was not agile enough to dodge it quick enough. The bully came back up slowly and he pounded his fists into the ground and the ground started a mini earthquake. Thoyrn went up on a column of earth and stabilized the ground so the people wouldn't get hurt. He went down by jumping off the column onto the wall and jumping down to the ground after the bully tried to strike his head with a large boulder. Thoyrn created several earth disks and hurled them at the bully, who was getting hit time and time again. Returning blows, he said, "looks like you know some fancy tricks for fresh meat." Thoyrn said, "you don't know the half of it." The bully decided, while Thoyrn's guard was down, to turn the ground into quicksand and Thoyrn was sinking, because whenever he re-solidified the ground the bully changed it back. He smirked as Thoyrn delivered a blow to his stomach with an army of rock chunks and began a rockalanche as the bully made him sink faster and he said, "looks like you're all outta tricks, pretty boy." Thoyrn realized he had to do something that would reveal himself as the Avatar; he created a funnel of air, lifting him up as he created small tornadoes, hitting the bully, who kept tossing rocks and Thoyrn said, "guess I had more tricks than you thought." The bully said, "really? Me too." He started to close a cage in on Thoyrn, who just used earthbending to smash the cage. He bended water from the fountain to create multiple water whips and started to whip the bully time and time again, until he started to create a dome of earth around him, while turning a neon purple. Thoyrn realized the bully was going to destroy his soul and his eyes flashed white for a brief moment and he was fine and started blasting him with the three elements he does know and the bully's cronies started to control him and Thoyrn realized the bully had a friend who was a bloodbender. Thoyrn had never been bloodbent before, though he knew that if a bender is being bloodbent and is more powerful than the bloodbender, he could resist the bender's grip and even break it. Thoyrn had no idea he could. His eyes flashed white for a moment and the bloodbending grip had ended. Thoyrn saw another friend. This new crony was a firebender and he began delivering fiery blasts again and again at Thoyrn, who had to keep dodging. Thoyrn returned the fire with blows of earth, air and water, despite the fact he knows such little waterbending. Thoyrn let his guard down for a moment, thinking the bully and his cronies had decided they had enough, but the bully did not disappoint. As the bully began to pound the ground once more, he created a second earthquake and Thoyrn saw how this bully just endangered everybody again. Thoyrn quickly turned the ground around the bully into quicksand, a technique the bully had just taught him, which the bully could not counteract. Thoyrn said, "had enough?" and the bully said, "dream on." Obviously the bully knew he would lose if his friends walked away, so when they began to leave, he began to bend rocks around them, turning them neon purple, as they quickly returned and the bully stopped. Now that the bully and two of his friends were all working on him at the same time, while being bloodbent and having his soul destroyed, he thought they would kill him until a girl in dark clothes and dark makeup began to bloodbend the bully and his friends, who automatically released him. Thoyrn joined the girl in bloodbending them. Thoyrn had never bloodbended before and he hated it because he felt like he was infinitely evil, but he knew it could help him win this fight along with a partner to help him. The girl created multiple water whips to the firebender, making him fall down and the girl encased his body in ice. The bloodbender began to bend normal water and fighting the girl, who created numerous ice skewers and directed them at him, who began to redirect them while the firebender generated a huge blast of fire and freed himself. He began to strike the girl, who was luckily saved by Thoyrn. Now with it being three on two and the girl, whose name is Celina, and Thoyrn are much more prominent benders than the bully and his cronies. Thoyrn revealed his last trick and generated a bolt of lightning, but didn't hit the bully or his cronies, because even though they wanted to kill him, it didn't mean he did.

Thoyrn and Celina had gotten the upper hand when the firebending crony had accidentally hit his bloodbending friend and he bloodbent him back. Celina and Thoyrn took the advantage. Celina delivered a swift water whip to the firebender, who retaliated with a blast of fire under which she ducked. She surrounded him with water and froze it, while he was trying to get back up. The bully knew now that he had one less friend to help him and knew that he had to fight harder. He flung even larger chunks of earth at Thoyrn and Celina. The bully knew he was pushing his limit, but he didn't care because he had to win that fight. As the rock came towards Thoyrn and Celina, Thoyrn broke it up into multiple little pieces, hitting the bully and the bloodbender. The bully and his remaining crony, who were being repetitively hit, needed to duck for cover, so the bully created an earth wall to protect them, while the bloodbender shot several water blasts, which Celina froze while Thoyrn was dodging or getting hit.

