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The Bolt of Light
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Chapter 2: Failed

Chapter 1: The Bolt of Light

I am Prince Zuko, son of Firelord Ozai and Ursa. I am sixteen years old and I am the heir to the Fire Nation throne. However, I am banished. And it started out three years ago...

3 Years Ago...

"I'm sorry Prince Zuko but I have to go to an important war meeting," Uncle had said.

"Can I come? I am the Crown Prince after all. I have to learn all of this one day," I had asked.

"Okay, but do not speak out of turn," he had replied.

At the War Meeting...

"I recommend that we use the 41st Division," General Shino had said.

"But the 41st Division are completely new recruits. How can you expect them to take on an entire Earth Kingdom Battalion?" Colonel Mung had asked.

"I plan on using them as bait. What could be better than new recruits?" Shino had replied. I was shocked.

"You can't sacrifice a new division!" I had said. Big mistake.

"Zuko, you have disrespected the general. Because of this, you must do an Agni Kai. Ready yourself, my son," Father had told me.

At the Agni Kai...

I knelt down on the ground, ready to face the general. I stood up and faced... Father?!

"I'm not going to fight you! Please... forgive me!" I had pleaded, tears flowing down my face.

"Suffering will be your teacher then!" Father had thundered. He then proceeded to burn my face, creating a horrible scar on my left eye.

3 Years Later...

So that is how I was banished. The only way to restore my honor now is to capture the Avatar. I am sailing in my Fire Nation ship with my crew and my Uncle Iroh. We are in the seas of the Southern Water Tribe. I stood on the bow, watching for signs when a giant bolt of light shot up in the sky.

"Finally. Uncle, do you realize what this means?" I asked.

"I won't get to finish my game?" he asked boredly.

"It means my search is about to come to an end. That light came from an incredibly powerful source! It has to be him!" I said.

"Or it's just a celestial light. We've been down here before Prince Zuko. I don't want you to get too excited over nothing. Please sit. Why don't you have some calming Jasmine Tea?" Uncle offered.

"I don't need any calming tea!" I snapped. "I need to capture the Avatar! Helmsman! Set a course for the light!" I ordered.

That night, I stood on the helm of my ship, staring out into the distance. Uncle approached me.

"I'm going to bed now. Yep, a man needs his rest," he said. I could tell that he was trying to distract me from the Avatar. "Prince Zuko, you need some sleep. Even if you're right, and the Avatar is alive, you won't find him. Your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all tried but failed," he told me.

"Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture. Mine does. This coward's hundred years of hiding are over," I said.

The next morning, I was practicing my Firebending so I could confront the Avatar.

"Again," Uncle ordered. I then did the sequence and finished it.

"No! Power in Firebending comes from the breath, not the muscle. The breath becomes energy in your body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes fire! Get it right this time," Uncle instructed. I clenched my teeth in frustration.

"Enough! I've been drilling this sequence all day! Teach me the next set! I'm more than ready," I demanded.

"No, you are impatient! You have yet to master the basics! Drill again!" he instructed. I then did a powerful kick towards one of the soldiers.

"The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last Airbender. He must be over a hundred years old now. He's had a century to master the elements. I'll need more than basic Firebending to defeat him. You will teach me the next set!" I demanded.

"Very well, but first, I must finish my roast duck," Uncle said. I smacked my forehead in disgust.

After lunch, I drilled the advanced sequence for an hour and Uncle went to sleep. I stood on the bow of the ship when a signal flare shot up. I took my telescope out and peered through.

"The last Airbender! Quite agile for his old age..." I said. I turned to a soldier. "Wake my uncle! Tell him I found the Avatar!" I ordered. I moved the telescope towards a small village. "As well as his hiding place..." I said. My journey was finally at an end.

Author's Note

I put in a flashback because I thought it would be interesting

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