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The Antibending Dilemma

"If I'm wrong about this and I actually do have to go away from Republic City for a while, I need you to stay and run the revolution in my stead," Pema said to Tao.

"You mean if your husband change's his mind about waiting to teach the Avatar airbending?" asked Tao. Lieutenant Tao, as he liked to call himself. He was Pema's second-in-command and the only other person in the world who knew of her double life as Pema, wife of Councilman Tenzin and Amon, leader of the Equalist Revolution.

"Yes," said Pema. "I know its not likely, but he could change his mind while we're there and then I would be stuck at the south pole for who knows how long."

"You could always just come back to Republic City yourself while Tenzin teaches the Avatar on his own," said Tao.

"What excuse could I possibly give for that?" asked Pema. "The good news is that now that the Avatar's training is on hold we have plenty of time to prepare our plans before she arrives."

"Excellent!" said Tao.

Before she knew it, Pema was with her family on Oogi and they were at the South Pole.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" asked Ikki. "It looks like we're there. I know it, this is very familiar! Are we here yet? Are we here yet? Ooh, please tell me we're here!"

"Yes, Ikki, as I've been telling you for the last fifteen minutes, we are, finally, here," said Tenzin.

When Oogi landed, Jinora and Ikki each created their own ball of air and whizzed down to where Katara and Korra stood. While they went down and talked to their grandmother, Tenzin played the gentleman and helped Pema down from the bison.

"Pema, let me help you. Careful now, careful," said Tenzin.

"Stop doting on me. I'm not helpless, I'm just pregnant," said Pema. I'm also the ruthless leader of my own bloodthirsty revolutionary organization.

"The baby's strong," said Katara, Pema's mother-in-law. "I see another airbender in your future."

"All I want is one child like me," said Pema. "A nice non-bender, who doesn't blast wind in my face every five seconds." A child to share my sentiment of being a non-bender in a bender's world, to know what its like to be a repressed outcast. Maybe they can even join the Equalists with me when they're old enough.

"Mommy, look! I'm a snow-bender!" said Meelo. He sent some snow at Pema and covered her in it.

"Were Tenzin and his siblings this crazy when they were kids?" asked Pema.

"Kya and Bumi certainly were, but Tenzin has always been rather serious," answered Katara. Pema laughed. He does act serious most of the time. Korra then emerged from behind Katara

"Korra, look at you. You're so big and strong. You've grown into quite the young Avatar," said Tenzin.

"Master Tenzin, I'm so glad you're here, I can't wait to get started," said Korra. Avatar Korra, little do you know you're standing in front of your future arch-nemesis.

"Yes well," said Tenzin.

"You're going to have to tell her sooner or later," said Pema.

"You're not staying, are you?" asked Katara.

"I'm afraid not. We're only visiting for the night. Then I have to return to Republic City," said Tenzin. Good boy, Tenzin.

"But, you're supposed to move here," said Korra. "You're supposed to teach me."

"I'm sorry, Korra. Your airbending training is going to have to wait," said Tenzin.

Pema smiled so no one else could see. That's right Korra, it will be YEARS before you learn airbending. By the time you do become a fully-fledged Avatar, Republic City will be mine!

The next day Pema and her unexpecting family of airbenders flew back to Republic City. Pema returned to her life as Amon, leader of the Equalists. She spent the whole day going over her machine plans and practicing chi-blocking. With the Avatar safely out of the way, Pema could take her time building up her anti-bending revolution. That night she arrived back at Air Temple Island just in time to make dinner for her family.

"Mom! Mom! Korra's gonna stay with us! Korra's gonna stay with us!" said Ikki. Ikki and her siblings came running into the dining room, shortly followed by their father.

"What?" asked Pema. I didn't think she would be here this soon. This could ruin everything!

"She came to Republic City on her own. I was going to send her home, but then I changed my mind," said Tenzin. "She'll be giving a speech tomorrow at City Hall and I'll be up there with her. Would you like to come and watch."

"No that's okay," said Pema. "I'll catch it on the radio. I run tomorrow."

The next day Pema went back to the Equalist headquarters as Korra gave her speech. She listened to it with Tao and some other Equalists. The Avatar is in town! I didn't expect her to come so soon. We'll have to pick up the pace now.

"Amon, how do you want to handle this?" asked Lieutenant Tao. He had just turned off the radio.

Pema took a deep breath. Alright, gotta act confident now and use my deep voice. "So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans."

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