Thoyrn realized how the bully was nearing his breaking point, while he was breaking a sweat and took the advantage. He began to bend only higher level air and earthbending moves, but stuck with basic waterbending moves (due to the fact that Thoyrn only knows basic waterbending moves). The bully was doing what he could to try to fend off Thoyrn, but most of his attacks were feeble, since Thoyrn had already mastered two elements (earth and air) and the bully had not yet mastered pro-bending styled earthbending or regular earthbending. The bully realized, however, how Thoyrn had not yet mastered waterbending and used that to his advantage. He went to attack Celina, who knocked his bloodbending friend backwards and said, "get her boyfriend, you moron." The bloodbender did what he was told, and Thoyrn said, "did your leader give up and run home?" The bloodbender said, "no, I'm just following orders." He delivered a strong wave which Thoyrn could not return and he created an earth wall to block the water, struck it forward and enclosed the bloodbender. He joined Celina, who was being a bit overwhelmed by the bully's size, but she was not afraid and wanted to pummel him, but she needed Thoyrn's help. When he came, she said, "good, you came in the nick of time to help me with Mr. Cretin." Thoyrn said, "nice nickname."

Now that the bully's friends were taken care of, it was time to finish the bully and Thoyrn and Celina were prepared to take him on. The bully knew he was going to lose, but he knew that teachers had to be coming and he could act as if he was getting beaten up by Thoyrn and Celina (not that he knew their names). Nonetheless, he was still going to fight and flung a chunk of rock at Celina. Thoyrn saw the rock coming and created a wall in front of celina and she said, "I can fight too, you know. You don't need to protect me from somebody like HIM." Thoyrn just said, "I just wanted to keep you from getting crushed when you weren't paying attention." With that Celina sensed the bully fling some rocks their way. She quickly created a water vortex and surround each roch with water. While Thoyrn flung each rock back at the bully, Celina shot the water spheres that surrounded the rocks at the bully as well and when they were about to hit the bully, she froze the water. The bully tried to dodge the big rocks, but his attempt was feeble. Before they knew it, the school principal came in the hallway and said, "what in sweet heavens are you children doing in this school? I want you three in my office NOW!"

Thoyrn told him what happened. "Look, the jerk here was making some kid fork over his lunch money and using his bending to oppress the kid, because the kid he was demanding the lunch money from was a non-bender. So I came in and defended the kid." The principal was not convinced and said, "continue." Thoyrn said, "then the fatass used his bending to try to crush me. Being a bender myself, I redirected the rock to prevent said rock from crushing me and redirected it back at him. He started a battle and I personally had the upper hand. However, he started to try to destroy my soul and I thought I was finished. I was able to end his grip, however, and the next thing I knew, his friend, the one encased in rock, started to bloodbend me. I was finally able to break free and end his grip when this girl uhhh..." "Celina," the girl said. With that, the principal thought he wanted to hear Celina's side of the story and said, "young lady, you were also a big part of this and I want to hear your side after I finish listening to this young man and I will then call your mother." Celina said, "wait! You need to hear my side of the story first!" The principal just said, "in due time, young lady. I will first hear your boyfriend's side." And with that Thoyrn and Celina now said in unison, "he's not my boyfriend/she's not my girlfriend!" The principal wanted Thoyrn to continue and said, "continue, I don't have all day." Thus, Thoyrn had to continue and said, "now anyway, after Celina helped me out, we began to defend ourselves and fight back as a team." The principal was starting to get the idea but still didn't seem to care as Thoyrn continued to tell his side of the story. "As I was saying, we began to fight the bully and his cronies, right, so one of the bully's friends was a bloodbender right and the real bully could transform and destroy your soul with dark spiritbending and his last friend was a firebender, a good one too. Anyway, the bully and his friends were really trying to kill us and eventually I had to stop earthbending and start airbending in order to-" Thoyrn was cut off by the confused principal who said, "what do you possibly mean by saying you switched from earthbending to airbending? There is no possible way you are the Avatar." And Thoyrn said, "that's just the thing, I AM the Avatar and I was trying to keep it a secret, but now everybody in this school will know by lunch." The principal said, "of billions of people in the world, YOU are the Avatar? I would assume that Avatar Korra's reincarnation would be at least half decent in a school and would not get in on a fight on their first day." And Thoyrn said, "that's just the thing, I couldn't just stand there and LET that kid get bullied." And the principal said, "you may be the Avatar, but that does not excuse you of making a mess of my school, a school built in the honor of the first president of the great United Republic of Nations, and instead, you should've just gotten a teacher to solve the problem." And with that, Thoyrn was getting kind of angry and said, "and not defend him!? Why in the hell would I do that!?" All the principal did was shoot Thoyrn a dirty look, and just when Thoyrn was going to continue explaining his side of the story, Thoyrn's mother came in and so did another woman, whom Thoyrn did not know was Celina's mother, and Celina was just mortified. Thoyrn knew he would be in major trouble, but he knew if he explained a little, his punishment would not be as harsh, so he started with, "mom, before you get quick and judge, I can explain." But his mother stopped him then and there and said, "Thoyrn, listen, I'm not angry about you fighting that bully. I'm angry that you completely exposed yourself as the Avatar. Now we're going to have to move and start all over and uproot our whole lives because you couldn't hide being the Avatar for a little longer. Your brother and sister will always have you to blame for your carelessness!"

And with that Thoyrn got a little angry and said, "if I didn't expose myself, that kid I defended would be dead, and you have the nerve to call me careless when you're just being selfish and thinking about yourself instead of taking one moment to think about the others around you!?"

Thoyrn and his mother never argued, at least not like that. With that, Thoyrn's mother's facial expression went from anger to despair. She began to sob and said, "You're right, I am a selfish, ignorant person. And a horrible mother." Se started to do the guilt trip and Thoyrn knew it. He said, "Mom, you aren't a horrible mother and your guilt trip isn't working. Besides, you know that one day you'll have to let me go. I'm the Avatar and it's my duty to keep balance throughout the world. I think I'm ready to tell the world that I'm their new Avatar." And with that, Thoyrn's mother understood and said, "You're right. It's just that ever since we found out you were the Avatar, your father and I have been so afraid that you were going to leave us and you wouldn't need us anymore. We knew the world needed you, while we thought we needed you more or our family would be incomplete. We were afraid to lose our baby, but now I think that it's time the world learned the identity of their new Avatar and we let our baby take his first steps." Thoyrn said, "thank you. I love you, Mom." Thoyrn and his mother shared a hug and said, "You aren't telling dad about this, right?" She said, "don't worry, you have my word." With that, Celina's mother began to cry and said, "the Avatar's mom is right about what she said and I am truly touched and am not angry about what happened. I am not transferring you to a boarding school, Celina." Celina said, "Thank you, Mom, thank you."

All throughout the day, everybody was buzzing about what happened and at lunch Jun said, "wait. So you're really going through with letting everybody know you're the avatar by having a big speech at city hall tonight?" Thoyrn said, "yes, I'm sure and when Avatar Korra came to Republic City, she gave a speech, so I am doing the same. And talking about Water Tribe folk, I want you guys to meet Celina. She helped me beat up those jerks earlier." Celina said, "it was nothing. If you can handle muggers trying to steal your moped, you can handle a bully any day." Chang said, "you've beaten up muggers? You are officially my hero right here." Throughout lunch, Celina told everybody about all the times she's gotten into things like fights at bars, beating up thirty-year-old men hitting on her, trying to grope her, and about how excited she is to be their friend.

Later that evening

The outside of city hall was packed with people, reporters and television news casters alike as Thoyrn gave his televised speech and said, "Hello, Republic City. My name is Thoyrn and I am your Avatar." With that the large crowd cheering and taking multiple pictures as he said, "As you may have guessed I have been here for nearly my entire life hiding a secret. That secret is that I am your new Avatar." With that everybody had started cheering as well as we go around Republic City seeing people watching on TVs from the ginormous jumbotrons to the flatscreens in peoples homes. As Thoyrn continued to speak, a reporter asked him a question, "Avatar Thoyrn was that the first time you have fought the boy you beat up at President Raiko Memorial High School?" And Thoyrn said, "Well yes it was seeing as today was the day we met." Another asked, "are you going to fight crime?" Another said, "What about local conspiracies?" "Government corruption?" And with that, Thoyrn said, "All I plan to do is go to school, my job and keep balance any way I can. I'm still in training but that doesn't mean that I won't do my best to keep Republic City safe!" And the crowd began to cheer once again as he said, "Thank you Republic City! I promise to be the best Avatar you ever had! Today I consider myself the luckiest person alive!" With that, we go from the live cheering crowd watching the speech in person to a dark room and a flat screen television, and we hear the cold-hearted voice of a cruel, evil woman. "It appears we have located our target, making our strike an even lager victory for us with the great quincentennial wind monsoon coming in a few months. By then we will be so powerful not even the Avatar could stop us! Summon the troops and meet me in the war room." And her assistant said, "As you wish." And she said, "this will be so spectacular, nobody will be safe from my wrath, and we will be victorious!" And she soon delivered a maniacal laugh followed by coughing and hacking as the room went completely silent and completely dark.

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